Immigration Increases Visa-On-Arrival, Passport Fees

Jakarta. The Indonesian immigration office on Wednesday announced an increase in fees for some of its services, including visa-on-arrival application fees for foreign nationals and new passports for Indonesians.

“The price for immigration [services] charged on the public will change starting July 3, 2014, in line with the issuance of the 2014 government regulation… on the types of non-tax revenues and the tariffs imposed on them as regulated by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights,” the immigration office said in a statement signed by its spokesman Heriyanto.

The price for a seven-day visa-on-arrival has been set to $15 from the initial $10, while the price for a 30-day visa-on-arrival will be increased to $35 from the initial $25.

In the regulation, the government has also set a new passport application fee.

The cost of a 48-page passport will be increased to Rp 355,000 from the initial Rp 255,000, while electronic passport application fee remains the same at Rp 600,000.

“With this notification, we hope the public will understand the new costs they need to pay for the services,” the statement said.

  • Wonderer

    I bet we would understand much better if you cut the procedure to actually get a passport by 50% simultaneously so we don’t need to take 2 days off for sitting around there…or hire an agent to do it for us.

  • sumdood

    Who wants to go to Malaysia anyway…LOL TSA will increase higher security fees July 21st on airline tickets purchased in the US or those traveling to the US. So Peter, Indonesia is not the only country imposing higher fees for whatever strange reason.

  • sumdood

    They are too many cheap travelers who can’t afford $10 surcharge on a visa on arrival?? It is much cheaper than some Western visas imposed on those Bona fide Indonesians traveling abroad. LOL

  • sumdood

    Isn’t it mandatory for those Indonesians to acquire the electronic passport by 2015 ?? Or the implementation just fell into the crack like everything else…

  • Janet & Harold

    Have to say I agree with you, we just cancelled plans for a month’s vacation to Indonesia and are heading to Thailand instead, a total of nearly 60 dollars just to get in and out of the country? You must be kidding! We’re one of thousands that will vote with our feet and go elsewhere, the Indonesians have forgotten how to treat their guests properly it would seem.

  • mrlogic

    Is there any sound reason for this increase?
    I honestly think that the government has a team whose job it is to sit down every day and brainstorm new ways of milking more money from wherever they can get it. When short of ideas, foreign tourists are always a good source.

  • Kiwi Kev

    Pretty much putting Indonesia off the map as a cheap destination. We’ve found even the USA $10/d cheaper than coming here. Bizarre but true.

  • Pelan2

    Another super strategy to get more tourists to come to Indonesia.

  • Wanderlust

    The visa fee should have been reciprocal:
    1. 80 pounds for British and Irish
    2. 60 euros for all other EU citizens
    3. 130 AUD for Australian and Kiwi
    4. 200 USD for Americas
    5. 35 all other nationals

    • Francis

      EU is 60 for 6 months and you can go in and out as many times – If anything RI should reduce its rates if you want reciprocal agreements or extend its period.

  • billy

    hehe, correct….
    they just dont get it yet that electronic saves them time and money,, they maybe think they are doing us a favour????
    is there anything simple at imigrasi??? i think not good freinds……

  • gobmeb

    Great job Indonesia. Next time I will consider to visit you (which I do 3-4 times per year), Id rather save my money to travel to Thailand or Malaysia instead.

  • No need foreigner

    US and Europe are robbing Indonesian to apply visa, no guarantee to get visa after paying USD 200

    • Blade


  • GilaMan

    I arrived in Jakarta airport Monday and asked for a 7 day visa and was told at the VOA counter “not available” . A 30 day visa cost me AU$ exchange rate of 0.77 USD, not the day rate of 0.90c. The AU$ is currently 10,700 rP. This is corruption and gouging. Malaysia has zero fees in /out. In future I go there.

  • Shanker Lal Gupta

    For seven days it is 15$ please as per your details and rules please

  • Paul

    I have planned to visit Bali,as per the results experiens peoplesDue to arrivel visa,I am just afried to go to Indonasia.