Four Men Arrested Over Alleged Rape of Teenage Girl in Bogor

By Vento Saudale on 08:15 pm Aug 02, 2013
Category Crime, News

Bogor. Four men in the West Java town of Bogor have been arrested over the alleged rape of a 14-year-old girl whom they are said to have drugged.

The men, identified as M. Fauzi, 22, Dudi Febriansyah, 23, Rizky Saputra, 19, and F., 18, have been named as suspects in the case and were still in custody on Friday night.

Bogor Police spokesman Adj. Comr. Lalu Hedwin said they were arrested on Thursday, following a report filed to police by the victim’s parents.

The incident allegedly took place in early July when the victim’s friend, identified as Kebot, introduced her to Fauzi, who then brought her to an empty house in the subdistrict of North Bogor.

Kebot then left the house, after which Fauzi served the victim with tea allegedly laced with drug — the type of substance was not confirmed by police — that rendered the victim unconscious. He attempted to rape her, but she awoke and resisted.

Fauzi then called his three friends — Dudi, Rizky and F. — before proceeding with the act.

“[Fauzi] then took her home, and said he would take responsibility for what he did,” Lalu said on Friday.

Bogor Police’s women and child protection unit head Second Insp. Mellisa Sianipar said the victim’s family were minded to reconcile with Fauzi.

“But the perpetrator refused to take responsibility [by marrying the girl],” Mellisa said, “so the parents reported him to police and he was arrested yesterday [Thursday].”

  • jericho40

    Indonesia is still in the stoneage. Why would the girl want to marry the rapists? Do you think she is a fool? How is that taking responsibility for raping her or any crime? That is like saying if a bank robber gets caught robbing a bank he will not get charged for the crime if he goes to work at the same bank. Indonesia secures it’s reputation as the most corrupt nation in the world. This will sure keep the tourists away and anyone who has half of a brain.

    • TGIF

      Tourists will keep coming no matter what. They are not here to seek or learn someone’s misery. This is more of an Islamic thing than anything else to bring no shame in both families. But that won’t work of course. Not all rape victim’s families would use that pretext for marriage that we hear in the news. This may be the first we learn about.

  • human2

    This is disgusting behavior not just by the rapists either. What sick society would deem everything better if the victim is forced to marry her rapist? The family should be charged with assisting or supporting the rape of their own child. Reading articles like this confirms that this country has a long way to go….

  • JohnnyCool

    “Bogor Police’s women and child protection unit head Second Insp. Mellisa
    Sianipar said the victim’s family were minded to reconcile with Fauzi.”

    Obviously has NO idea of what her job is supposed to be.

    And what happened to Kebot? Shouldn’t he have been questioned as well? Where did he go when “he left”? To pick up another 14 year-old, more drugs, or both?

  • Henrietta

    The rape is bad enough, but what kind of men have sex with someone who is passed out. This is all about control of women because that is the only way they think they can be a real man. The truth is rapists are not men, they are evil wimps Who wants to marry the person who raped them? That is disgusting! Parents need to teach their kids some self discipline and responsibility. If the subjects of sex and anatomy were not so taboo and incorrect in Indonesia, women might actually be treated with respect. It’s a shame that girls and women have to cover up their hair and bodies so men are not tempted. How about growing up and not thinking about sex when you see a woman. Help the poor people learn to read and help them build a house or grow some crops, then you evil rapists won’t have so much time on your hands.