Jokowi-Kalla Win Indonesia Presidential Election as KPU Completes Tally

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo has just more than 53 percent of the vote nationally, over rival Prabowo Subianto who garnered just less than 47 percent — according to the official results from 34 provinces

A KPU official, right, shows the official report documents with the election results to witnesses of both presidential candidates in Jakarta on July 20, 2014. (Antara Photo/Widodo S. Jusuf)

A KPU official, right, shows the official report documents with the election results to witnesses of both presidential candidates in Jakarta on July 20, 2014. (Antara Photo/Widodo S. Jusuf)

Jakarta. Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo has won  the presidential election with just over 53 percent of the vote against Prabowo Subianto, who garnered just less than 47 percent — according to the official results from 34 provinces compiled on Sunday.

A total of 33 provincial offices of the General Elections Commission (KPU) have completed their individual tallies by early Sunday morning, with Jakarta finishing last — declaring Joko the winner with 53.08 percent of the vote over Prabowo’s 46.92 percent.

Indonesia’s newest and 34th province, North Kalimantan, had its votes counted by the KPU’s East Kalimantan branch.

The final individual tallies of the provinces have been made public in various media reports, and the Jakarta Globe has compiled the data to produce its own recap of the national tally — with the KPU only scheduled to finish and announce its final national tally by Tuesday night.

On Sunday, the KPU headquarters in Jakarta only began recapitulating data from 12 provinces.

The Jakarta Globe’s national recap of the 33 provincial tallies lands Joko — who is also known as Jokowi — and his running mate Jusuf Kalla the winners of the July 9 presidential election, collecting a total of 70.67 million votes (53.17 percent) compared with Prabowo’s 62.25 million votes (46.83 percent). There are a total of 132.92 million valid votes — representing 70.6 percent of Indonesia’s total eligible voters.

Consistent with quick counts

The result recap is consistent with the  quick counts by eight pollsters announced immediately after Indonesians cast their votes on July 9 — which had put Joko in the lead with between 51 percent and 53 percent vote over the 47 percent to 49 percent in favor of Prabowo.

Four other pollsters, citing their own quick counts, had declared Prabowo the winner with lower margins.

The recap also showed that Joko and his running mate Jusuf Kalla won in 23 provinces, while Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa led in 10 provinces. Joko-Kalla thus led by 8.4 million votes, or around 6.3 percentage points.

“The three biggest contributors to Jokowi-JK’s votes were Central Java, East Java and West Java,” Tjahjo Kumolo, the secretary general of Joko’s Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) and the head of his campaign team, said in Jakarta on Sunday, citing the party’s own recap of the KPU provincial data — similar to that of the Jakarta Globe.

Joko-Kalla won 66.65 percent of the vote in Central Java, which is a traditional PDI-P stronghold, securing nearly 13 million votes.

Although West Java was the third-largest contributor to Joko’s votes, he actually suffered a big loss in Indonesia’s most populous province, securing 9.5 million votes (40.22 percent) over Prabowo’s 14 million (59.78 percent).

Bali (another PDI-P stronghold), Bangka-Belitung, South Sulawesi, West Sulawesi, Papua and West Papua were among other provinces where Joko-Kalla won by a large majority.

Prabowo-Hatta, meanwhile, won in the provinces of West Sumatra, West Nusa Tenggara and Gorontalo.

Joko-Kalla dominated the votes in central and eastern Indonesia, while the spoils were shared on around Sumatra.

Overseas, Joko-Kalla also lead with a total of 364,283 votes (53.74 percent) over Prabowo-Hatta with 313,600 votes, or 46.26 percent.

(JG Graphics/Nadia Tammu)

(JG Graphics/Nadia Tammu)

Rival reactions

Despite the result, Joko has so far restrained from again declaring a win as he did when several quick counts showed he was the winner on July 9 — as that soon proved problematic, with Prabowo having hastily followed to also declare himself as the winner, citing the four quick counts whose results defied the majority.

