3:29 pm August 2, 2015 | No Comment
Record tourists to Japan are stretching the ability of hotels to accommodate them in a sector constrained by high costs, forcing developers to think out of the box for means to quickly increase lodging options without breaking the bank.
6:58 pm July 30, 2015 | No Comment
The arrival of the warships at Port Blair earlier this month symbolizes how an island chain better known for its beaches and diving is quietly becoming a key plank in New Delhi's strategy to counter China's growing naval presence in the Indian Ocean.
11:47 am July 23, 2015 | 2 Comments
Bintan is a hidden jewel in Indonesia's undiscovered treasure trove of idyllic island retreats.
8:53 am July 23, 2015 | No Comment
The government of Kazakhstan has tapped into Astana’s vast potential to create a space that has captured the interest of regional and world leaders.
10:46 am July 21, 2015 | No Comment
Mickey Mouse, Peter Pan and Han Solo will beckon visitors to Shanghai when Walt Disney opens its first theme park in China in the spring of next year.
11:52 am July 13, 2015 | No Comment
The city of Neyshabur, or Nishapur, in Iran was once the gateway to the east, where people of different ethnicities and religions lived.
3:52 pm July 12, 2015 | No Comment
The kayaks paddled by tourists then glided a few feet away to a decayed, partly submerged ferry, part of the “Graveyard of Ships” tour, which winds through a marine salvage yard in New York City that is the final resting place for dozens of working boats and military vessels.
8:42 am July 10, 2015 | No Comment
Seattle. Seattle’s mayor is losing sleep over the unusually hot, dry weather that is causing a run on air conditioners and fans in the famously rainy city. Washington state’s largest metropolis sweated through its hottest June on record, going fortnights without even a drizzle. Seattleites jokingly refer to the month of “Juneuary” for the wet and […]
9:48 am July 9, 2015 | No Comment
Malaysian developer The Haven Sdn. Bhd. recently kicked off the initial development of the Haven Bintan Resort at the luxurious Lagoi Bay in Bintan. The tropical island is home to world class resorts and luxury residence, including four award-winning gold courses.
12:09 am July 9, 2015 | No Comment
Anaheim, California. Walt Disney has won a 30-year renewal of a special tax exemption for visitors to its attractions in Anaheim, California, as part of a planned $1 billion-plus expansion of the famed theme park complex there.
12:01 am July 9, 2015 | No Comment
Berlin/Athens. Greece’s debt crisis has hit tourism, with last-minute bookings falling sharply, although the impact on the industry may be limited because the flare-up has come late in the season when most summer holidays are already booked. The Greek Tourism Confederation said it has seen a 30 percent drop in last-minute bookings, which typically account for […]
2:43 pm July 7, 2015 | No Comment
The euro may be facing an existential crisis but the giant 14-meter sculpture of the euro symbol that towers over downtown Frankfurt, home of the European Central Bank, was still getting its biggest makeover in 13 years on Monday.
2:37 pm July 7, 2015 | No Comment
The Greek economy may face more trouble after voters delivered a defiant no to the terms of a bailout, but tourists remain undeterred and the prospect of rock-bottom prices may even be increasing interest.
3:25 pm July 5, 2015 | 3 Comments
Nestled on the eastern coastline of Bali lays the hidden gem of Amed Beach. A laid back fishing village only a three hour drive from Denpasar Amed is the perfect place to relax in Bali, without the tourist hordes.
12:00 pm July 1, 2015 | No Comment
Tunisian shopkeeper Aghmi Bubaker doesn't need to be told that he is experiencing the worst threat yet to his forty-year career in tourism -- the bullet hole in his battered green Mercedes Benz is a daily reminder.
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