Indonesian Government Officially Bans ISIS

By Ezra Sihite on 06:56 pm Aug 04, 2014
Coordinating minister of political, legal and security affairs Djoko Suyanto, center, said on Monday that government bans development of ISIS in Indonesia. (JG Photo/Ezra Sihite)

The coordinating minister for political, legal and security affairs, Djoko Suyanto, center, said on Monday that there is no place for ISIS in Indonesia. (JG Photo/Ezra Sihite)

Jakarta. The Indonesian government on Monday officially banned the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, saying the militant outfit should not be allowed to spread its teachings in the archipelago.

“The government bans ISIS from developing in Indonesia, because it goes against the ideology of Pancasila, the unitary Indonesian nation-state and pluralism,” Djoko Suyanto, coordinating minister for political, legal and security affairs, said during a press conference at the president’s office on Monday. “Every attempt to promote ISIS should be prevented, Indonesia should not be the place to spread [this ideology].”

The announcement came after a limited cabinet meeting about ISIS led by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Djoko was accompanied by high-ranking officials when declaring the ban, including Religious Affairs Minister Lukman Hakim Saifuddin, Foreign Affairs Minister Marty Natalegawa, National Intelligence Agency (BIN) chief Marciano Norman, Justice and Human Rights Minister Amir Syamsuddin, military chief Gen. Moeldoko and Gen. Sutarman, the chief of National Police.

“The activities of ISIS and now IS [Islamic State, as the movement officially calls itself] have since the beginning been monitored by some ministries, [including] the Religious Affairs Ministry, the Foreign Affairs Ministry, and the National Police,” Djoko said.

He said that ISIS should not be understood as a religious movement, but as an ideology that runs counter to Indonesia’s state ideology of Pancasila. The National Police and the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT), Djoko added, would lead the law enforcement effort against ISIS activities in Indonesia.

The minister also said that regardless of the situation in the Middle East, support from Indonesia should be in the form of humanitarian aid and diplomacy, not by sending people to fight, which would only make matters worse. “Let’s not get influenced, and not be easily provoked to join ISIS,” Djoko said.

The government also said it would be monitoring Indonesians who plan to travel to countries in the Middle East and South Asia where there is armed conflict, to ensure they will not be joining or working for ISIS. “The Foreign Affairs Ministry will take the lead, the National Police and the BNPT will be the clearing house to monitor Indonesian citizens who travel to the Middle East, South Asia and other conflict regions,” Djoko said.

  • Adrian

    Meanwhile in Malaysia, the PM asks his fellow party memebrs to learn from ISIS.

  • Zachary Anarchopinko Rose

    Why did it take this long?? Why ban and similar websites months before banning ISIS? Idiots are in power.

    • Guest

      dude… better late than never… if you’re an indonesian… then feel happy that your government at last bans ISIS… indonesian is not the only one that want to isis to gtfo their beloved country… there are alot of others too… so see the positive side my friend…

    • Eviendo Hariyanto

      you should ask that to our dear Mr.Tiffy

      well, I’m appreciate my govt for banning IS ideology

  • praetorian guard

    …and i thought isis was a name of a shell co. or a private equity. Actually it doesn’t sound bad at all, ISIS financial group or ISIS Investments holdings co. No..? I have bad taste to chuckle you up a bit..? gee …sorry. Let me try again, …and I thought isis crushed and chopped them into several pieces, means isis ambushed an undervalued co, and sold the company bit by bit Whilst actually that means severed heads, literally speaking. You all still don’t find it amusing yet? or you all start to think that i am one sick SOB. he…he… Sorry again (not really). What I mean is steel your will, that’s all. ok.. ok .. i should stop here\\\


    Action! Actin! Action! No more talking buls*t! disband FPI and PKS! they are no less dangerous than other terrorist organization!

  • Hugh Lawrence Zehnder

    Let hope Malaysia joins in the fray to ban ISIS as its doctrine is detrimental and dangerous to a multiracial nation having many different religions.My call will fall on deaf ears as the Malaysian Prime Minister idolized and hero worshipped ISIS.

    • Suhana Lina Sarkawi

      They are retarded and self-proclaimed mad #jihadists that abuse #Islam and #Muslims for killing innocent people of all religions that do not obey them.

  • AnimisticGod

    Don’t hold your breath.
    Blessed is he who expect nothing, (this is Republic Indonesia),for he shall not be disappointed.!

  • Berata Wayan

    The Goverment Of Republik of Indonesia only just kind do i.e : 1). To revoke the Perpres number 51 year 2014 ! 2). To die excute the Coruptor minimum has taken our money Rp. 500.000.000. Under that amount should be in the ” Lp ” for minimum 5years ! Please do thet asap ! And guaranteed no Isis disturb our country !