Indonesian Muslim Hard-liners Vow to Stop Miss World

Miss Indonesia Ines Putri Tjiptadi parades during the Miss World 2012 final ceremony at the Dongsheng stadium in the inner Mongolian city of Ordos on August 18, 2012. (AFP Photo/Ed Jones)

Miss Indonesia Ines Putri Tjiptadi parades during the Miss World 2012 final ceremony at the Dongsheng stadium in the inner Mongolian city of Ordos on August 18, 2012. (AFP Photo/Ed Jones)

Islamic hard-liners vowed Thursday to stop the “immoral” Miss World beauty pageant taking place in Indonesia even after organizers agreed this year’s contestants would not wear bikinis.

The Hizb ut-Tahrir group slammed the show as like “selling women’s bodies” and threatened to hold demonstrations against it, while a group in the province where the final is due to take place also voiced strong opposition.

More than 130 women will compete in the September event, with some rounds on the resort island of Bali and the final in Bogor outside Jakarta. Bogor is in West Java province, parts of which are considered a stronghold for radicals.

Organizers confirmed on Wednesday the contestants would not wear bikinis during the beach fashion section, to be held in Bali, and would instead wear more conservative attire such as traditional sarongs.

However, the concession was not enough for hardline groups in Indonesia, where some 90 percent of the 240 million population are Muslims.

“Supporting this event is the same as supporting the selling of women’s bodies,” said Ismail Yusanto, spokesman for Hizb ut-Tahrir Indonesia, who also warned the group may organize protests.

“Women are lowering themselves by allowing themselves to be turned into objects, to be stared at and have their bodies measured.”

Hardline group the Islam Reformist Movement (Garis), which is affiliated with prominent radicals the Islamic Defenders Front, also said the bikini ban was not enough.

“They will still wear outfits that will encourage sex and immoral acts,” said Chep Hernawan, the head of Garis which has its base in West Java province.

The organizers have insisted the decision not to have bikinis was taken when the deal was struck last year to host the show, and not after pressure from radicals.

Vocal protesters have succeeded in getting events cancelled in the past in Indonesia.

Last year, pop sensation Lady Gaga axed a concert after hard-liners threatened to burn down the venue and criticized her for wearing only “a bra and panties.”

Most Indonesians practice a moderate form of Islam.

Rights group the National Commission on Violence Against Women urged people to take a more measured view of Miss World.

People should consider whether “the contest really looks at the women as humans and judges them based on their talents,” said Andi Yentriyani, a commissioner with the group.

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  • TalkingEid

    “Most Indonesians practice a moderate form of Islam.” – you could have fooled me.

    • GypsyMacaque

      Wel this is what happened to Iran anno 1979.
      “We used to drink in public and pray in private.
      Now we pray in public and drink in private ”
      The hypocrisy behind the 4 walls of the scumbag moslim population .
      Quo vadis Indonesia?

  • devine

    “They will still wear outfits that will encourage sex and immoral acts,” said Chep Hernawan, the head of Garis which has its base in West Java province”
    Hey Chep, how do you explain then that Indonesia grew from 80 mio in the early ’80s to 250 mio now???
    And I guess they will get a heavy beating if they dare to show up in Bali to interupt this event… wonder if they are brave enough… we are waiting for you…!

  • Herbert Who

    Wake up Indonesia . Its time to put a heavy boot across the throats of these Saudi funded radical Wahabi wannabes.

    Pack the lot of these uneducated brain washed idiots off to Saudi Arabia where they will be welcomed in true Wahabi style, with a bullet in the head.

  • Fransisko Lojaya


  • Troublemaker

    Yep… another step backwards for this backwards nation.

  • MadWorld

    Sunni fundamentalist at its best, TERRORISM.

  • Good,Bad and Ugly

    These Islamists are just so full of hatred of every thing natural, normal and human. Remind me why I should tolerate religion in my community.
    And all in the name of a fraud.

