Indonesia’s First Lady to Host Instagram Gathering

By Jakarta Globe on 04:46 pm Jun 29, 2013
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(A screen shot of Ani Yudhoyono's Instagram account)

(A screen shot of Ani Yudhoyono’s Instagram account)

Indonesia’s first lady Ani Yudhoyono will host a photography meet-up for her followers on the popular photo-sharing site Instagram.

The first lady joined Instagram three months ago, posting photos under the name @aniyudhoyono. Ani, a photography enthusiast, released a photo book, “The Colors of Harmony – A Photography Journey by Ani Yudhoyono,” and held an exhibition in 2011.

Ani’s followers were alerted of the coming event via the first lady’s Instagram page.

“Let’s participate in the gathering of Istura with the theme of photography with Indonesian First Lady Ani Yudhoyono. For further information and registration please visit and twitter @IstanaRakyat,” read the caption of a poster of the event posted online.

More than 170 instagram users have shown interest to join the event, which will take place at Bogor Palace on July 5th. Ani who has uploaded 180 photos is followed by more than 25,000 instagram users.

Instagram users who want to attend the event are required to follow the Twitter account @istanarakyat, Ani’s Instagram account and “Like” Istana Untuk Rakyat on Facebook. The registration will close on Monday afternoon.

  • Roland

    What an absolutely lovely idea! Maybe even the Supreme Leader and Beloved Father of the Nation personally will show up at Bogor Palace to get a bit in contact with those intagram followers of the Beloved Mother of the Nation!

    But ladies – be aware about the dress code – long skirts preferably Batik (no side slits please) and no pants revealing the shape of the legs, better yet no pants at all!

  • Hooswho

    And for those taking pics of the President – please use a wide angles lens so that you can capture both his size and his ego. You will easily recognise him – he will be the one with the award for hypocrisy glued to his hand

  • Roland

    On second thought – I think such kind of social events could actually be a nice and decent thing to do if for example the collected fee of ticket sales or sold images (or for example those sold books of Ibu Ani, or CD’s sold with SBY songs) would be directed for some beneficial causes, e.g. charity for mental hospitals, or drug centres, orphanages, etc. – but I guess that would be a bit too much asked for!

    • Q

      that would be a nice rebound