Some politicians from the Prabowo-Hatta camp — including National Mandate Party (PAN) founder Amien Rais, his son, Hanafi Rais, and Mahfud M.D., the head of the Prabowo-Hatta campaign team — have conceded defeat and even extended their congratulations.

“My dear friends … Pak Amien Rais has extended a report from our campaign team; it says we’ve lost [to Joko] by more than 4 percent. Hope Allah gives us strength to sincerely accept this,” says a text message circulating among PAN lawmakers — which has beenconfirmed by Yasin Kara, an assistant to PAN chairman and Prabowo’s running mate, Hatta.

“Even if a revote is held, for example in Jakarta, there would be no significant change,” Yasin told Indonesian news portal on Saturday.

Hanafi, also a PAN politician, meanwhile, congratulated Joko through a press statement sent to

“As members of [PAN’s] young generation, we congratulate Bapak Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla — who will helm the national leadership for the next five years,” Hanafi said on Sunday.

Mahfud, meanwhile, said in a Sunday interview with Metro TV, that “as part of the campaign team, I say the election is over. I’m returning the mandate [to Prabowo].”

“As for another political process beyond this, I will no longer take part. A legal settlement will be of no use. I will only guard the political process until the KPU announcement,” Mahfud added.

Prabowo himself, though, refused to concede defeat, demanding that the KPU postpone its ongoing tally, citing allegations of “massive and systematic” fraud in a number of provinces — including Jakarta, Central Java, East Java and North Sumatra — which his team has reported to the Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu).

“We’re only demanding what’s guaranteed by the law [that the KPU first follows up on the fraud allegation reports],” Prabowo told a press conference in Jakarta on Sunday, as quoted by “We consider this [electoral] process flawed.”

Alamsyah, a lawyer for the Prabowo-Hatta camp, said last week they would take a legal action against the KPU if it insisted on continuing its tally.

The KPU, however, has refused any postponement of the ongoing count. The election body’s chairman, Husni Kamil Manik, said the tally would probably be completed today.

“Seeing the development [of the ongoing national recap], we may be able to declare [the winner] on July 21,” Husni said on Sunday.

Another KPU commissioner, Hadar Gumay, added that there was not enough ground for a revote — saying Bawaslu only recommended a recount for a number of regions and the KPU had done just that.

“We understand [the complaint]. But for us, there is no strong reason to postpone the count,” Hadar said.

Muradi, a political analyst from Padjajaran University in Bandung, West Java, criticized Prabowo-Hatta’s move, accusing them of “delegitimizing” the KPU if they insisted that the commission postpone the ongoing tally.

Pemantau pemilu mengikuti Rapat Pleno Terbuka Rekapitulasi Hasil Penghitungan Perolehan Suara Peserta Pemilu Presiden dan Wakil Presiden Tahun 2014 melalui layar monitor yang tersedia di Gedung KPU, Jakarta, Minggu (20/7).Dispute? ‘No Use’

The KPU has instead suggested that any dissatisfied party should file a complaint with the Constitutional Court — the only authorized institution to handle election disputes in Indonesia.

Aburizal Bakrie, the chairman of Golkar Party — another member of the Prabowo-Hatta coalition, on Sunday said the camp was indeed planning to dispute an official result of the KPU if it declares Joko-Kalla the winners.

“It is a constitutional right to go to the Constitutional Court. Everyone who fails will surely go to the Constitutional Court,” Aburizal said on the sidelines of a closed-door meeting of the coalition in Jakarta on Sunday.

“If Jokowi-JK lose, they will surely dispute the result to the Constitutional Court however much the margin is. If Prabowo-Hatta lose, we will surely dispute it in the Constitutional Court however much the margin is — especially when we allege massive fraud,” Aburizal said.

But observers have pointed out that disputing the case in the Constitutional Court will be of no use if the margin is too large.