  • anu

    We should inform these kind of hardliner acts to every developed country wanting to adopt Islam.
    Just to make them think twice before adopting it.

  • cara

    lol. how come you didn’t say a word when your “holy” friends married teenage girls or stole people’s money.

    “Women are lowering themselves by allowing themselves to be turned into objects, to be stared at and have their bodies measured.”

    how about allowing themselves to be a third or fourth wife or a mistress? is it something to be proud of?

  • Disappointed

    Those who speak the loudest are usually those whose brains are the emptiest. Just saying.

  • kampunghighlander

    Hope it gets cancelled, Indonesia does not deserve the privilege of hosting International Events as long as it lets fundamentalist nut jobs dictate government policy.

  • leviathan

    Totally agree with the hollier-than-thu, long-bearded, white-robe wearing, half dead brains of MUI or FPI or Hiz but Tahrir or Garis or whatever you name a bench of screaming thugs directed by goons and paid by who knows.

    Miss World encourages sex and immoral acts. What discourage sex and immoral acts is to be deeply involved, soul and heart, in Islamic activities. Like Islamic politics, for example. Maybe in PKS, it’ s a good start.

  • yogatantra

    Good, just come down here to Bali, they will be cut off.

  • Catweazle

    Whenever these Islamic hardliners spout off, I always get a fit of the giggles as they
    remind me of Daleks (in Doctor Who). This is how Wiki describes them…

    Daleks are extremely aggressive and seem driven by an instinct to attack. They have little, if any, individual personality, ostensibly no emotions other than hatred and anger, and a strict command structure in which they are conditioned to obey superiors’ orders without question. They tend to be excitable and will repeat the same word or phrase over and over again in a toddler like hissy fit, most famously “Exterminate! Exterminate!”

    The Daleks wouldn’t have approved of bikinis or Miss World either, I think.

  • BobSmith101

    Why do Indonesians allow the Arabs to set the standard?

    Bow towards Mecca and pray in Arabic – sounds like an Arab colony to me.

  • Maca

    The reality is one and only one, these people are extremely ignorant and desperate.

    • Guest

      And kept deliberately so by the criminals running the country and Indoislam.

  • Muffinman

    I hope it goes ahead. I’m curious as to how Indonesia was even considered as a suitable host for a Miss World Pagent ? Obviously there are many people in the international community who still think Bali is the capital of Indonesia and that “Most Indonesians practice a moderate form of Islam.”
    When they get to the final rounds of the pagent and viewers around the world suddenly realise that there is no beach wear parade ( in Bali ! ) a few viewpoints about Indonesia may be enlightened.

  • Bellend

    Now if it was a kids beauty contest, no problem.

  • Hunri a

    no one is adopting Islam anu its a cancer

  • DrDez

    Ladies – Gents

    whilst you are all heated up and expressing views the real criminality goes unnoticed – this is a deflection. SEX is the technique that is used time and time again throughout the tenure of Bill S Preston (air guitar solo) to divert attention from the real issues of the day.

    Military spends and business
    New control bills
    etc etc
    Globe and readers – Please do not take the eye off the ball -

  • meautiayu

    I feel pity for these orthodox-thinking, hardliners, what on Earth are they thinking that Miss World is only selling women’s body? They think it is something like red district ya, so shallow! It is only their hallucination, just please people, government and organiser, gather up and make a stand against them. Tell them how wrong they are, and just shut up.

  • Tatanka

    In my opinion there is no need for the event organizers to reason with those who have no reasoning capacity. Follow the law whereby if the organizers already obtain a permit, then proceed. There will always be camps who disagree with anything anyone is planning to do. So long as there is a permit, then ignore those thugs. At the most they are asking for money anyway. Once there is a permit, then it is the job for the police to provide protection (and hire additional ‘security personnel’ to ‘further’ secure the event).

