Cartoonist Hendrikus Scoops Adinegoro Award

By SP/Rully Satriadi on 01:12 pm Jan 22, 2014
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A cartoon by Suara Pembaruan illustrator Hendrikus David Arie Mulyatno has won the 2013 Adinegoro prize.

“The winner was able to produce a work that managed to overcome the difficulties of expressing the sadness that is felt in this country,” cartoonist and jury-member Pramono R Pramoedjo said. “The message is extraordinarily strong and fresh…”

A panel of three judges gave the cartoon, entitled “R.I.P. Law Enforcement,” the highest score . It was published in Suara Pembaruan on Oct. 17, 2013.

The Adinegoro 2013 is based on the theme of “Democracy and the Image of the Nation.” Some 42 entries from 10 media competed for the top prize of Rp 50 million ($4,000). The award will be presented during a ceremony to coincide with National Press Day in Bengkulu on Feb. 9.

Cartoonist Hendrikus David Arie Mulyatno pictured in the Jakarta Globe newsroom. (JG Photo/Josua Gantan)

Cartoonist Hendrikus David Arie Mulyatno pictured in the Jakarta Globe newsroom. (JG Photo/Josua Gantan)

The Adinegoro awards are given to the best works in Indonesian journalism, spanning infotainment, investigative reporting, photojournalism and editorial sections.

Hendrikus draws his inspiration from Ranan Lurie, an American-Israeli cartoonist as well as Pramono, a senior illustrator at Suara Pembaruan newspaper. He studied fine art at the Jakarta Arts Institute (IKJ) and chose to become an artist after deciding against a military career.

“It can be hard to visualize a problem at times,” he said. “A cartoonist put a picture and a perspective on issues: it’s not without its challenges.”

Hendrikus said he was happy to receive the award and handed out a few words of advice to aspiring illustrators.

“This will motivate me and I’ll keep learning,” he said. “I won’t be complacent. Many people say that artists cannot live well, that they face financial hardship and other things.

“We can survive,” he said. “We can live by means of the arts.”

Suara Pembaruan is a sister publication of the Jakarta Globe.

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