Fauzi the Right Person for Berlin Posting: Habibie

By Lenny Tristia Tambun on 08:20 pm Sep 20, 2013
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Former Jakarta governor Fauzi Bowo raises his finger after voting in last year gubernatorial election. (AFP Photo/Romeo Gacad)

Former Jakarta governor Fauzi Bowo raises his finger after voting in last year gubernatorial election. (AFP Photo/Romeo Gacad)

Former president B.J. Habibie has given his backing to fellow German engineering alumnus Fauzi Bowo, the former Jakarta governor, to be Indonesia’s next ambassador in Berlin, despite criticism of the appointment.

The two met at Habibie’s house in South Jakarta on Friday, a day after the House of Representatives confirmed Fauzi as among 22 new ambassadors nominated by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

“You could say that Foke is an expert in what he does,” Habibie said, referring to Fauzi by his nickname.

“The expert” was how Fauzi touted himself in his ultimately failed bid to win re-election last year.

“The president has put his trust in Foke to carry out this mission that brings together the leading economy in Europe with one of the leading economies in Asia, so we have to stand behind him for his mission to succeed,” Habibie said.

Fauzi said he was honored at both the opportunity to serve the government and the support from the ex-president.

“I hope to make valuable contributions to the people and the country,” he said.

He added he had come to see Habibie to ask his advice on working in Germany, where the latter has lived for much of his life and is an honorary citizen.

“I want to take in different views. I want to make the most use out of Habibie’s experience in Germany,” he said.

Both Fauzi and Habibie studied engineering at German universities, albeit at different times. The former governor is also fluent in German.

Despite these credentials, however, opposition has sprung up in response to his appointment, primarily from Indonesian university students in Germany.

The Indonesian Students Association sent an open letter on Monday to President Yudhoyono, the House and the Foreign Ministry to denounce Fauzi’s appointment on several grounds.

Hartono Sugih, the head of the German chapter of the PPI, wrote in the letter that Fauzi was not an appropriate candidate because he had made a slur against Jakarta Deputy Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama on account of his ethnic background, while campaigning in last year’s gubernatorial election. The letter also criticized Fauzi’s record as Jakarta governor.

Max Sopacua, a legislator from the Democratic Party, of which Fauzi is a member, dismissed the students’ concerns, saying the appointment of ambassadors was “the government’s business,” not theirs.

Fauzi, however, took a more conciliatory line with his detractors, saying that while he disagreed with the PPI’s accusations, the students had every right to raise their concerns.

“In a democracy it’s normal to have differences of opinion,” he said.

“I’m ready to do my job, and that includes looking out for the interests of Indonesians studying in Germany, because I was once a student there too.”

The German PPI has been vocal in its criticism of Indonesian officials before.

In April last year, students attending a dinner hosted for House members visiting Berlin called the legislators “country bumpkins” for bringing along their spouses and spending time shopping during what was meant to be a working trip.

  • Wonderer

    The House Representative should be educated that the government business IS EVERYBODY’S business!!!

    • zerodiversity

      This are the type of people we Indonesians vote for. So we deserve the ignorant fools who are running the country.

    • DanielKaimana

      Educated in terms of what? Sending them abroad to earn doctoral degree like Fauzi Bowo did once? Fauzi Bowo is doctor by the way..and from Germany.. I wonder if there is a higher education level than doctorate these past few years.

      • Wonderer

        Note that I was not talking about Fauzi Bowo but about Max Sopacua, the House Representative quoted as saying that “the appointment of ambassadors was ‘the government’s business,’ not theirs.”

        • DanielKaimana

          Oh ok, thanks for the clarification… In terms of level of formal education though, Max Sopacua holds a Master degree.. Just saying…

  • zerodiversity

    Foke should not be allowed to serve in any kind of position representing Indonesia.

  • DanielKaimana

    Foke failed to show his logical and technical ideas when leading Jakarta.. Surely, it has nothing to do with his doctorate German education… Jokowi graduated from local university, undergrad, and as far as I can tell he’s quite well to show what a leader should be… Now, I wonder how education makes correlation with those two.. Any explanation please?

    • TGIF

      Both Habibie and Foke graduated from Germany, Both were engineers but were there really successful leaders respectively at one time?? Keine Leistung (no achievements). They had more of a technical mind rather than a mind that could solve problems of the state. Both were engineers. On the other hand, Jokowi was BORN to understand his people regardless of his education,religious upbringing and family background.

