Bali Child Rapist Gets 18 Months After Marriage Offer

By Made Arya Kencana on 03:47 pm May 01, 2014
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Indonesian mothers protest against child sexual abuse in Banda Aceh, following incidents of child sexual abuse in the Aceh province and in the capital, Jakarta. (AFP Photo/Chaideer Mahyuddin)

The latest child sex abuse scandal in Indonesia involves a 19-year-old in Bali who was handed a lenient sentence after offering to marry his 14-year-old victim. (AFP Photo/Chaideer Mahyuddin)

Denpasar. A court in Bali has drawn the wrath of child protection activists over its relatively lenient 18-month jail sentence for a rapist after he offered to marry the 14-year-old victim.

Komang Aditya Pratama, 19, should have faced a minimum of three years in prison, and up to 15, under the charges brought against him from the 2002 Child Protection Law, after he raped the girl multiple times last year.

“This is not right at all and completely inappropriate,” Siti Sapura, an activist from the Denpasar Child Protection Institute, or LPA, who has followed the case from the beginning, told the Jakarta Globe on Thursday.

She lambasted the judges at the Denpasar District Court for failing to uphold the spirit of the child protection law, and accused prosecutors of “playing cat and mouse” to keep the victim’s family in the dark about the charges and punishment they were seeking against the defendant.

Siti also questioned why the verdict hearing on Wednesday was open to the press, in clear violation of the law, which requires trials involving minors to be heard behind closed doors.

Aditya was arrested by police in Denpasar in February after the family of the 14-year-old girl reported him to the police for raping her on several occasions last year. The girl is currently seven months’ pregnant.

It is not clear why the girl or her family did not report the rapes at the time they happened, around October last year.

Dewa Puspa Adnyana, the sole judge presiding over the trial, ruled on Wednesday that Aditya should serve 18 months in jail, including time already served. He cited as mitigating circumstances the fact that Aditya had no criminal record and had “promised not to repeat the offense.”

The judge also noted Aditya’s “goodwill offer” to marry the victim and “be responsible for the baby” — a notion that the girl’s family has vehemently rejected.

Before the start of Wednesday’s hearing, the judge also raised eyebrows for not clearing the courtroom of all reporters, as required in hearings involving minors.

“OK, you can stay, but don’t crowd the place,” he told the reporters in attendance.

Prosecutors said they were satisfied with the final ruling, arguing that Aditya was 18 at the time he raped the victim and thus should be treated as a minor, for which he would only face half the sentence prescribed in the law.

Under Indonesian law, however, anyone 18 or older is not considered a minor.

The ruling sparked a commotion in the courtroom as the victim’s brother walked up to the judge’s table to question the leniency of the sentence. Other members of the family later tried to mob Aditya as he was escorted out of the room.

Prosecutors have said they will not mount an appeal for a longer sentence.

  • wally

    sometimes this country is a very bad joke

    • whatsitallgoodfor

      What do you mean with “sometimes” ??

    • Valkyrie1604

      wally……truly, I like to read something good occasionally but regrettably if seldom happens. How really sad the state of affairs are proceeding in this country.

      I want to puke when listening to Prab speaking at a recent rally. He makes promises, one after another like answering to a thousand wishes from a wishing well.

      • Kim yek ang

        What do you say speeches from lee/lee? Majority Singaporeans want to puke listening to his promises after promises fixing freedom and rights . Can’t wait to see rest of us will stand up and get rid of these two despots together with his dad and cronies.

  • lost-and-found

    “promised not to repeat the offense.” what a joke. This is not a simple case of stealing a banana or something small but the fact that he slept with a girl who was underage and got get pregnant. That is outright law breaking. The male domination in this culture is just staggering and disgusting at times.

    • devine

      And the judge even finds it good that the rapist offered to marry the victim which is only 14 years old… which is CLEARLY ILLEGAL under our laws… hope he gets sacked… !!!

  • billy

    a clear case of corruption….

  • Max Headroom

    Really …. speechless!

    I mean this is truly the farce of any trial – including the prosecutor’s stance as well as the judges “mitigating” circumstances. And the victim (a 14-year young child!!!) stays the victim until the end of her days. At least her family stands seemingly behind her, law and justice obviously NOT!

    I truly believe in most other countries with a functioning justice system all those circumstances together would amount to a mistrial and judges as well as prosecutors would have to answer to an audit of some controlling body.

    • Nash

      Really??? Haven’t seen that done for Blair and Johnny and bush, crap nonsense functioning justice

      • Max Headroom

        Yep, Nash/22roles/Cramer/Topeka/Threewatts/Klein/etc. – thanks for reminding me.

        Inexplicably I truly forgot to mention them. I am utterly destroyed now! And it really messes up my entire weekend. But you did good!

  • JadeMacaque

    Promise not to repeat the offense and to marry the 14 year old, ??
    He is a rapist,,Not a petty thief, ..
    In this case I prefer the Sharia, stoning death or castration. And sack the Judge !

