Explosion at Indonesian Buddhist Temple Injures Three: Police

A police armored bomb vehicle secures the compound of Ekayana Buddhist Center in Jakarta early dawn of August 5, 2013 after an explosive device went off at the temple late August 4, 2013, injuring one person, police said. (AFP Photo/Romeo Gacad)

A police armored bomb vehicle secures the compound of Ekayana Buddhist Center in Jakarta early dawn of August 5, 2013 after an explosive device went off at the temple late August 4, 2013, injuring one person, police said. (AFP Photo/Romeo Gacad)

[Updated at 10:56 a.m. on Monday, August 5, 2013]

A low-intensity bomb went off outside a popular Buddhist temple in West Jakarta on Sunday, injuring three people in an attack reportedly linked to growing anti-Buddhist sentiment among Indonesian terrorists over the treatment of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, an anti-terrorism source said.

Two bombs were placed in a green plastic bag and dropped near the front door of the Ekayana Buddhist Center, in Duri Kepa, West Jakarta, on Sunday, said an anonymous source in the National Police’s anti-terrorism unit Densus 88. The bombs were triggered by a cell phone as some 300 people gathered inside the temple for a sermon.

A third bomb failed to detonate, the source said.

“There was another bomb [found smoking]… in a plastic bucket,” he said.

One person suffered minor injuries to her arms. Another two were treated for ear injuries.

Neither police nor the center said who may have been behind the blasts. The source in Densus 88 told the Jakarta Globe the attack was revenge for anti-Muslim violence in Myanmar.

“We suspect this is related to the Rohingya Muslims who are oppressed in Buddhist-majority Myanmar,” the source said. “This, we suppose, is an act of revenge by a terrorism group.”

A letter reading “We heard Rohingya’s screams,” was found inside one of the bomb packages,” Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali told the Indonesian news portal Detik.com.

“Obviously this is not an act of solidarity, this is an act we should all condemn,” Suryadharma said. “Clearly Muslims and Buddhists have been living in harmony since a long time ago.”

Suryadharma called the attack an attempt to provoke tensions between Indonesian Muslims and Buddhists.

“Last night’s terrorist act was unorganized, the objective was unclear,” he said.

There has been growing anger in Indonesia at the plight of the Rohingya Muslim minority in Buddhist-majority Myanmar. In May police foiled a plot to bomb the Myanmar embassy in Jakarta by Islamic hard-liners while reports of violence in Myanmar routinely trigger protests in the capital.

The attack was proof that terrorist organizations will continue to target locations in the capital, National Police chief Detective Sutarman said.

“This is a concrete proof that terrorists still exist and they will keep spreading terror at different targets,” Sutarman said.

Indonesia’s Coordinating Minister of Politics, Justice and Security Djoko Suyanto pushed police for swift action by the police.

“Find and arrest whoever did the explosion at the Ekayana temple soon,” Djoko said. “The government has condemned the act, which has ruined the peaceful spirit of the holy month of Ramadan.”

The temple, one of the biggest in Jakarta, said it hoped the blasts would “not cause any unrest in the religious community.”

— Agence France-Presse contributed to this report

  • 22roles

    So much for month of Ramadan , you idiot extremists time for you to leave the country.

    • Dingus

      Can’t argue with that. A time of peace, love, and happiness.

  • Roland

    “…There has been growing anger in Indonesia at the plight of the Rohingya Muslim minority in Buddhist-majority Myanmar…” if there is such anger in the population (so far I’ve heard just of one single demonstration by the FPI which can hardly be called the voice of Indonesia) then the government as representation of Indonesia should express in a diplomatic manner (as it usually works between countries) it’s “growing anger” but not by blowing up bombs – regardless now if they caused only minor damage or not. That will not solve anything.

    In other news I read though that there have been a bunch of Rohingya Muslims escaping detention in Indonesia just very recently and a few months back killed another Myanmar illegal immigrant in an Indonesian detention centre.

    And to blame the situation in Myanmar on Buddhists living here in Indonesia is one of the most primitive moves one can imagine and cannot be tolerated. But indeed there are certain hardline Islamic “clerics” who just love to scramble the little brains of their followers (little brain because people with a normal functioning brain would not even go to such prayer session sin the first place and being able to be indoctrinated by words of hatred and violence).

    • TGIF

      Roland…I couldn’t agree with you more. It is sad that there are people who choose to seek revenge. It will not solve anything.
      However could the escapees be regrouping with local Islamists and cause harm?? Asylum seekers may have another point in mind..

  • Justice

    Religion is one of the source that can have a chain effects on every nation and as such, all governments should be very firm in handling this kind of problem. The world’s problem is actually fueled by people who support evil instead of suppressing it.

  • jason

    these extremists are retards…how is the temple related to myanmar?? no one in Ekayana is from myanmar…how is this an act of revenge? the extremists should take the time they spend criticising others about prostitution and alcohol, and use it to grow some brains

  • The Crocodile

    I used to love Indonesia. But now I think it is a country spiraling towards disaster. Nobody seems to do anything against intolerance and hatred of so called ‘Islam’ of the fundamentalist animals, not the government, not the people. Bye bye Indonesia.

    • TGIF

      Yep that’s for sure….But hopefully the people are as outrage as us all.

    • TGIF

      What would you have done instead?? Don’t ever shed crocodile tears though. The law enforcement is doing their best as they have done in the past. Everyone including international viewers are NOT happy that this cycle of revenge by a few religious bigots who have insulted the civilized society. If you understand Bahasa perhaps you may want to read in the local papers the angry comments toward the coward perpetrators.

  • Sing Sitizen

    Indons killing Indons because of violence in Myanmar. Priceless
    Will anyone get prosecuted? no course not

    • TGIF

      The law enforcement will do their best as they have done it the past to catch and prosecute them. Buddhism and Hinduism have been a part of the culture that have shaped up this country for centuries and recently Islam is here to stay.

    • TGIF

      Is this the same ” Sing citizen” (spelled differently here) leaving a comment on “42 Reported Dead in Aceh as Rescue Crews Search Earthquake Wreckage”.

  • expat

    Morons are born everyday……

  • The Crocodile

    I do read Indonesian actually, but that does not mean i believe in the justice and law enforcement system of Indonesia. I understand it is difficult to govern a country of 270 million, but i still think it can be done much better than it is now.