Connectivity Key to Make Food Production More Efficient in Indonesia

Satellite connectivity can work in tandem with other connectivity technologies to create a more efficient agri-food ecosystem.

02 June 2020 | 11:44 AM


How Indonesian Diplomacy Can Ensure Equitable Access to Covid-19 Vaccine

A Covid-19 vaccine may soon be available in some countries but harder to get in developing ones.

29 May 2020 | 02:15 PM


A Call for Help: Refugees Risk Catching Covid-19 in Overcrowded Shelters

A Hazara refugee in Indonesia tells of his experience living in a cramped and unsanitary shelter in Batam.

19 May 2020 | 03:43 PM


Healthy Oceans: Keeping Asia and The Pacific Afloat

Amid the global attention towards Covid-19, ocean sustainability and waste management need transformation for a better post-pandemic era.

15 May 2020 | 06:26 PM


Young Smokers in Indonesia at Greater Risk of Contracting Serious Cases of Covid-19

The oft-heard statement "Covid-19 hits hardest among the elderly" might not apply in Indonesia.

29 April 2020 | 02:10 PM


Technology Is Here to Help and Will Stay for the Future

Tech will be critical to the rebuilding after the Covid-19 pandemic. What must governments do to ensure technology can play its role?

24 April 2020 | 07:02 PM


Pinning Our Hopes on the Vaccine Race

Technological leaps in fields such as genomics mean scientists can now map out the genetic sequencing of a virus a lot faster.

20 April 2020 | 05:24 PM


How to Flatten the Covid-19 Curve in Indonesia

Indonesia has set May 29 as the end of the Covid-19 health emergency. Are we too optimistic?

17 April 2020 | 06:08 PM


Coronavirus Crisis Should Change the Way We Treat Animals

With the devastation that coronavirus has brought to the world, now is the time for countries to unite to stop wildlife trade.

17 April 2020 | 12:53 PM


What Covid-19 Teaches Us About the Next Pandemic

The desperate scramble to stop the coronavirus in its track has some important lessons for the future.

16 April 2020 | 07:29 PM