  • TalkingEid

    With prosecutors like these, who needs defence lawyers?

  • peter from Bali

    Sounds not clear and most important info is missing as it could be that
    they have already in a long term relation against the will of parents who are
    doing all they can to stop there daughter relationship .

    These stories we here very often in Bali and the guy accused of raping
    could be completed innocent .

    • Max Headroom

      Peter – 14 years young girl. Now pregnant. Eh? Of course, even if it has been a relationship before(which I actually doubt) the parents have been strongly against it and it does constitute rape (multiple times as the article explains) to lure a 14-year old child(!!!!) into sexual intercourse…and to offer then (after she’s pregnant and the case is in front of the judges – and it is being taken as a “mitigating factor…hello?) the marriage to this child (as far as I am aware the earliest girls can marry legally in Indonesia is with 16 – so in any case still two more years away). So, I would definitely NOT say he’s “completely innocent””.

      No the case is wrong from the beginning until the bitter end – but as you mention Peter, there have been many strange stories coming from Bali – like the guy who sodomized a cow and the cow was then drowned for tempting the fellow…..

  • The Doc

    Don’t blame the judge blame the stone aged Saudi cult religion that allows a rapist to be freed as long as he enslaves his victim by marriage.

    I can’t think of a more sound reason to ban Islam world wide.

    • Gabs

      Have seen worst. Ethnic cleansing and killing innocents walk free till today and it was done by non Muslim.

  • Good, Bad and Ugly

    This concept of offering marriage after a crime is tantamount to extortion and blackmail, and is sourced from a disgusting misogynistic culture from the Middle East which is still mired in the dark ages, and refuses to evolve its society to a modern system based on common sense, ethics and human rights.
    This punk has done every thing wrong from rape to insult, then the state, men judges, defends the rap and the insult.

  • HarryJohnson

    Only in a Muslim Country…….

    But then, considering the founder of that religion set a fine example by consummating a marriage to nine-year-old Aisha, understandable.

    The prosecution should be prosecuted for not appealing.

    Murder: You kill someone and get off by offering the family blood money.
    Rape: You rape a child and and get off by offering to marry your victim.

    When are you moving out of the sixth century and into the twenty-first?

    • Gash

      It was in Bali – a very very high chance it was not a muslim

    • william

      I hate to bust your nuts, but Bali is Hindu. Had it been in a Muslim part of Indonesia, he most likely would have gotten a heavier sentence. But pedophilia is rife in Bali.

    • devine

      From location and his name the judge is not Muslim but Hindu… but it is still a matter of non existant education…

    • Comello

      If you read more carefully, you would understand that the crime happened in Bali and that the perpetrator is Balinese (his name is a giveaway).
      It is highly probable that the judge and all ‘professionally’ involved are also Balinese. Most Balinese follow a local version of Hinduism.
      So far for the muhammad Godwin.
      As much as I like the bashing of islam when it is deserved, I do think that in many cultures, people have quite patriarchal if not misogynistic social systems.
      Sometimes the belief in a supernatural male friend exacerbates or legitimizes the already present attitude towards women in such societies.
      However, they most likely predate the proliferation of the arabian cookbook of life.

      People from western countries enjoy a more liberal and egalitarian way of life and think that that is the social norm for all the world.

      That is quite clearly not the case – it should be, but it is not.

      And let’s not forget, many aspects of this western egalitarian way of life were only achieved during the lifetime of many of the short-of-memory on this forum.
      Ask yourself, when did women get the vote in my country? When could they inherit like men could? When would doctors prescribe the pill for unmarried women?
      Of course Indonesia’s current state of affairs is far from exemplary and the described case is an unethical and unjust fiasco, but let’s not saddle our high horse to quickly.
      And please get your facts straight.

    • Nash

      Howabout plea bargain approaches , I am sure millions of cases done this way , including Libor , don’t you agree?

      • Gash

        How about no charge approaches, I am sure millions of cases done this way , including Sutarman nor Badrodin as we see today – corrupt police policing corrupt police – corrupt to the core, don’t you agree?

  • Euan Mie

    What an utter shambles.

  • Eugene Marteaux

    is a complete outrageous outcome from the justice system in work. I should
    think there should be a major overhaul in the whole justice system by starting
    an independent organisation sanctioned by the government to oversee and doing
    correction on the what is considered as normal practice by the whole justice
    system. There has been too much wrongs already produced by it.

    I’d like also to suggest everyone commenting on this page, to think, be informed and cool headed before starting to write any comment(s) that might spark further misleading thought(s) and opinion(s).

    To easily conclude that one religion, in this case, namely Islam to somehow influenced the whole justice system in this case is not just totally out of context but is subjectively racist and just utterly ignorant.

