Three Arrested in Aceh for Raping Woman Accused of Adultery

By Nurdin Hasan on 12:53 pm May 04, 2014
Aceh is the only province in Indonesia which establishes sharia law as a common law and prohibited woman from using longs pants and tight jeans for violating Islamic law

A Shariah police officer in Aceh. (EPA Photo/Hotli Simanjuntak)

Banda Aceh. Police in Aceh have arrested three people, including a 13-year-old boy, and are hunting five others for allegedly raping a woman they accused of having extramarital sex.

The three male suspects currently in custody, ranging in age from 28 to 13 years, were arrested over the weekend for the alleged rape that occurred in the early hours of Thursday in the eastern Aceh town of Langsa, police said.

Adj. Sr. Comr. Hariadi, the chief of police in Langsa, said the incident began late on Wednesday, when the suspects, part of a group of eight males, raided the home of the 25-year-old woman and allegedly caught her about to have sex with a 40-year-old married man.

“The perpetrators tied up the woman’s companion and took the woman into another room, where they raped her,” he told the Jakarta Globe on Sunday.

He said police had already identified the five other suspects and appealed to their families to turn them in.

Extramarital sex is prohibited in Aceh, which exercises a limited form of Shariah, or Islamic law, and vigilante raids against suspected violators, though illegal, are common and even condoned by the local clergy and authorities.

The province’s Shariah police, or Wilayatul Hisbah, generally handle such cases, and officials confirmed that the couple in the Langsa raid was brought in for questioning on the grounds of “tarnishing the village’s reputation” – after the woman had been raped and her companion beaten up.

“Before they turned over the couple to the authorities, the men who caught them also doused them in sewage,” Ibrahim Latif, the head of the Shariah office in Langsa, told the Globe.

He said the men had not told the Shariah officers about raping the woman, with officers only finding out during their interrogation of the victim.

“The men beat up [the companion] before tying him up. They also forced the woman to perform oral sex on them and groped her,” Ibrahim said. “We later confirmed through tests that the woman had been raped by the eight men.”

He said his office was working closely with the police to arrest the vigilante mob.

This is not the first case in Aceh of a rape being committed against a woman accused of inappropriate conduct with an unrelated male.

A 20-year-old university student was raped by three Shariah police officers in Langsa in January 2010 after being caught riding on a motorcycle with her boyfriend.

The town’s Shariah police chief, Syahril, was subsequently fired and two of the perpetrators were later sentenced to eight years in prison each. The third perpetrator was never caught.

  • Zashnain

    Self righteousness breeds arrogance and violence. These rapists merely justify the dwindling ‘respect’ they have for the Islamic laws. What a failed state and society.

  • Good, Bad and Ugly


    • The Hangman

      Is coming for you

      •! Muffinman

        ‘The hips don’t lie.’

      • gadfly

        AHAHAHA! I am reminded of this song. Are you thinking of that same song?! If so, say it!

  • JadeMacaque

    Buzz words:: extramarital sex,vigilante raids, illegal but condoned by the clerics, tarnishing the reputation of the village.
    To prove been raped, a woman need 4 male witnesses,woman testimony is usually NOT accepted, IF she can’t provides 4 male witnesses she will be charged with zena ( a relation outside marriage), and according to the Sharia, she could be flogged or stoning death.
    Now how do this pagan law based on Allah’s words wanted to punish this woman? zena ?? rape???plus ruining the village reputation???

    • ProudToBeIndonesian

      Agree! Syariah law is HUGE discrimination on women. They are used by egocentric male who desire women slaves all the time. Many parts of the law prevent women to be independent. What a backward law! Why Aceh is allowed to use Syariah law? Aceh is INDONESIA and not another country!

  • Wonderer

    Someone please remind me why Indonesia insisted and even faught a war over keeping these critics in Indonesia?

  • Hypocrite Buster

    What a bunch of hypocrites! That’s religion for you.

    • the old skeptic

      Thinkers can’t believe. Believers can’t think.

  • Greenbug

    I hope all 8 men are caught, charged under the Shari’a laws and if found guilty, be stoned to death for committing adultery and rape… make sure these men are the first examples otherwise don’t even bother to talk about Shari’a… berani bicara, berani bikin…!!!

  • Dennis

    May God be merciful, religionists surely aren’t.

  • Dennis

    This is another reason I am grateful to be a follower of Jesus. To a woman caught in adultery He said, “..Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more!” Now I need to make a confession, “While I could echo his words to the lady and her male partner, I find it hard right now to feel that way toward the gang of hypocrites.” Among other things the older ones should be charged with ‘contributing to the delinquency of the 13-year-old minor.”

    • Wong Edan

      The Christian superstition has led to barbarities too. Islam is where Christianity was a few centuries ago. Humanity will make more progress once both are consigned to history.

  • Onta
  • Alterity

    pot calling the kettle black. What lunacy!

  •! Muffinman

    Dare I say , certain repetitive indoctrinations dull the quest for knowledge and lust for education ? Grab a club and act on your emotional impulses , the Clerics will take care of your faults.

  • ProudToBeIndonesian

    Do you know that the Arabs are trying to inflitrate every country by encouraging muslim men to implement Syariah law? This happens not only in Indonesia but around the world. We can’t say they are backward if it is implemented around the world, can we?

    • sumdood

      I believe it. Most Indonesians dislike the Arabs but are too polite to raise hell about it. The radicals are afraid of them because they believe they are the chosen people. Therefore it is a blasphemy to contradict them. How can they be the chosen people by Allah when human rights are ignored on earth. God have mercy on their souls.

    • kk

      That’s because the US and Western Governments support Saudi Arabia and Pakistan which support terrorism. The root of the problem lies in the hypocrisy of the Christian West and the rigidity of the Islamic East.

  • jojakarta

    It’s Atjeh. Why would one be surprised?

  • Buzz man

    pedophiles, rapists, good to see high morals being maintained through sharia law.

    • gadfly

      In Syariah Aceh, laws break you!

  • TalkingEid

    Yes just look – Gandhi won independence for his nation, and Jesus began the largest religion in the world. Nice irony – keep it up, you never fail to highlight the ineptitude of Indonesia and moral wasteland of its dominant religion.

  • sumdood

    Well old habits die hard. That’s why God imposed religions in the Middle East.

  • gadfly

    Just because the scientists and mathematicians of the past happen to be devout (or at least publicly, because being a non-believer risks capital punishment) doesn’t mean religion has anything to do with the scientific advancements. You say things as if simply believing will turn one into a math genius! Otherwise students wishing to get good grades for their mathematical test could simply pray for full marks without having to study at all.

  • devine

    Read the news item again and then – maybe – you will figure out WHAT it has given the Aceh people instead…