12:08 am October 21, 2014 | No Comment
The way he called his rival Prabowo Subianto in his inauguration speech as his good friend, shows his genuine capability to handle differences and opposition. We believe that most animosity between him and Prabowo was dispersed that very moment. Joko has begun the era of openness and an age of innocence in Indonesia.
12:15 am October 20, 2014 | No Comment
In this corrupt corner of the world, what more could we ask from a leader? Joko has everything worth celebrating to make his presidency a success. But every celebration must end, sooner or later. It’s time to face reality: Joko’s administration faces mounting challenges — and they will test him.
12:15 am October 18, 2014 | No Comment
The meeting and apparent reconciliation between defeated presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto and President-elect Joko Widodo on Friday was a demonstration of statesmanship
12:25 am October 17, 2014 | No Comment
It should have been much better. Instead, we can’t even say that we are better off today than 10 years ago. With a president like Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono having such a high mandate, we should have expected more.
12:10 am October 16, 2014 | No Comment
People will celebrate the dawn of new era with gratitude, that with all threats to our democracy we can still survive as a nation.
12:27 am October 15, 2014 | No Comment
President-elect Joko Widodo will next meet with his soon-to-be predecessor, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Whether he strikes a deal with the outgoing president, Joko’s ability and willingness to talk will assure that he can govern effectively and push forward his pro-people agenda.
12:45 am October 14, 2014 | No Comment
Joko Widodo's spontaneous way of handling Mark Zuckerberg’s visit shows he has no intention of making things up. For Joko, he has nothing to hide. It’s the way it is so that he can improve it.
12:10 am October 13, 2014 | No Comment
Indonesian officials, including President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, are mere pretenders. They always pretend to want to do something, but the truth is they have no willingness to really solve the problem. They simply make empty promises, in the hope that the issue will resolve itself. But forest fires and haze will not go away unless those responsible are punished.
12:33 am October 10, 2014 | No Comment
Indonesian democracy — for the most part — is a game of elites. Once Indonesians finish casting their votes either for presidents or for legislators, state business becomes a politician’s affair.
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