Jero Wacik Named Graft Suspect Over Time as Tourist Minister


FEBRUARY 07, 2015

Jakarta. The Corruption Eradication Commission has named former Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Jero Wacik a suspect in separate graft case that is alleged to have taken place when he was still the Minister of Culture and Tourism.

Jero was tourism minister from 2008-11 before President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono moved him to energy in a reshuffle. Jero was named a suspect by the agency, better known as the KPK, on Sept.3, 2014  on extortion charges during his time at the energy minstry.

"KPK investigators found sufficient preliminary evidence to conduct a further investigation and name J.W [Jero Wacik], the minister of culture and tourism from 2008-11, a suspect," KPK official Priharsa said on Friday evening.

Jero will be charged with Article 2 and 3 of the Anti-Corruption law, which carry a maximum 20 years in prison.

The case, according to Priharsa, is related to a misuse of the tourism ministry budget that caused up to Rp 7 billion in state losses.

"It happened during his tenure," he said.

The investigation for both cases is still ongoing and Jero has not been detained.
"The previous case is still being investigated and we have been conducting thorough checks," Priharsa said.