Constitutional law expert Margarito Kamis, for example, said a margin of more than 1 percent was already too large because that was equal to nearly 1.5 million votes.

“If it’s more than 1 percent, then it’s better not to go to the Constitutional Court,” Margarito said. “To the winner, see this as a happy moment. To the loser, don’t think this a disaster. Don’t cause any mayhem; it will only be detrimental to you.”

With the 8.4-million-vote margin between the two tickets, the Prabowo-Hatta camp would need more than 4.5 million votes to turn around the result and make themselves the winner of Indonesia’s third direct presidential election.


  • Daniel K

    Congratulation Mr. President!

  • Muhammed


    Joko-Kalla dominate votes in central and eastern Indonesia, and share wins with Prabowo-Hatta on Sumatra island.

  • Troublemaker

    There are a lot of things that are your “constitutional right”… However, that doesn’t always make it the right thing to do. Asking too much to be a gracious loser?

  • Greenbug

    Congratulations, Indonesia! for a peaceful trouble-free presidential elections. Have a good break for Lebaran and Eidul Fitri – Maaf Lahir dan Batin – and get back to work… see you guys in 10 years!

    • Valkyrie1604

      Gb…….by then, would you still be a green bug?

      • devine

        hahaha… OF COURSE she will …

  • The Doc

    Let Prabowo’s temper tantrum begin for his ego will have taken a massive hit.
    Even he, must now accept that the day of ex military rule has passed.
    Back to the barracks TNI.

    I do not envy Joko Widowo hos new future considering the level of corrupt individuals that sit in the national assembly.

    Good luck and long life to Joko Widow for he is the only future this country has.

  • Dr Dre

    interesting that the big wins for P was in areas known for radical Islam and religious violence – totally unrelated of course but interesting all the same

    • Valkyrie1604

      DD…many were told that voting for Jokowi was “haram”. They are illiterates and surely susceptible to such……more so during a fasting period.

    • Images

      It does relate. I’m a moslem but have enough sanity and education not to believe those absurd claim of Jokowi being non-moslem and against Islam way of life. But those in West Java, Aceh and West Sumatera where their party leaders and ustadz joined this bandwagon of mindless black campaign, were left with no choice when they told them these incorrect things about Jokowi. May Allah forgive their sins.

  • Dr Dre

    Congrats to Prez Joko – Well done to the KPU and even more applause to the majority of voters

  • Serigala-Berbulu-Domba

    Bakrie’s immature and sycophantic comments demonstrate in spades why he is unfit to be part of any Government apparatus or indeed of any responsible management structure involving significant corporate organisations.

    • Pelan2

      ARB thinks that all Indonesians are on the same level of intellect as himself, thank God/Allah/Buddah that is not the case…

    • Ian Thomson

      You have to believe such a successful, astute businessman like Bakrie.
      I mean if someone whose businesses were in a terrible financial position, desperately trying to get his nose into the government trough by any means possible to extract himself from bankruptcy,didn’t grasp at any straw to keep himself afloat, people might think he was a selfish ,greedy egoist who didn’t have his heart truly in it.

  • Alex

    Prabowo needs more time to brib KPU. He is able to let disappear 13 students – why not 1 Jokowi?
    Poor Indonesia, if ruled by Saudi brainwashed radikals.

    • Bang Koja

      Where did you learn English? Saudi Arabia?

  • Fridge Jug

    Thank you, can’t wait for this to be over and move on with our lives.

  • lost-and-found

    This is great news and I hope that Mr P is man enough to accept it and to work for the people of Indonesia. He may have been defeated but he should take comfort in the fact that 47% of those who voted, chose him and he should stop bickering like a little child who didn’t get the toys he wanted and actual use his status to at least try to do the things he promised the people, even if he is not president he can still help to make things better. If he was to do this, he would show the rest of the people he was sincere and maybe next time he would be considered with more respect and may become president in 5 years time.