    • Hunri a

      That’s because he, like most Indonesian’s prime motivation is self enrichment. An immutable fact. It is sad that his education has been put to such disgraceful use and it’s even more disturbing he continues to fleece that nation with the presidents support

  • As

    Thank you for not coming to my country!

  • Jorith

    Fauzi Bobo’s appointment only enforces the impression that Indonesia doesn’t value Germany as an economic power and partner.

  • Jorith

    Beside both men having studied in Germany, they are totally incompatible in their actions and results.

  • Hunri a

    and now he’s a presidential candidate :)

    • Pelan2

      Well qualified, talk nonsense and does nothing..

  • Pelan2

    I like Habibie for his lunatic behaviour..

  • TGIF

    VoxClara…I have noticed you have been stalking me again. What is your religious intent again? And what is exactly your demand on here? I don’t know which planet you come from not noticing an increasing level of radicalism in this country. Do you believe that it is imported or concocted locally?? Surely you can’t deny that it is the manipulation of human beings to advance an agenda of their own. Sadly certain Gullible people (local or foreign educated or not) are falling for it.

    By the way, you have preached on here at one time with Christian scriptures to point out facts and to compare with Islam…Wanna me to refresh your memory?? I did not say that it was a bad thing but it is rather odd. I have friends who have been abused by their religious congregations or parents for that matter. For the simple reason that these bright people do not want to be manipulated by their respective religions. Wanna really hear their sad testimonials??

    Religions can be beautiful when people do not manipulate what’s been written to make a point for violence, to make others unworthy and to spread intolerance.The present pope is defending his views on gays and abortion and it is about time. He can recognize that the Catholic church can make changes. Human beings can be unpredictable which may be a good thing. Religious scriptures less so.

    Your Question: Can you at least be consistent for once?
    On the contrary, you are not always consistent in your words either in the past but I do not take an interest in debating with you for something that others for example can actually understand me and respond with amicable manners. Au contraire, you have an ego. Either someone else is writing in your place or you just had a bad day. Have a nice day for a change.

  • TGIF

    Well don’t kill yourself over it…You can make your own conclusion, ask your own soul. I cannot make that choice for you. A person is born with an intent and that intent remains inside regardless or his or her education and religious belief.

    • DanielKaimana

      lol it turns out that you can make a joke lol..

      Oh no dear, I won’t kill myself… I love being me.. So, basically people are good, aren’t they?

  • bismarx12

    How bad is his appointment as ambassador to Germany? The US just put Caroline Kennedy as Ambassador to Japan. At least when they put a political appointee they found someone that can speak the language. For a such a position, I doubt the Indonesians would put someone who can’t speak German. And they are alot of German speakers in the Indonesian elite that they can give this retirement position to. What harm can Foke do, definitely not as much harm as Caroline Kennedy.

  • Hunri a

    perhaps my full reply will appear later but I guess its censored again JG is getting very one sided these days.
    In short, it not only rich Indonesians who have the extended hand of greed and theft it happens from the very bottom to the top.
    You have a brain maybe you should engage it

    • Guest

      And that’s news??? Hellow…… Do you know that today is 23rd September 2013??

      • Hunri a

        Hello…. do you know how to spell
        or was you referring to JG’s biased censorship? which isn’t news either

  • DanielKaimana

    lol come on TGIF.. It’s always a never ending exchange with you (take it as a compliment).. You always have a theory no matter how irrelevant it is..

    A deep intuition, really?? Fantastic! How was Jokowi born with a deep intuition while others not?? Does it have something to do with his parents? Or Does it have a correlation with nutrition intake by her mother while he was in womb? Or Does it eco-friendly environment make someone like Jokowi was born with deep intuition??? Or perhaps is it because of the day of his birth (assuming that particular date is sacred) that makes him have a deep intuition? Amazing…!!!

  • DanielKaimana

    Thieves will never admit themselves thieves.. To brainwash, smart thieves point fingers to others..

  • DanielKaimana

    and you sound full of hatred… be careful my friend.. hatred can kill

  • Alibasya Ariotejo

    What a joke!!

  • Valkyrie1604

    Hitler has reincarnated.