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As the largest archipelago in the world, Indonesia has a lot of nooks and crannies that offer unspoiled natural charms — one of them is the Ujung Genteng area on the southwestern tip of West Java.
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Boasting distinctive attractions such as the candy floss and fish ‘n’ chip-festooned Brighton Pier, the city is an hour’s train ride south of London and enjoys one of the sunniest climates in Britain. As well as the pebbly beach there are bars from bohemian to upper crust and eating-out options aplenty.
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Niseko Village is a mountain resort at the foot of Mount Niseko Annupuri, owned and managed by the Malaysian group YTL Hotels — just one of their many resorts across Asia and Europe.
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If you’ve ever dreamed of starting the next billion-dollar company, look no further for inspiration than San Francisco, home to thousands of technology businesses from Twitter to Pinterest.
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Amid the crumbling shophouses of Hanoi's Old Quarter there are a few surprises I uncovered when I decided to venture forth into the chaotic streets.
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Bali is home to around 280 species of birds, including the critically endangered Bali starling
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The Ratu Boko site’s location on the hilltop offers gorgeous surrounding scenery: the Prambanan Temple to the north with Mount Merapi in the background and villages in the area. Indeed a good spot for photos.
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Many people come to North Sumatra for leisure. Most end up in the hectic capital of Medan. Visitors are heading out to enjoy the serene beauty of Lake Toba, the largest volcanic lake in the world.
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Tokyo is one of those cities that catch you off guard, an ancient cultural mecca accented with flairs of unique contemporary style. Considered the world’s biggest city, home to almost 35 million people, a long weekend in Tokyo won’t do justice to the gateway to one of the world’s most exotic nations.
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Dubai's biggest goal to date is not yet another world's biggest or tallest facility, but to be more than just the center point that connects 150 million passengers a day. It wants world travelers to come in and see what they have to offer.
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With the growth rate of its affiliate bloggers at around 60 percent per month, PegiPegi.com aims to partner with more than 30,000 bloggers by mid-2015.
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Fans of the popular British period drama “Downton Abbey” can visit a number of sites depicted in the television series about life among the upper crust early last century.
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East Nusa Tenggara, at the southernmost tip of the Indonesian archipelago, consists of 1,192 islands. At present, only 43 of these are inhabited, one of which, Timor, is shared with the independent nation of Timor-Leste.
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We had reached the Kasara Niseko Village, a collection of premium townhouses, designed in the traditional machiya style of the Edo Period (dating from 1603-1868).
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As soon as I entered the district, I sensed a different atmosphere, not only from its buildings but also the layout of the district. It is a neat complex and is different from the other parts of Isfahan I had seen. It looks like an enclosed settlement with smooth, cobblestoned roads connecting parts of the quarter.
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