    • gado2gila

      “He may have been defeated but he should take comfort in the fact that 47% of those who voted” :

      I do not take comfort in seeing that published figure of 46.92% : because it gives Prabowo a false sense that he has a “mandate from the people” (62.25 million voters). Did almost 47% of voters truly choose Prabowo because they agree with his radical agenda and think we need a megalomaniac psychopath as the president of this nation???

      • Gulf of Tomkin

        the work of Rob Allyn? and they say foreigners should not interfere (maybe meant don’t interfere if you cant help me)

        • Wong Edan

          If foreigners comment on Indonesia, it’s interference. If Indonesians comments in matters like the Obama candidacy (remember that statue?) or Israel’s defense policy, that’s OK.

      • Wong Edan

        Some voted for him because they believed the smears about him being a Singaporean/Christian/communist; others took the money offered to villagers by village heads after their ID cards were collected, and to teachers by principals. Many of the remainder fell for the line about Indonesia needing a strong leader, or simply voted Prabowo because they hate foreigners…

        • Daniel K

          I’m not a fan of frabozo. Not at all. Not even closer. But your comment is very much a smear Wong Edan. Is that new? Money offered to villagers and teachers to vote for him? Come on.. You can hate him as much as you like but your comment is a big BS as far as I concern.

          Lost and Found has a point though. The small margin victory of Jokowi poses a real challenge for Jokowi to convince the other almost half Indonesian that he’s the president for all. Narrowing the gap will lead his way smoothly in his presidential job.

          Some argue that the that ‘black campaign’ contributes to lower percentage of votes for Jokowi. This might be true, but it could be also not a determinant factor. The other factor, I guess, is the fact that frabozo is perceived as an anti-thesis of sby’s ineptitude. He’s perceived as “tegas” (firm, strong character, etc). Plus, the islamist political parties which are very influential to convince their constituents that the right choice for them is frabozo. Then, factor patron-client relation among traditional communities which still works.

          So, if you Max Headroom think he is not really inspiring, think twice. Not inspiring you obviously, but frabozo and co. can attrack more than 60 millions ppl to vote him. That is not something you can cheaply underestimate, really. Like or dislike, that is a fact. Around 8 millions more and there you go. The what you so called megalomaniac psychopath can lead a fourth populous nation on earth. He could have been a perfect match for Bush (Senior and Junior), had he won the election.

          • Wong Edan

            Not a smear. I have spoken to somebody living in an Indonesian village who told me that the village head collected everybody’s ID cards so they could be registered for aid from Prabowo. And schoolteachers there were told to vote Prabowo. The smears about Jokowi’s alleged race, ethnicity or communism have been widely reported elsewhere – a friend only last week came across somebody who voted Prabowo because he was convinced Jokowi is a communist.

          • DanielKaimana

            lol. whatever come up from the people you talked with must be irrefutable evidence.Right?

            Being collected IDs copy for getting aid from frabozo (suppose that is true), then what? It will be only wrong if then frabozo team forced ppl to vote for frabozo. I also saw Jokowi’s team carried out “Pasar Murah” and ppl bought stuffs there. So? This is not a violence.

            Not only school teachers were told to vote Prabowo but all eligible Indonesians, either using letters, emails, phone text, adv, etc. What’s wrong with that? What smear in it?

      • Max Headroom

        Regarding your last question – looking at the performance of his party during legislative election, Gerindra with him as the chairman – 11.7 percent, I would say that the vast amount of votes he got percentage wise is rather due to his alliance with other parties. So people in many cases did NOT vote for Prabowo but voted, let’s say for Golkar or PKS – exactly as they were told – out of convenience or, as in many villages due to “tradition”. Certainly some swing voters also got duped into believing the negative campaigning – you know – Jokowi according to Prabowo is of Chinese heritage, Christian, but in the same time also a communist (that was actually Fadli Zon who had this mad stroke of despicable genius) and, not enough of that, also a puppet of the western imperialists and of Megawati, who may also be a communist – not sure about that). That did cost Jokowi lots of votes, especially since it was chewed over and over by the media, espcially media loyal or owned by alliance members – let’s not forget in addition to vote out of convenience for the party everybody voted for the last 30 years simple people also easily believe someone whom they regard as being “superior” (while of course the opposite is the truth).
        So, if those parties forming his alliance falling off like dandruff he might be able to get 15 – 25 percent of votes together, but certainly not much more. Nothing really inspiring with him….

