JIS Teachers Report Accuser to Police

By Bayu Marhaenjati on 08:08 pm Jun 12, 2014

Jakarta. After facing police questioning on Thursday, teachers at Jakarta International School’s recently shuttered kindergarten filed a criminal complaint against a parent who accused teaching staff of participating in the sexual assault of a 6-year-old.

“The one who filed the report is Neil Bantleman, with Elsa Donohue and Ferdinan Chong as witnesses,” said Hotman Paris Hutapea, a lawyer defending JIS teachers. “The one reported… is the parent of a JIS student.”

He said the report accused the parent of spreading slander via email.

“The plaintiff reported defamation through electronic media,” he said.

Bantleman gave police copies of emails and WhatsApp messages, circulated amongst parents, accusing teachers of assaulting a child.

The accusations were made public in the wake of an alleged sexual abuse incident involving outside cleaning contractors. Police have not named any teachers as suspects, but have moved to halt the pending deportations of four teachers for the sake of an investigation.

In addition to the criminal complaint, the teachers also planned to file a civil suit, Hotman said.

Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Rikwanto said that investigators would look into the report.

“We will summon the plaintiff and witnesses first,” he said. “This week, we will do case presentation and afterward will summon the teachers.”

  • Kweker

    I’ve never figured out this defamation law.
    If an alleged victim reports an alleged crime (of course he/she had previously discussed the issue with people around him/her), the alleged victim can be sued for discussing the issue with other people?

    • NTT4ME

      It’s about using electronic media to make defamatory statements about someone. If you want to discuss someone then you should do it face to face to avoid this issue. Of course even that may get you in trouble however it is then more likely to be harder to prove.

    • NTT4ME

      BTW, I’m not saying I agree with it…

  • L. Stars

    Are you serious? I could decide I do not like you and demonize you in the internet! According to your previous statements defending yourself would make you guilty. Get the picture yet? I read about this incident involving JIS in the international news. It really saddens me that a school with such a prestigious reputation has fallen victim to a “local witch hunt”. Do the citizens of Jakarta not realize what would happen to their economy if that school closes? The unemployment rate would go off the charts! The school and teaching staff employ local workers. All expats with children would probably request a transfer without a school for their children. Yes, there are other schools but if employers wanted contracts with them their children would already be there. It is so obvious to me that these mothers are in it for the money! What kind of mother would do this to their child? Would you? And if so, how much money would it take for you to sacrifice your childs’ well being? I am a retired sexual assault counselor. For over 15 years I worked with adults and children sexual assault survivors. The only ones who “smoothly” discussed their assault, oh wait, none of them ever did! It seems to me that these 3 mothers are using a very sad and ugly experience which their children maybe suffered and have twisted it to meet their needs at their childs’ expense. SHAME ON THEM and shame on the local police and protective unit for encouraging this sham. Sadly, this beautiful country is well known for its corruption. I can only imagine what the 10 million dollars requested for incidentals will cover! Payments for said officials maybe???

    • Kweker

      RE: local witch hunt
      You presume that this is a witch hunt. On what ground do you make that presumption? Do you know the details of the case? What really happened? Have you counseled them? I assert that I do not know all the facts of the case, and the teachers MAY or MAY NOT be guilty. The reports of the alleged victims have to be investigated in order for us to judge that.

      RE: the social impact of investigating this case
      The fact is, after the JIS case, a flood of sexual assault cases have been discovered and reported. Some of the victims have come to report the assault only because they hear about this case on TV.

      RE: economic impact of investigating this case
      First of all, are you saying that we should ignore justice for the sake of economic profits? That we shouldn’t uphold rule of law because it could potentially scare off investors?
      Secondly, what data do you have to support your claim that “the unemployment rate would go off the charts”? In fact, I would argue that if the rape perpetrators are found guilty, the international community in Jakarta would feel safer because criminals cannot hide behind an international school. And the city will benefit economically for upholding the law.
      Don’t twist this rape case into an example of prejudice against foreigners. The case is NOT based on prejudice against foreigners. It is a case against sexual crimes on children!

      RE: the motive behind the reporting the assault
      First of all, would I do this to my child? I wouldn’t. Because I am not as brave as these victims’ mothers.These JIS victims are heroes in battling underage sexual crimes. Even if their cases are thrown off court, their report have resulted in the social impact I mentioned above.
      Secondly, let me rephrase your logic: because good parents wouldn’t (or shouldn’t according to you) ever report a sexual assault on their child, these JIS parents who did must have done it for money.
      Even IF the parents filed the criminal report for money, does that turn the perpetrators into the innocent party?

      Victims who report a sexual crime should NOT be shamed.
      Police department who is fulfilling its professional duties by investigating a sexual crime should NOT be shamed.
      People who call for shaming rape victims and for dismissing the investigation have questionable motives.

  • PakLe

    i’m *baffled* by your trust in the Indonesian justice system.