Lombok Protesters Threaten Australian Tourists

By Fitri on 08:12 am Nov 26, 2013
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Eggs and tomatoes thrown by protestors are scattered in front of the main gate of the Australian embassy as  police officers stand guard during a protest against spying outside the Australian embassy in Jakarta, on Nov. 22, 2013. (EPA Photo/Mast Irham)

Eggs and tomatoes thrown by protestors are scattered in front of the main gate of the Australian embassy as police officers stand guard during a protest against spying outside the Australian embassy in Jakarta, on Nov. 22, 2013. (EPA Photo/Mast Irham)

Mataram/Jakarta. Less than a week after major protests were held in front of the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, a crowd of more than a hundred people gathered in front of the Central Lombok district chief’s office on Monday to demanding the central government to take firm action against Australia over spying allegations.

The protesters, who called the spying an insult to Indonesia, threatened to raid Australian nationals in the area, a popular tourism destination, and force them out of Central Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara.

“There is no other way than to revoke all forms of cooperation with Australia. There should be no bargaining whatsoever. Sever ties with the country that has insulted Indonesia,” said Zamroni Aziz, coordinator of the protest.

Protesters threatened to boycott products coming from Australia and its allies, while Zamroni, in his speech, called on the government to ensure the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) invested maximum effort in protecting the country’s intelligence system.

The group also demanded that the government offer Edward Snowden, the former contractor for the United States’ National Security Agency who leaked the documents from which the spying allegations were emerged, asylum in Indonesia.

Speaking separately in Jakarta, Gen. Sutarman, the National Police chief, said police would protect all Australian nationals living in Indonesia, amid growing tensions between the two countries over accusations that Australian authorities tried to tap into the phones of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, his wife and various ministers.

“We have to guarantee their safety,” Sutarman said on Monday.

He also emphasized that despite having suspended its cooperation on tackling people smuggling rings with Australia, the police would continue to take strict action against the practice.

“We will make arrests should such cases happen in Indonesia,” he said.

Yudhoyono, who had sought an explanation from Canberra about the allegations, has reportedly received a letter from Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, though its contents are not known.

Despite calls for the letter to be made public, presidential spokesman Julian Aldrin Pasha insisted such a move would be unethical.

“It was a letter between two heads of state. It’s unethical to reveal it to the public,” he said on Sunday as quoted by the news site Detik.com.

  • Ozman

    These morons really are determined to totally and completely @$#%-up their lives. Talk about digging ones own grave. These halfwits, dig, jump in, and there scoop the earth down on themselves.
    Grow-up Indonesia, and educate your people.

  • Wong Edan

    Really, JG. This is yet another sensationalist headline. It reads as if tourists had actually been confronted by angry protesters, when in fact about a hundred people merely “threatened to raid tourists”, whatever that means.Not helpful.

  • bongo fury

    Lombok is a well known as a hot bed for critical thinking.

  • Username

    As long as Australians are in a middle-upper social environment in Indonesia, there’s nothing for them to worry about. Most of us give nothing but a “shrug” to the whole situation and will obviously protect the Australians.

    There’s nothing we can do when, sorry to say, people from a lower class takes matters into their own hands. My family and friends were harassed constantly in the states after the 9/11 incident and occasionally even until now, and this is coming from a first world country in the states.. so you can imagine the severity of the situation from a developing country like Indonesia.

  • masmon2

    Abbott should just apologise, say it was done before he was P.M. and he will look into it, case closed.

    All countries spy it’s just this time around Australia got caught – man up and admit wrongdoing then move on.

    100 demonstrators in Lombok hardly represent Indonesia as a whole.

    • Rustynails

      Really? Then explain the mobs descending into Kalimantan at the moment. Absolute morons, many companies are hanging onto to survive with falling commodity prices but this will be the final straw..Why bother..

    • Bali Expat in Bali

      Absolutely masmon 2. Man up Abbott. The locals in Bali and Lombok are still as warm and welcoming to Australians as they have ever been.

  • Normalaatsra

    Isn’t this like what happened to Chinese Indonesians dozens of years ago? Simply targeted for being “associates” of the PKI? Which lead to massive manslaughter over people who look ethnically Chinese? Including “sympathisers” of PKI, whom may not even be Chinese at all?

    Sounds like a racist act to me, Lombok. Australians there and everywhere in the world have no involvement in this, only the government, full stop. Not their country, their government.

    Indonesia needs to stop generalising “associates” as supporters.

    • antifreeze

      Attack dogs. Go for it protesters you’ll embarrass Indonesia – care to explain why targeting tourists and residents will further the moral high ground here?

      We’ll just watch.

      Remember Thailand beckons for the strong Aussie tourist dollar.
      Be my guests make yourselves poorer than you already are.

      • DrD

        well except Thailand is having a spot of turmoil – more likely Malaysia or Singapore will benefit

    • SAMUS

      the ture problem lies on how some religious leader in Indonesia is allowed to preaches about hate against everyone who isn’t Muslim, the masses is just poor people who hates their life, the religious leader directs their hatred for their religious agenda

  • N8

    Nothing like threats of raids and expulsion to ensure that any Aussies contemplating a break in Lombok will take their holidays elsewhere. Certainly it’s off my list now to make a return journey there.

  • billy

    Lombok sucks anyway, in general as said before this is a minority group of people in jakarta that for some apparent reason enjoy making trouble. Does not surprise me at all as they have nothing else to do in jakarta apart from steal and make trouble … the police should have rounded them all up and marked them with tear gas up the ass.

  • Bule Gila

    British and Australian accents close? Yes, as close as Manchester to Melbourne… I think thats the least of a worry…

  • DrD

    quiksilver matey – Quicksilver is the fake stuff you are buying in Bandung, but I wont tell your kids :)
    Nothing will happen don’t worry, its just paid protesters or radicals who are brave in numbers. Dems are doomed, other than his trolls on here I really don’t know a single person Indonesian or otherwise who has any respect left for 7 a-day-man

  • DrD

    nothing more blind than those paid not to look Peter. Be it trolls, policemen, immigration, customs or auditors

  • DrD

    and Singapore and Korea now :)

  • Bali Expat in Bali

    Unless of course he didn’t find it satisfactory …. and is negotiating something more acceptable.


    true that, the masses seems to only care to show hate upon Australian, the spying issue is just an excuse to spread their hate

  • Bali Expat in Bali

    Population Australia 23 million +/-
    Population Indonesia 250 million +/-

    So 100 people demonstrating in Indonesia is like 10 people
    demonstrating in Australia.

    Living in Bali I can tell you that there has been no evidence of anything but the customary warm and affectionate welcome of all westerners to this magical island


    the protester simply doesn’t care, they just a simple minded fool that is used by their religious leader, most of them are unemployed they do the protesting to be rewarded by rice box for them to eat they not even from lombok, most of them comes from east java which is infamous with religious doctrine

  • TGIF

    Lombok is always a strange place anyway…the local enforcement would look at you with suspicions while vacationing for no reasons at all. But this intimidation against a whole nationality (Australia) is downright damaging. The leader of the nation needs to address the situation that is escalating with with no care or heed for such consequences.

    Did the Germans react immaturely when Angle Merkel was spied on?? Those Indonesian nationalist who react immaturely and protest publicly need to ask themselves whether their public emotional outburst is really necessary…