Joko Asks Jakarta Residents for Forgiveness on Idul Fitri

Jakarta governor Joko Widodo eating traditional Idul Fitri food with his staff on Thursday. (JG Photo/Lenny Tristia Tambun)

Jakarta governor Joko Widodo eats traditional cuisine with his staff on Thursday. (JG Photo/Lenny Tristia Tambun)

Although public officials traditionally receive staff members, relatives and ordinary citizens at open house events during Idul Fitri, Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo decided to flip the script and personally visit several areas of the capital for the holiday.

Speaking to residents of Pademangan Timur, North Jakarta on Thursday, Joko asked the citizens of Jakarta for forgiveness as is traditionally done at the end of Ramadan.

“I want to say sorry to all residents. I came here because I realized that I have made so many mistakes in my policy and decision-making,” Joko said.

“This is why I have come to you. My wife and I, along with administration staff members, want to wish you all a Happy Idul Fitri. Please forgive me.”

“It is the leader who makes mistakes, so the leader should go to the public and not the other way around,” the governor added.

Joko earlier hosted an event marking Idul Fitri at City Hall.

He said that he also planned to stop by Cipinang in East Jakarta, Jagakarsa in South Jakarta, Daan Mogot in West Jakarta as well as Tanah Tinggi, noting that his staff members decided which areas of the capital he would to visit.

  • Catweazle

    Nice touch… but what mistakes in policy and decision making is he apologising for?

    • Valkyrie1604

      “mohon ma’af lahir dan batin”…..sorry I can’t translate it correctly but it

      is normally conveyed during the season. Basically it could be asking for forgiveness for his errors, if any.


      here’s the google translation…”apologize and unseen” (hahaha)

      • translator

        My dictionary translates it as “Apologize in every way.”

    • Giles Ensor

      I believe it is a general apology for mistakes, seen and unseen. And agreed, Cat, although I personally feel he hasn’t done as much as he should have, he certainly knows PR and is still vastly better than anything else on offer.

  • GypsyMacaque

    What has Joko done wrongly, if, there were, its peanuts compared to his predecessors.
    Indeed he knows how to do it properly.
    A decent act.