        • devine

          well said, right to the core, Max :-)

        • william

          While party membership did have a bearing on votes, for the most part, outside of PKS and Gerindra, the majority of people who voted for PPP Golkar, PAN, Demokrat in legislative election voted for Jokowi or showed even levels of support for both candidates..

          I don’t know what is that tradition you speak of. The tradition for voting Golkar actually helped JOkowi. He got a lot of Eastern Indonesia because of Kalla ties with Golkar there. Golkar got some votes for them in Sumatra, but was limited. PKS helped them a lot in West Java, NTB and West Sumatra.

          Prabowo supporters consisted of:

          1_ Conservative Muslims. Its not that they hated Jokowi, but they didn’t like his party PDI-P.. And Jokwo comes from a PDI-P bastion, Central Java.
          2. Jokowi is a very Javanese candidate. Maybe the most Javanese of all Indonesia’s Presidents.

          As for the black campaigns, ALL Javanese Presidents outside of Gudur undergone the non-Muslim treatment. With Jokow it was just more nbasty.. The accusations of his family being Communist or having Communist sympathies is difficult to prove or refute. Solo was a Communist hotbed in the 1960s

      • Alterity

        Without the fraud and black campaigns, Jokowi’s victory would have been far more convincing I believe. Having said that, it is truly frightening how the number 1 ticket managed to gain so much support advocating a combination of extreme nationalism and nostalgia for the dictatorship era.

  • MT7

    Bias report has been utterly formed into a persuasive formation of paragraphs that comply only into one sided story. Seemingly appearing real and yet it is far from revealing the truth. Thank You!

    • ERER

      Prabowo is that you?

      • Max Headroom

        Hehehe – can’t be – if it would be him he would have already at least 200 anonymous “Likes”. Maybe Fadli Zon though….

      • punkdawa

        Nice try owo, nice try…

  • Indar Elza Susi

    percaya aja aku kalau jokowi jk yg menang

  • Don Marco de la Mancha

    The winner takes it all – and The loser misses it all

    - and The Hope still remains on , the Reality is going on

    > We will Rock You …. Rock You….!! Duuumm …Duuum …Duumm

    > We will Rock You …. Rock You….!! Duuumm …Duuum …Duumm



    • Didik Suryono

      Military business? Jokowi are circled by military businessmen, Dude.

    • Bang Koja

      Koalisi Merah Putih, Thx for playing.



  • fred blogs

    If Prabowo truly wants the best for Indonesia, he’ll accept the result.
    If he’s power hungry and self serving, more interested in cash and power, he will not.

    • Didik Suryono

      I believe he will accept it. everybody changes, so he does.

  • Daniel

    the election might be over, but what lie ahead of indonesia future is Uncertainty… with housing price and food price rising to the sky … and with joko intention of openning foreigners buying into indonesia properties will just be making RENTAL even higher and thus food price also get higher … a bowl of noodles in indonesia now cost same as singapore, isn’t that weird…

    • Alterity

      Many Indonesians own property overseas, so why can’t foreigners own property in Indonesia? So hypocritical. You see foreign investment as a threat, but other countries see foreign investment as a huge positive – which it is. Successful, rich countries all have HIGH LEVELS OF FOREIGN INVESTMENT – the US, South Korea, Singapore, Europe etc. Indonesia has plenty of labor but far too little capital – which restricts the economy and negatively impacts all Indonesians. Sure you can live in a Prabowo nationalist fantasy world where foreigners are to blame for everything, but if you really want to know how far Indonesia is behind other countries which openly welcome foreign investment you can visit Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand etc and see the huge difference.

