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The recent passage of the new law on regional elections has been denounced as a step back for Indonesia’s democracy. Amid the public uproar on the social media, the parliamentary showdown was in effect a battle between competing factions of the oligarchy and the political elite.
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Today, in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch a new campaign called Swachh Bharat which translates into Clean India Campaign, with Gandhi as the inspiration. The aim is to create a much cleaner India, like the India of Gandhi’s dreams, by the time we celebrate his 150th anniversary in 2019.
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Occupy Central in its current form bears very little resemblance politically and ideologically to Occupy movements elsewhere
7:55 pm September 30, 2014 | No Comment
The paper reported that Integrated Conservation was working illegally in Wehea forest. This claim is not accurate.
11:46 am September 30, 2014 | No Comment
India desperately needs a vision other than that of the vain small man trying to impress the big men with his self-improvised rules of the game.
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How does one effectively address and change the behavior of millions of people illegally cutting down forest and burning degraded forest lands and peats?
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When something scary happens we want reassuring answers. But if we’re realistic, we shouldn’t expect certainty.
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We have assumed too easily — and complacently — the moral superiority and eventual triumph of the “secular.”
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Separatism dies hard because there is a mighty force behind it, the force of ethno-nationalism. There is a view among social scientists that the politics of identity will shape the world in this century. This is also called the “us against them” syndrome.
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