Bogor Man Reportedly Kills Girlfriend Over Deleted Phone Numbers

By Bayu Marhaenjati on 06:55 pm Aug 20, 2013
Category Crime, News

A West Java man reportedly strangled his girlfriend to death in Bogor after she deleted all the numbers from his cell phone, police said on Tuesday.

Ali, the alleged perpetrator, was arrested on Saturday after police found the body of his girlfriend, 22-year-old Siti Halimah Tusadiah, in the Cisadane River. Her family reported the woman missing after she failed to return home from a date with Ali, Jakarta Police director of general crimes Sr. Comr. Slamet Riyanto said.

“We received a missing persons report [after] the victim did not return home for one day,” Slamet said. “A short time later, Rumpin Police found a female body in the Cisadane River. We coordinated [and discovered] we found the body of the missing female.”

Ali was arrested at his rented home in Bababan Nenggewer Village in Bogor. The gardener reportedly strangled and drowned his girlfriend after she cleared his phone book, according to police.

“The suspect was upset because the victim deleted his contacts,” Slamet said. “We suspect jealousy played a role in this case.”

The two reportedly met for a date on Thursday, said Comr. Antonius Agus Rahmanto, the head of Jakarta Police’s violent crimes division. Ali took Siti to his home after stopping on the way to have sex in a bush, Agus said.

Siti then asked to see Ali’s phone and deleted his entire phone book.

“The suspect was really upset when he found out the victim deleted all of his phone numbers,” Agus said. “When he asked why she answered ‘I can do whatever I want, is that a problem for you?’”

The argument became heated and Ali reportedly killed Siti and dumped her body in the river, Agus said.

Ali was charged with murder and faces a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison under Article 388 of Indonesia’s Criminal Code.


  • ArtieBobo

    I guess it WAS a problem for him!

  • ra44mr2

    15 years for murder? Seriously? Boy if they had prison sentences like that here i bet there would be a lot more dead folks.

    • derExDeutsche

      Agreed. Certainly a lot more people entertaining the idea!

  • BenDoverPls

    He should have used eHarmony.

  • John Galt

    LOVE, exciting and new.
    Come aboard,
    We’re expecting you……

  • Tinmn

    I suppose we take Ali’s word since the girl is dead. Maybe Ali raped and murdered her. Did she really say, I can do what I want? Doesn’t this sound like Ali is white washing his part?

  • John Bond

    Well, it has not been proven she deleted the contacts, so technically, she could be innocent.

  • Dirk

    Kompas today reports the age of Ali (whom they call “Sdh”) as 15!
    Probably a typo there, but his age is noticeably absent in JG’s report.