Tifatul Blocks Bomb-Making Websites in Indonesia

Bomb-making websites will be blocked in Indonesia, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology announced on Tuesday. (Reuters Photo/John Adkisson)

Bomb-making websites will be blocked in Indonesia, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology announced on Tuesday. (Reuters Photo/John Adkisson)

Websites with instructions on how to make bombs will be blocked in Indonesia, Minister of Communication and Information Technology Tifatul Sembiring said on Tuesday.

“Lessons on how to make bombs are also available in foreign books,” Tifatul said. “I searched on the Internet and found many child toys such as smoke bombs and others [that won’t be blocked]. But [websites teaching] how to make bomb will be blocked by us.”

The minister added that not every site related to explosives would be blocked.

“Some of them have been blocked. But the scientific [websites], such as how to create nuclear bombs, nuclear reactors and weapons could not be banned. The ones that are banned are provocative websites, and many have [already] been banned,” he said.

Tifatul cited cases of terrorists who learned how to make bombs from the Internet, such as Pepi Farnando, who built explosives in books, cans and rockets. Police arrested him in April 2011 in Aceh after he planted a bomb near a church in Serpong, Tangerang.

Tifatul’s statements came after a recent request from National Police to block bomb-making websites.

“The perpetrators no longer join classes on how to make bombs,” said Insp. Gen. Suhardi Alius, spokesman of the National Police, as quoted by Kompas.com. “The Ministry of Communication and Information should verify, check and select the websites about bomb-making. Such websites with that content should not be accessed by people as they can learn from it.”

Suhardi said that explosive materials, such as fertilizers, can be bought from many markets, making it even easier for potential terrorists to make bombs.

  • sheldon

    Hahaha. Yeah right. Like he banned all the porn sites.

  • Roland

    With such an important issue is on hand – it virtually screams for a couple Million of $$$ on additional budget for the Ministry,

    What was the price-tag on the porn website filtering? As far as I can remember it was around $50 Million for the implementation just before Ramadhan 2010. And BTW – at this time it was also very clearly said that not only sexually “offensive and provocative” sites will be blocked at this time (2010) but also sites spreading hatred as well as sites which are promoting terrorism and bomb-making.

    Now, of course I am certain that young aspiring terrorists have their very own group of “technicians” who do of course not need such websites but have either their own handbooks (wonder though which printing house is producing them locally – one can find a whole range of rather “provocative” printed books at Gramedia) or have their knowledge reached down by some “uzdad” or gathered it in some “training” camps in Afghanistan or Poso etc.

  • max modjo

    You beat me to it, Sheldon. I was going to say, I hope he has more luck with this than he did with the porn sites

  • mrlogic

    Do you notice his priorities. First ban sex. Second ban bombs.

  • MadWorld

    Confusing article by the Ministry of Information of Bomb Making, block one site exposes other information, hey Guys, I have not block the site how to make nuclear bombs,nuclear reactors, fertilizers everyone, what a mumbo jumbo Tw.t.