Man Fatally Stabbed in Jakarta FBR, Pemuda Pancasila Brawl

Jakarta’s notorious Betawi Brotherhood Forum (FBR) clashed with rivals Pemuda Pancasila in a deadly turf brawl in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, early Sunday morning.

Sunday’s violence began after members of a local chapter of the national PP reportedly saw FBR members removing PP banners hung along Jalan Barito, Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Rikwanto said. The PP attacked the rival group, fatally stabbing 44-year-old FBR member Ramlan in the brawl.

Ramlan was badly beaten in the attack and suffered stab wounds to his head, back and chest, Rikwanto said.

“The victim [of Sunday's incident] wore a black FBR shirt,” he said. “The victim had been badly assaulted, which led to his death.”

Jakarta Police conducted a sweep of the nearby Ayodya Park, a PP hangout, targeting members of the violent “mass organization.” Officers met with representatives from both groups in an attempt to quell any remaining tensions.

“We’ve coordinated with the groups PP and FBR to prevent a widespread conflict,” Rikwanto said.

It is unclear if any arrests were made following Ramlan’s death.

Sunday’s brawl was the third reported clash between the rival groups this year. The FBR allegedly ambushed PP members in Gandaria, South Jakarta, in late February. Police arrested three FBR members following that incident.

The South Jakarta attack was reportedly revenge for similar brawls in Jakarta and Depok, West Java, that occurred in the wake of the murder of an FBR member in Ciputat, Tangerang.

The PP and FBR are both known for their thuggish behavior and use of violence to run street-level extortion rackets.

  • Troublemaker

    Live by the sword, Die by the sword. Lot’s more to go…

  • Serigala-Berbulu-Domba

    One thing is for sure – this won’t be the last incident involving these Long established groups of thugs.

  • Pelan2

    Good work, keep it up. Get rid of each other. We applaud you.

    • Valkyrie1604

      You beat me to this statement. Yes, please go on and hurt yourselves more for all ‘we’ care.

  • Tatanka

    The thugs want to kill each other? Please go on and see if we care! In reality it goes back to the government. The government should be the one to enforce the law. Anyone wanting to put up banners must get a permit (after reviewing the organization’s vision & mission, the message, the dimensions, locations, duration, etc.) and then anyone wanting to take them down will be the government’s business. Having said that and since the government is mute, let the thugs kill each other and the police should actually publish the name of the perpetrators so that revenge can be exacted. In so doing the police can just sit back and watch.