    No need to cater and facilitate those thugs. In other countries Hizbut Tahrir has been linked to Al Qaeda and terrorism. In fact, Hizbut Tahrir has been banned in several countries. So, no need to even establish any communication, let alone negotiate, with terrorist organization.

    • Kardoman Tumangger

      Totally agree! Hizbut Thahrir and others muslim hardliners group never created peace! They look like terrorist!

      • MadWorld

        They are Terrorist, not look alike !!!

    • Catweazle

      Today, I had a chance encounter with a lad wearing a black bomber jacket with the words ‘Hizbut Tahrir’ emblazoned on the back. We were both getting air in our tyres. I smiled at him and read out aloud ‘Hizbut Tahrir’ and smiled again. I think he must have been in a hurry, as he didn’t seem to want to stay and chat.

  • MadWorld

    Indonesia I presumed have approximately 1 million square kilometre land mass, the Bali beach where miss world will take place, 3000square meter. The moslim pious youth are then advised to go somewhere else, to puncak to commit adultery halally, or talk to your goat.
    On all television set are an”OFF” & *ON* switch, to those who compulsorily disgusted to look at the Miss World Pageant, use you OFF switch and go to the mosque or surf to other channel to see stoning or flogging of woman. Then I suggest to take your medicine and go to sleep .Till the next call for prayer.
    But please get off my back !!!

    • Hooswho

      “On all television set are an”OFF” & *ON* switch”

      Please explain that to my kids – in our home it is permanently in the ON position

      • MadWorld

        We used to have the same type of REBELS at home. And usually they were looking at the most bikini clad ladies channel, never , never to a prayers or flogging channels. Thank God there are normal kids, I am a happy father.

  • Tatanka

    I disagree totally with anyone who claims Indonesia should not hold any beauty contest. In fact, Indonesia MUST hold the contest as shown on the attached picture.

    • Valkyrie1604

      Your second picture does remind me of “special clothing” for people coming out of a certain colony, except that bells are missing.

    • MadWorld

      I really love the black one.

  • Amelie F

    “‘They will still wear outfits that will encourage sex and immoral acts,’ said Chep Hernawan, the head of Garis which has its base in West Java province.”

    Come on! They’re the ones who need to stop thinking so dirty. If their faith is so strong, they do not need censorship.

  • TGIF

    And Indonesia allow these foreign fundamentalist and Islamist people to come here and spread questionable hate speechesAsk any Indonesian who may have watched yesterday’s morning Rally on TV. Most educated people with brains were appalled and disgusted.

    Ignorant Muslims should be careful what they ask for…And they wish they would have never listen to the fundamentalist once their loved ones are hurt or brainwashed. According to them democracy is haram. There are Muslims killing each other rather than foreign intervention. None of us is blind to learn of what is going on in the Middle East and in this country’s very own backyard for that matter.

    • Valkyrie1604

      They thrive on the ignorance of the masses. They follow!

  • Dirk

    By encouraging women to wear jilbabs instead of burqas, aren’t you guys letting women get away with selling their faces?

  • Dirk

    We need that supposedly heroic local “investigative journalist” celebrated in yesterday’s JG to look into who is financing these clowns. Once everyone knows they are not defending “Eastern culture” but rather serving foreign interests, maybe they can be shouted down and in the end ignored.

  • MadWorld

    You mean shackles too???

  • TalkingEid

    Indeed val – and at this rate will soon be the lepers of the world.

  • n

    Most of you might sell your mother, wives and daughters for a price but we don’t.

    You are proud and don’t care about displaying your daughters without clothes for the lustful gaze of men. Men, you know how you are.

    They are our most valuable and they are not for your lustful eyes of perverts. How the pervs are trying to full fill their lust and justify their cause by using Islam, veil and the hijab as scapegoats which the media, some people and the feminists just love demonizing.

    Jesus pbuh said: But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. – Matthew 5:28

    But you don’t care do you. So called “Christians” are the ones that have created the Miss World competition. Your time will come..