Depok Police Release Ice Cream Seller Flying ISIS Flag

By Vento Saudale on 02:31 pm Aug 25, 2014
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Firman Hidayat Silalahi, 36, was arrested for displaying the ISIS flag. (Antara Photo/Indrianto Eko Suwarso)

Firman Hidayat Silalahi, 36, was arrested for displaying the ISIS flag. (Antara Photo/Indrianto Eko Suwarso)

Jakarta. Depok Police investigators on Sunday released Firman Hidayat Silalahi, an ice cream vendor arrested for flying the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) flag last week, saying the man had been proven to have no links to any acts of terrorism.

Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Rikwanto said Firman has been told to report to the police at a later stage.

“He is not detained. But he has to report [to the police]. That means we will only be giving him guidance,” he said on Sunday, as reported by news portal

Rikwanto said that after police questioning, Firman appeared to have no relation to any terrorism network and had very little knowledge of the organization whose flag he was flying.

“He doesn’t understand what ISIS is,” Rikwanto said.

Firman was arrested in his house in Depok, West Java, on Friday, after neighbors reported him to the police for flying an ISIS flag.

Police reportedly found a number of ISIS paraphernalia in his house, including books, a video and several posters.

The Indonesian government has denounced ISIS as a terrorist organization and banned all activities related to the organization.

Firman said on Friday that he idolized ISIS on the grounds that the group was in support of the Palestinians.

“I have a huge admiration for the ISIS movement in fighting for the Palestinian people against the oppression by Israel. I got the information from the Internet,” he said.

Firman questioned the move to arrest him, adamant that he has never been involved in any acts of terrorism.

“I bought the ISIS paraphernalia with my own money in the Senayan area, so don’t attack me,” he said, further adding that he was also willing to be flown to Palestine to take part in holy war, or jihad. “I would change my citizenship if necessary.”

  • mauriceg

    If the police think anyone with more than half a brain cell will buy their twaddle. then I’m from Mars. Much more dangerous than ISIS is a single atheist individual, thrown into prison. I’m not suggesting this ice-cream vendor is the brains behind ISIS world-wide, but it seems that Indonesian cops are soft on terrorism.

    • Maleficent

      The police should check whether the ice cream seller has a picture of Bin Laden hanging among the rock stars posters in the comfort of his room. He may not know that Bin Laden was a crazed sick individual terrorist. Dead now. Good riddance.

  • gyorotonic

    All words & no action !. And what are police’ strongest possible actions? Telling him he has been a naughty boy & must promise not to do anything like this again.

    He is willing to fight for Hamas, one of the world’s most vicious terrorist organizations. Any sympathy or defense of it is no different than sympathy or defense of ISIS for its attacks.

  • Joko

    “I would change my citizenship if necessary.” Please do!

  • Vash

    Pretty sure if he declares himself an atheist instead of an ISIS fanboy, he’ll be put right in prison without a trail.