Military Chief on $100k Timepiece: I Prefer Counterfeits

By Jakarta Globe on 04:38 pm Apr 23, 2014
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Richar Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa Flyback Chronograph Black Kite (Photo courtesy of Richard Mille)

The Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa Flyback Chronograph Black Kite, a $100,000 watch that Gen. Moeldoko was photographed wearing. (Photo courtesy of Richard Mille)

Jakarta. Indonesia’s military chief collects counterfeit watches, with no qualms about it, and he’ll go to extreme lengths to prove it.

That was the conclusion, at least, from a bizarre stunt on Wednesday when Gen. Moeldoko threw his watch to the ground in a bid to convince reporters that it wasn’t a $100,000 collectors edition timepiece as reported by a Singapore website. Moeldoko’s reported wealth is around Rp 32 billion, or $2.75 million.

“Just watch me, so you know I’m not lyng,” the four-star general told reporters at the Borobudur Hotel in Jakarta, as quoted by, before throwing the watch to the ground.

He then let one of the reporters check the watch, which was reportedly still working fine and hadn’t picked up any scratches.

Moeldoko has been at the center of a flurry of speculation about the watch, which the Singapore site identified from a photograph as being a Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa Flyback Chronograph “Black Kite”, with a reported price tag of above $100,000. Only 45 of the timepieces were produced for the Asia region.

However, Moeldoko insisted that the watch did not cost that much, saying instead that it was a counterfeit item made in China, and that he had a whole collection of bootleg watches, including a fake Rolex.

He said the RM 011 he had was a good imitation that cost around Rp 5 million. “Other people buy expensive watches, but I get them cheap,” he said.

A counterfeit watch of the same kind at Pasar Senen in Central Jakarta costs around Rp 7 million, reported a vendor as saying.

Asked for his take on buying goods made in violation of intellectual property rights, Moeldoko said: “That’s not my business.”

Indonesia consistently ranks as one of the worst violators of intellectual property rights in the world, with lack of law enforcement against piracy and counterfeiting seen as a major factor.

Another Singapore site,, dug up more photos of Moeldoko wearing other high-end watches, including an IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Top Gun Miramar, with a list price of $12,700; an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Jarno Trulli Chronograph ($38,300); and possibly an Audemars Piguet Millenary Minute Repeater — costing a staggering $476,600.

  • billy

    i think we all know the trueth about this guy!!!!!
    we dont need to know more really… he is as crooked as the person who put him in his position…need i say more?

  • zerodiversity

    Anyone ever wondered or investigated how an Army General can amass wealth of Rp 32 billion?

  • Serigala-Berbulu-Domba

    Fake watches – no class at all.

    Real watches at the prices mentioned in this piece – hard to imagine how these would be affordable based on Official Indonesian military personnels’ compensation levels.

    • Max Headroom

      SBB – he was seemingly able on his officer’s salary to save 32 billion (that’s I assume is the official number) – one might guess he’s just another one of those government officials (same as this police general whatwashisname) who are basically business geniuses. I would actually allege that the watch he threw on the floor was an original – same as all those other watches he was spotted with. Also that the official 32 billion are just a fraction of the real riches he amassed so far in his career “serving” the nation and the People of Indonesia. .

    • Duncan Donut

      If you have 32 billion you can afford those watches.

  • Greenbug

    Why just throw the watch on the floor? Should also step on it and break it! I believe it is a genuine watch and this story about collecting fake is just an excuse to shoo the suspicions away…

  • JadeMacaque

    Actually he should relinquished RM 011 to be tested, if it is fake, he is a honest man as he said it is a fake, but, at the same time he is also ” a partner-in-crime” he bought counterfeits.

  • Duncan Donut

    “Asked for his take on buying goods made in violation of intellectual property rights, Moeldoko said: “That’s not my business.”
    I would say this gentleman has disclassified himself with this statement to hold an important job.Disrespect for the law of the country is not a solid base to lead the army.
    But i think that the watch might be the real thing.Where are the 32 billion coming from he reported in his wealth report?Did i miss something about the wages at the TNI?
    I know the KPK is overburdened,but i think this case is worth looking into.

  • Alterity

    An ostensible democracy, Indonesia is actually still a feudal society where a select few piss on the poor – whilst still demanding respect and obedience. Serfdom in action. When things start to go wrong, they blame the “foreigners”. That’s it in essence.

  • bang2tang

    this guy is really f##king rich

    • JadeMacaque

      Well If you want to get rich by counterfeiting and corruption, Joint THE Army…

  • Budi Darma

    A fake made in China watch Would broken into pieces . so his watch must be original

  • CT

    Can I buy it off him for 10m rupiah? If he sells it must be fake.

    • JadeMacaque

      In your (wet) dream… I guess.

  • Alterity

    Rather than buy a fake surely a man of such good standing in the community, and with not
    inconsiderable wealth, would choose to buy a cheaper original – i.e.
    Rolex/Omega or even Tag H. His claim that the watch is fake is simply ludicrous.

  • JadeMacaque

    Does General Moeldoko also collects counterfeit guns, hand grenades,Exocet rockets ????

  • Fridge Jug

    What about pirated bluray disc?

  • JadeMacaque

    A nation of fakers, faking to be pious (MUI), and stealing money, faking to be a democratic country based on Pancasila,faking they were the only religion Chosen By Allah and condemned non Sunni to be persecuted, harassed, coerced ,faking love of Mr Bakrie and went to Maldives with faking celebrities,faking to flex its muscle against China on issue of Island dispute, faking to build a frigate or whatever, send to complete the assembly to the Netherlands, having a president trying to be a laureate in what??? And general Moeldoko said to counterfeit is to innovate.