      • lost-and-found

        You can take Thailand off your list unless you mean owning a condo? Thailand, much the same as Indonesia, does not allow foreign ownership of property with land, as a house would do but you can own a condo apartment which is referred to as strata title. As far as I am aware, this is the same in Indonesia. I am pretty sure it’s just land ownership that is currently forbidden.

    • Valkyrie1604

      Daniel……have you been to Singapore?

      A bowl of noodles at a food court or at a market square will cost an average of Sgd 4-00 which is equivalent to Idr about 35,000. We can get a reasonably good bowl of noodles here for a price of Idr.12,000 = Sgd1-30.

      Refrain from stating rubbish will you?

  • coffeetalks

    As I am reading this article at 11:50 on 21 July 2014 (GMT+2), other news outlets are showing that KPU only finishes doing recap for 20 provinces. How could you already get a hold of all 34 provinces? Is your data reliable? DISCLAIMER: I am a Jokowi fan.

    • Images

      I think they mentioned in the article that they (Jak globe) did their own recap. But the source of data is the samr, so the KPU recap should be thesame, unless Prabowo somehow find ways to do something funny :)

    • Daniel K

      No worries son. If you wish Jokowi win the election, very soon your wish will come true..

    • lazy blogger

      KPUD from every Provinces already finished their recapitulation.
      perhaps, the Jakarta Globe is compiled the numbers from their data.
      The results from KPU should not be much diffrent from the KPUD.

    • Valkyrie1604

      ct……..Are you sure? I was also watching Metro and by 10:30 p.m. they almost concluded 24 provinces. I would feel by 00:00 they would probably have achieved a few more. Delays in conclusions were attributed to too many comments from the ‘P’ team.

  • Didik Suryono

    Whoever in P position will act the same, so you do. Should J lost, he would have do the same. That is real live of Indonesian

    • gyorotonic

      Don’t demean Jokowi by comparing him to one of the most morally bankrupt men in our presidential election history. You don’t negotiate with people with bad faith & zero credibility.

  • Wibie

    People can see latest/complete figures here It’s now #1: 46.85% vs. #2: 53.15% Data: 33/ 33 Provinces.

  • Taufik Al Mubarak

    Congratulations Mr Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla. Jadilah presiden yang merakyat dan tak melupakan janji by

  • Robert Novian Kawuwung

    Ban the fake pollsters

  • Adithya Raajkumar

    Indonesia should start to respect its Hindu and Buddhist minorities, especially in Bali.

  • Willie Rush

    how about the data from expatriates

    • GlobalCitizen

      Could expatriates vote?

  • Muliadi

    Pa jokowi, sarapan adalah meal yg terpenting dalam hari. Eat your breakfast!

  • Harsiyanti

    Siapapun presiden Nya pimpinlah negara kami yang JURDIL dan kami menginginkan hidup rukun dan damai

  • Max Headroom

    I’m still waiting for the misleadingly called “Real Count” by the PKS of which also Prabowo guarantees (!!!) that this is indeed the real and absolutely non-”partisan” count and not the one from those low-lifes at the KPU.
    Exactly this PKS counts also shows Prabowo with a margin of around 6 percent leading – basically just the numbers reversed between the to tickets and according to the KPU count (so in total around 12 percent). This PKS count also proofs beyond doubt that he indeed received the “mandate of the people” to kick all foreigners out, fight communist infiltrators whoa re in the same time also puppets of those western imperialists and on top of it Christians and Chinese while in the same time accelerating the growth of the economy to at lease 10 percent p/a, stopping all those financial leaks which amount for the loss of hundreds of billion of dollars (again per year of course), and whatever else there was he will do ..we will surely all miss such a decisive born leader (in particular due to his aristocratic heritage) ……NOT!

  • The Hangman

    Thank you for acknowledging my unsurpassed ability for clairvoyance!