Radical Rallies in Jakarta Call for Deadly Jihad in Myanmar

The demonstrations reflect growing discontent over violence against Rohingya Muslims

Hundreds of Islamic Defender Front (FPI) members rally at Hotel Indonesia traffic circle against Rohingya ethnic cleansing on Friday. (JG Photo/Bayu Marhaenjati)

Hundreds of members of radical Islamic groups rally at Hotel Indonesia traffic circle to protest violence against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar on Friday. (JG Photo/Bayu Marhaenjati)

Hundreds of members of radical Islamic groups on Friday called for “jihad in Myanmar” during rallies in front of the Myanmar embassy in Menteng, Jakarta, to protest growing violence against Rohingya Muslims.

“It has been [going on for a] long [time], our brothers in Rohingya have been tortured by Myanmar military, Buddhist monks and Buddhist people in Myanmar. There is no other way for our Muslim brothers in Rohingya, we have to wage jihad,” said Islamic Defender Front (FPI) chairman Rizieq Shihab during a protest at Hotel Indonesia traffic circle.

The FPI, along hundreds of members of the Islamic People Forum (FUI), Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid, Islamic Reformist Movement (Garis), Indonesian Committee for World Muslim Solidarity (Kisdi), Islamic Preaching Council (DDII), Indonesian Muslim Brotherhood Movement (GPMI) and Taruna Muslim (Muslim Youth), marched to the heavily guarded Myanmar embassy on Friday, brandishing banners that read “we want to kill Myanmar Buddhists” and “stop genocide in Myanmar.”

Rizieq, shouting through a loudspeaker to whip up the crowd, called on all Indonesian people to wage jihad against violence in Rohingya.

“Let’s pray for the crime there,” Rizieq said. “We’re obliged to help. Those who can pray, please pray, send them food, clothes, drink and medicines. Those who can give their lives, let’s go there. We will do fund-raising to buy food, drink and weapon for our brothers there.”

The incidents highlight the growing anger in Muslim-majority Indonesia over a string of religious clashes in largely-Buddhist Myanmar, that have left many minority Muslims dead and tens of thousands displaced.

“We will besiege Myanmar embassy for explanation, but no violence please,” Rizieq said. “We agreed to take action based on Akhlak Kharimah [good moral], but consistent with the flaming spirit of jihad. Please do as told by the rally coordinator. If he says sit, please be seated. If he says attack, please attack.”

At least one person was killed when mosques and homes were attacked in central Myanmar this week, the latest anti-Muslim unrest to cast a shadow over political reforms in the formerly junta-run country.

“Our Muslim brothers and sisters are being attacked in Myanmar — they are being raped and murdered,” said Bambang, a 37-year-old street vendor. “I want jihad in Myanmar. Anyone mistreating Muslims should be killed.”

Protest coordinator Bernard Abdul Jabbar requested the police to mediate a dialogue between the protesters and the Burmese ambassador.

“There are 10 representatives that want to meet [the ambassador], please facilitate us to meet him,” Bernard said.

When the protesters reached Jalan Agus Salim on their march, Bernard asked the police to open the way so they could protest in front of the embassy.

“Incredible, we’re guarded by hundreds of police officers. We’re not planning a war, sir. We’re staging peace rally. We’re not terrorists. We, Islamic people, only want to question Myanmar’s responsibility,” he said.

Detik.com reported that the rallies caused traffic jams along Jalang Sudirman and Jalan Thamrin on Friday as protestors parked their motorcycles on the roads.

Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Rikwanto told Vivanews that police had deployed 1,654 officers to the rally locations.

He said that they would beef up security around the Burmese embassy in Menteng, after police on Thursday arrested two people who were planning to bomb the embassy.

“Requested or not, it’s our responsibility to secure embassy building,” Rikwanto said.

Myanmar embassy spokesman Deddy R. Guritno told Vivanews that the embassy had sent most of its staff home. Only three diplomats were in the office on Friday, while Myanmar ambassador U Nyan Lyn attended an event elsewhere.

