Saudi Arabia Pardons 141 Jailed Migrant Workers From Indonesia

In commemoration of International Migrant Workers' Day, activists held a banner containing a list of workers who will be condemned to death in some countries, in this December 2011 file photo. (JG Photo / Afriadi Hikmal)

In commemoration of International Migrant Workers’ Day, activists held a banner containing a list of workers who will be condemned to death in some countries, in this December 2011 file photo. (JG Photo / Afriadi Hikmal)

Saudi Arabian King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud earlier this month pardoned 141 Indonesian migrant workers from prison as an expression of gratitude for his successful surgery.

“On April 1 the Indonesian Embassy received a notification from Saudi Arabian government about the pardon granted for 141 Indonesian migrant workers,” Reyna Usman, the director general for migrant worker guidance and placement at the Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration, said today.

Reyna said the pardon was the result the ministry’s partnership with the Saudi Arabian ambassador to Indonesia, Mustafa Bin Ibrahim al-Mubarak.

Reyna said the pardon was given following the king’s successful surgery last December.

The Saudi government claimed many of the migrant workers who were in jail committed fraud, adultery and sorcery.

Reyna said that Shariah law in Saudi Arabia recognized two types of punishments that could assigned by the court: those for violation of the public and those which violated private rights.

The state could file a legal suit against the violation of public rights but a suit for the violation of private rights must be filed by the victim.

The Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration reported that between 2010 and 2012 more than 500 jailed Indonesian migrant workers have been pardoned by the Saudi government.

  • Rajiv

    Of course it is due to the mercy that is Islam, the only true religion of Allah SWT came to us via the holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH !

    500 pardoned !! Alhamdulillah !

    • stumped

      Naw, it’s the backlog of laundry and failed attempts at DIY ironing by would be Saudi employers. Without migrant labour the entire gulf will grind to a halt tomorrow, Insha-Allah.

    • Valkyrie1604

      Dare you say that ALL OTHER RELIGIONS are false? Have some balls and make that public. No spins.

      • Rajiv

        No spins here the only thing that is spinning is your brain that is spinning off its vortex. Yes Islam is the only true religion of Allah SWT!

    • Tri Achmed, Bandung

      Happy in the main since most will be innocent anyway and at least my tax money has not bought the freedom this time.
      Shame about the 2965 killed YTD in terrorist attacks in the name of the same, Shame about the 1300 Ahmadiyah killed in Pakistan alone this year, in the name of the same, shame about the 1,200,000 Indonesian Shi’a and Ahmadiyah denied basic rights, in the name of the same, shame about the 30,000 kids in Somalia who died last year because your godly soldiers prevented aid, shame about the women beaten to death in Afghanistan, Iran, Kurdistan, Pakistan and beyond for being well women, shame about the acid attacks and murders of women who wish to bring medical aid and education.
      But most its a shame your hero’s in SA widely abuse our young women and maintain many in slave conditions and you applaud it. Shame on you rajiv

      • Rajiv

        Achmed, SHAME that you are going the way of an apostate. Shame that you obviously are sucking up to the whites here otherwise you will know that the large majority of our brothers in Pakistan and Afghanistan are Sunni! Malu banget, such simple fact juga gak tau?

        • Tri, bandung

          there is truly no worse advert for Islam than you rajiv

          the 3 posts where i spoke my mind have failed to be published

  • Roland

    Between 2010 and 2012 500 Indoensian migrant workers have been pardoned – plus now – those additional 141 workers so far in 2013 makes in 2.5 years more than 600 pardoned for some crimes they did or did not – it’s always easier to blame something on the most vulnerable. But then again – fraud might be a common crime but sorcery and adultery??? Especially adultery in such an extremely conservative environment might easy be in many cases a blame game from Saudi husbands caught with their (probably actually unwilling Indonesian maids by the respective wife of this man. Crimes of “sorcery” might be based on the same criminal code which Indonesia tries to implement.

    Now I wonder though those 641 are how many percent of Indonesians sitting in Saudi jails?

    I mean, in my opinion the number only of the pardoned ones is actually for only a three-year period quite high! – if this is. let’s say, about 10 percent of the total number of Indonesians in Saudi jails then ….. I better don’t mention it.

    • Valkyrie1604

      Re Saudi husbands? ……You’re not wrong there.

  • human2

    Stealing, shagging and witchcaft. Yup good bunch of muslm maids. Lol i am surprised people commit adultery in Saudi as i thought most came to yhe puncak for contract marriages aka sex holidays instead?

  • MadWorld

    After causing havoc, violation of the law, but halal according to the Sharia law, implemented to Non- Moslim ,,do you call this a pardon based on divine words of the prophet Mohammad. ? Rajiv you are stilla MORON.

  • Valkyrie1604

    For “someone” who’s yelling praises, I would like to know what may have happened if the operation went sour? Observe, SBY may end ban on maids working there. Nothing is ‘free’ in this world.

  • MadWorld

    Dear Rajiv, you really do not understand the core of the issue. The jailed Indonesian workers were usually the victim of abuse, rape, perpetrated by the Saudian employers.
    The Indonesian workers defended herself and by accident hurting the EGO of the Saudian employer. Because of that they are jailed. The Saudia government pardoned them, do you understand ,Rajiv?
    Or are you such a half wit?