Former Aceh University President Imprisoned for Scholarship Graft

Banda Aceh. The Banda Aceh District Court on Thursday handed former Syiah Kuala University (Unsyiah) president Darni M. Daud, currently a professor in the university’s College of Teaching and Education, a two-year sentence for embezzling funds from a government scholarship program.

“[We] punish the defendant with two years of imprisonment and Rp 50 million [$4,300] in fines, or an extra two months in prison,” presiding judge Symasul Qomar said.

The university is located on the outskirts of Banda Aceh, the capital of Sumatra’s northernmost province.

Darni was found guilty of embezzling Rp 322 million ($27,600) from the graft-ridden Rp 17 billion program — which allegedly cost the state more than Rp 1.7 billion in losses — in 2009 and 2010, during his tenure as university president.

The stolen funds were intended to subsidize the tuitions of prospective teachers hoping to work in rural areas.

Prosecutors initially sought an eight-year sentence and a Rp 300 million fine, arguing that he had embezzled the whole Rp 1.7 billion, as claimed by Samsul Rizal, the current university president.

The court ordered prosecutors to question Samsul about that claim.

Professor Yusuf Aziz, dean of the education school and scholarship coordinator, and Mukhlis, the program treasurer, have also been charged with embezzlement. Both face five-year sentences.

  • jaytee

    why was he not tried in sharia court??? two years in jail??? they should chop off his hands!

  • sheldon

    Imprisoned? Isn’t he supposed to be publicly flogged, have a hand removed and then stoned?

  • Max Headroom

    Ah, a good reason for more Sharia to be implemented.

  • Fridge Jug

    *sigh* everyone is doing it… this corruption thing.. now can someone tell me where to start…

  • Dirk

    So he technically doesn’t have to return a single rupiah that he stole? LOL