Clashes in Rakhine state last year between Rohingya and Buddhists left around 200 dead, and tens of thousands displaced. In March a flare-up in Buddhist-Muslim violence in central Myanmar left at least 43 people dead.

A man admitted in September to planning a suicide bomb attack against Buddhists in Jakarta in response to Myanmar’s treatment of Muslim minorities, particularly Rohingya.

Indonesia has been a vocal supporter of Muslim minorities in Myanmar, and in January pledged $1 million in aid to Rakhine.

With additional reporting from Agence France-Presse


  • Kangkung

    Meanwhile tens of thousands muslim are butchered in syria, but no big demo.

    • D88

      Kangkung, you are absolutely right! I really hope every FPI member will join the Jihad in Syria. Thousands of FPI members leaving the country to join Jihad in Syria will make every Indonesian proud. True, only handful may come back, but it will be worth it. I am even willing to contribute to this great cause. It should be duty of every FPI member to fight in Syria and make Indonesia proud. Please spread the message Internet wide.

    • udangdibalikbatu

      excellent question, muslim on muslim violence is tolerated and usually publicly denied…but if muslims are being prosecuted certain groups will get all up in arms and look to exterminate their rivals.

    • MadWorld

      Heaven are running out of virgins, ….

  • Valkyrie1604

    “Those who can give their lives…….” Rizieq mentioned it. C’mon Rizieq old chap, do it!

  • blightyboy

    Sampang government in East Java for halting food and clean water supplies en route to displaced Shiites who had to evacuate their village after religious extremists killed one person and burned…

  • Hooswho

    Rizieq says: “Those who can give their lives, let’s go there. We will do fund-raising to buy food, drink and weapon for our brothers there”

    Perhaps he could start by taking the food from the Shiite Refugees in Sampang – after all they are not true Muslims according to Rizieq – irrespective of the fact that they are Indonesians

    He really is a [c*self edit *t]


  • blightyboy

    ” Sampang government in East Java for halt food and clean water supplies en route to displaced Shiites who had to evacuate their village after religious extremists killed one person and burned down homes.”

  • Wonderer

    What happens in myanmar is not acceptable! That having said, let me add: Where I come from this “we want to kill Myanmar Buddhists” would put you in prison…and I am NOT from Myanmar!
    Besides, watching what’s going on here lately, in a subtle way I see where the Burmese ‘are coming from’. Because were they ever to be outnumbered, their temples would be the ones ransacked (they saw things like that happen in a country further south…).

  • Wonderer

    Did I mention before that Disqus makes commenting at the JG a real pain on a BlackBerry…?

    • weegieboy

      That’s karma for owning a Blackberry! ha ha :)

  • TheExtrajosh .

    those are their risks , if u living in a country who the leader is military or communism, and they tried to rebel to their government , the government will devastate all of the rebels, if u don’t believe me , try it in china or vietnam. absolutely the problem is just they want to be a own country in their territory, unrelated with certain religion like in aceh or papua barat.

  • Roland

    Brotherly groups present:

    - Islamic Defenders Front (FPI)

    - Islamic People Forum (FUI)

    - Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid

    - Islamic Reformist Movement (Garis)

    - Indonesian Committee for World Muslim Solidarity (Kisdi)

    - Islamic Preaching Council (DDII)

    - Indonesian Muslim Brotherhood Movement (GPMI)

    - Taruna Muslim (Muslim Youth)

    How many of those hardline groups are there in existence actually in Indonesia? It’s quite astonishing how they can all gather members and especially funds for their operations of solidarity, brotherhood and of course the obligatory Jihad.
    Missing for sure in this list is still Hizbut Tahir…

    • D88

      I’m pretty sure some of these organisations will soon have paramilitary character.

