Police Probe ‘A State of Trance’ Festival Drug Deaths

By Bayu Marhaenjati on 12:12 pm Mar 17, 2014
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Thousands of people made the journey up to Ancol, North Jakarta, for Ismaya Group’s A State of Trance Festival. (Photo courtesy of Ismaya Live)

Jakarta. The deaths of two Indonesian teenagers and a visitor from Singapore who collapsed at a North Jakarta music festival in the early hours of Sunday morning were drug related, police said on Monday.

“Their remains have been submitted to RSCM [Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital in Central Jakarta] for autopsies,” Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Rikwanto said in Jakarta on Sunday.

The three festival-goers were identified as Isti Rahmawati, 19, a resident of Depok, West Java; Ricky Maahir Muhammad, 18, also from West Jakarta; and Singaporean national Chua Wen Hu, 26.

Police said they collapsed at the concert and died not long after being rushed to Mitra Kemayoran Hospital in Central Jakarta.

Rikwanto said witness testimony indicated the victims had taken drugs before attending “A State of Trance,” at Ancol Beach, which featured a lineup of international DJs, including Armin van Buuren and Paul van Dyk, from Saturday through Sunday.

“Inside the venue, the victims consumed vodka or other liquor,” Rikwanto said.

He did not say what drugs the three had taken, although ecstasy is common at such festivals. An overdose of ecstasy can lead to serotonin syndrome, a potentially fatal condition, but the more frequent causes of death stem from users of the drug either drinking too much water or overheating.

Rikwanto said police had arrested one person for drug possession, but it was not clear whether this person was connected to the three deaths.

“We’re still investigating the case,” Rikwanto said.

Calls to Ismaya Live were not immediately returned.

  • grash

    same thing had happened in Bukit Jalil Malaysia festival…drugs everywhere.

  • kelinci

    crazy life….cant they enjoy the fun with no drugs and alcohols? dont they have better things to do instead of using drugs?happened in Bukit Jalil , malaysia. too

  • jojakarta

    what else do you expect in a rave party? being sober is not an option. Armyn is OK. Paul Van Dyk is a NO NO. I have to say Tiesto is still the best. It’s been a while he hasn’t visited Jakarta.

    • ditz

      I’m sorry.. being sober is an option. If you can’t last without illegal drugs then you’re weak. Do you think in places like Armin only, Tomorrowland everybody is on drugs? Of course not. Not sober =/= consuming drugs. Many people just use legal substances, like energy drinks. And this is because awareness on the effect of drugs is high that side of the world.

  • Tanto

    Why cant they just enjoy the music without drugs…

    • ditz

      agree, they are giving bad name to EDM and ASOT events…

  • PakLe

    You can’t stop young people taking drugs, that’s a universal fact. Right or wrong, they’ll do it anyway. Why not follow the Netherlands lead where the youth is educated properly and rationally about drugs, many choose to abstain as a result, and those who choose to take ecstasy can have their pills tested for purity in nightclubs. Result= no drug deaths.

    All over the world “wars on drugs” have failed, and cost tax-payers billions in the process. Why not try a different tack?

    And how many “drugs are bad” commenters smoke? Tobacco is by far the world’s most damaging and deadly drug.

    • vonbraun

      Cigarettes kill far more people annually than drugs.

      • PakLe

        Tobacco is a drug. The very worst kind. Just for some reason it became socially acceptable and heavily taxed.

  • jojakarta

    Me too. I only drink mineral water in this kind of party. It’s always the choice of drink…if you know what I mean… hahaha