    Indonesia is the most populated moslem country, with its geographic size is almost equal to approximately half of Europe. However it is not considered a moslem country as it does not follow moslem / sharia law apart a single province out of 27 (if im not mistaken) of Nanggroe Aceh Daroessalam, (NAD).

    Furthermore, to shed a a light for a better picture of the situation in this article, the case above, happened in one of indonesian province “Bali” which has a population of over 4 millions, where over than 84 % of the people are followers of Hinduism, and only 12 % of them are moslem. check :

    Should you live in Bali or Indonesia, you would recognize that names of the sole judge and the convicted are both a common Balinese Names rather than moslem names. So again this article is nothing about religion but it IS about critics of how the entire justice system works in Indonesia, and specifically in Bali.

    I do have critics for either the writer, editor or the website manager, for putting up a very misleading photo of this articles, as the photo is about a parents protest against child sexual abuse in Aceh (the only moslem-regulated province in Indonesia), following some cases that happens in Aceh and Jakarta. I believe the comprehension of this article by readers would have helped by a photograph from the real event that took place in Bali, instead of this picture. Thanks.
    check the caption on photo, :

  • way-ang

    The worst thing about this ridiculous sentence is that its news will fade into oblivion, it will cause little stir in the conscience of women throughout Indonesia, it will receive a luke-warm protest at best, it will be gone from the news in half a cycle, and the judiciary will continue to act with stone age impunity. Shame on these men, shame on religion and shame on Indonesia apathy and inaction.

  • devine

    Just one more judge thwt should be sacked on the spot! What a disgrace! Seems he does not have children but if yes then pity with them…

  • gyorotonic

    How in the name of sanity would an 18-month jail be adequate punishment? 15 years is the least I would expect, & that is just a slap on the wrists in the light of what he did.

    • Johnno

      15 years for statutory rape? seems a bit harsh

      • gyorotonic

        How is this justice? Absolute lunacy ! How noble of the savage ? The judge is just as sick as that evil wicked man is. That would just be a life sentence for this poor girl.

  • Bon Viveur

    Considering that Bali is 95% Hindu there is every possibility that Islam is not the driving force in this farce. This is an island where a person accused of bestiality was found not guilty when their defence was “the cow had beautiful eyes and seduced me” – after the verdict the seductress cow, being the guilty party, was dragged into the sea and drowned!! What this case does illustrate is the general contempt toward the female race by the great majority of Indonesian men and this should certainly be of major concern when trying to implement a change in law or attitude. I have no words suffiicient to express my contempt for the judge, prosecutors and law enforcement agencies involved in this matter, let alone the rapist. The report of the case states that the charge was rape so correspondents who use the phrase “sleeping with” are somewhat off the mark as this implies consent and rape is distinctly the opposite..

  • Nash

    The same treatment facing justice for rest of jis guys is a must. Do not delay it and for those already skip town, polri must get Interpol in the game , no more softy softy approach.

    • A (not so) secret admirer

      So super-mega smart comment (as usual), Mr Yoda-Nash.

      Cool, I saw in anopther comment a bit further down you even managed to pull blair, bush, cameron, (you see, out of utter respect to you, I also, like you do not capitalize their names) of course libor – but you forgot for this this time sibor and those insignificant countries surrounding Inodnesia to mention.

      Weekend mellowness?

      Next time better – I count on you, oh wise Yoda!

  • Nash

    Are you suggesting that Kim isn’t worth to have him heard at parliament in Singapore , if there is one after all or on TV to debate your despot ? Just wonder..

  • Alastair Haines

    Marriage is the best option here. Good decision by court. Indonesia should ignore international pressure and think carefully about many issues. 18yo and 14yo is ballpark traditional human age to marry. The western world legislates against things like this as it does to justify murdering the unborn, and sexual promiscuity during high school. 90% of Swedish teens have sex before leaving high school, stable figures for more than a decade. This girl is obviously an adult, because she’s pregnant, the definition of adulthood. The west is anti marriage, anti children, pro sexual immorality. Indonesia is not that kind of country, and shouldn’t want to become like it either. Beware NGOs on gender and sexuality, their main aim is to prevent and delay pregnancy, while also encouraging leniency about sex outside (including before) marriage. It’s social disaster. The west has no right to speak with millions of unborn children killed each year, 40% of children born outside marriage, 50% of marriages ending in divorce, 90% initiated by women, whose husbands are then taxed at 70% of income. Almost all cultures and religions would support this court’s decision.

    • TalkingEid

      Keep your perverted pedophile views to yourself. ’14yo is ballpark traditional human age to marry’ – ? Even in Indonesia the age of consent for girls is 16.

  • gyorotonic

    The sentencing is just as deplorable as the crime, & twice as injurious to the victim & legal system as a whole !!!!.

  • As

    Remarkable Indonesia!

  • Lone Wolf

    To comments below, or above, Yep Bali is Hindu…… the Bali Bombers were not….or were they ?