  • DrDez

    I wonder if the FPI et al realise they are Sufi Muslims – Sufi’s are another deviant sect (sic)
    Which BTW is why the screaming is muted in Saudi/Pakistan et al

  • jay tee

    lately there has been a concerted campaign in the US by muslim organisations like CAIR and ISNA to sanitise the word JIHAD as personal struggle and if you think that it means Holy War then you are an Islamophobe

    those two organisations had better be learning from their Indonesian coreligionists the true meaning of the word Jihad, I am sure Berisik Shiskebab will sort them out

  • http://www.facebook.com/groups/Indonesian.Traditional.Cuisine/ AMPD

    Radical Rallies
    This so called ‘radical rallies’ won’t happen if those people in the mob have been guaranteed and taken good care by the republic’s government over the years on their family welfare (education, health, jobs, food, clothings, etc.!)… NKRI Parliament, Government… where are you, guys? Stop politicising whatever… please do your jobs accordingly!!!… :-(

  • Arun

    Why are there protests when muslims are killed by non muslims? More muslims are killed by muslims themselves. Be it in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq or now in Syria. Why are there no protest when Sunnis kill Shias in Pakistan. Aren’t we all human beings. Shouldn’t we be concerned about every human beings?

  • DrDez

    Looks like Aerosmith have been watching the news then..

    Gig on 11th cancelled in JK over security fears

  • mail peace

    In your country , Muslim king rule there. You all are under control of your king who is Islam and Muslim. But in Myanmar, people all including Muslims are under control by non-Muslim (kafir) government. Didn’t you see it how they treat them? They all set the fire and burnt Muslim alive. If one or two Muslim people fight back, they arrested these two and send to prison for 5 or 10 years because they fight back. Do you think is it fair? How will you feel if they were you?They don’t take any action on the groups who create this all violence as you see. Is this fair? That’s why they are worrying about Myanmar. Almighty Allah Knows Best.

    • http://www.facebook.com/idropdeadgorgeous Fransisko Lojaya

      First of all, ‘Muslim King’? We don’t have such thing here in Indonesia.

      Second, non-Muslim does not always mean they are wrong. I don’t really care on what are you going to refer them as, you can call them kafir or whatever, it’s your choice. The problems here lay fundamentally on the people’s issue, not the religion they are following.

      Lastly, we have minorities followers here in Indonesia. Some of them are Muslim as well, being treated the same way, or sometimes even worse. Don’t you think it’s unfair for them as Indonesian to be abandoned like that while their fellow citizens are discussing about Myanmar this very moment?

    • Voxclara

      @mail peace, I sympathise with you, really. It’s terrible whenever there is persecution.

      May I ask how you feel about the Christians in the Middle East, such as those Coptic Christians in Egypt, Iraq, Syria just to name a few Islamic countries. These Christians are regularly slaughtered, their churches bombed, Islamist thugs went into their church and sprayed automatic weapons, killing them and their priest during mass. Oh then there is the kidnappings and forced conversion to Islam, and plenty more atrocities committed by Islamists. What do you think, do you think it is fair?

  • I. Leo

    …while their support is certainly appreciated, I see none of the protesters going to a plane to support the oppressed directly.
    You know, I will probably throw a party the moment they left to Burma. If most did not return, then we’ll just give them a ‘hero’ burial.
    …I just want them to remember that Jihad means ‘Personal Struggle’ and not ‘Holy War’. At least they should not declare that word in such a wrong context. How exactly are they supposed to ‘wage’ a ‘Personal Struggle’?
    Also, the point jay tee is asking is why are they so focused on other country while their own country is in… this pitiful state?

  • MadWorld

    Because ,MUI,FPI,HTI,FUI, Garis,Kisda,DDII,GPMI, JAT, ALL have scumbag’s brain tissue shreds.

  • MadWorld

    Yep, Make love , Not war

  • TalkingEid

    Have they gone yet? Or, as usual, are they all mouth and no action?

  • Myanmarguy

    Rohingyas are immigrants who illegally entered into Myanmar through Bangladesh and they just happened to be Muslims.(That’ve been happening for decades.)But in 2010(when their population become large enough to build a country,6-7 million)they started to ask to give half of Arakan State to them.(This matter is quite similar to Tibet and China, where the Tibet are asking for their land.) That’s when the problems started and they(Rohingyas) make it look like that Myanmar people are killing Muslims.(I even have one muslim friend, we know us each other well.) So,why jihad???? and why blame on both muslims and buddhists.(And people do u not let the media controls your mind.)