Ruhut Jumps the Gun as Pasek Confirmed Chief of Commission

Democratic Party member Ruhut Sitompul has been embarrassed by the apparent confirmation that his statement that he is the incoming chairman of House of Representatives legal commission is wrong — or at least premature.

Several party factions who had offered their congratulations to the lawmaker revoked their words on Wednesday, after House Deputy Speaker Priyo Budi Santoso on Tuesday confirmed that Ruhut’s rival for leadership of Commission III, Gede Pasek Suardika, had retained his position.

“As of today, I have not yet received any letter [confirming] a rotation for the House Commission III chief position. I don’t know [if it will come] any time soon, or tomorrow or maybe next week,” Priyo told reporters.

Commission III member Syarifuddin Sudding, from the People’s Conscience Party (Hanura) faction, was among those who had congratulated Ruhut.

He said Ruhut had personally confirmed he had been selected by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who is also the chief of the Democratic Party, to be the new chief of the commission, replacing Pasek,

But after Priyo’s comments, Sudding recanted his statement.

“I hope that [statement] is neutralized,” he said on Wednesday.

Ahmad Yani, a Commission III lawmaker from the United Development Party (PPP), also corrected himself after having congratulated Ruhut. “I received the wrong information,” he said.

Ruhut had initially convinced his colleagues of his appointment, going as far as claiming he had been called in to meet with the president for his appointment.

“He gave his advice, saying work well if you’ve been appointed as head of the Commission III,” said Ruhut, who is notorious for being unreserved and outspoken.

  • Roland

    “Ruhut, who is notorious for being unreserved and outspoken…” is this code for being “liar and show off”?

    • Peter Griffin

      No – is code for being an Indonesian lawyer