Australian Tourist Raped in Bali: Police

By Agence France-Presse on 04:11 pm Apr 29, 2013
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Denpasar. An Australian tourist was raped on the Indonesian resort island of Bali by a thief who broke into her family’s rented villa, police said Monday.

The man attacked the 28-year-old woman, from Perth in Western Australia, after entering the property in the popular tourist area of Kuta around 4:00 a.m. on Saturday.

The assailant, believed to be Indonesian, threatened her with a knife and demanded she hand over her wallet and open the safe in her room, according to police.

“The woman opened the safe and there was nothing inside, and then the man raped her,” local police chief Reinhard Habonaran Nainggolan told reporters, adding he believed the man had accomplices who kept watch outside the house.

He stole three iPads, two mobile phones and Rp 1.5 million ($154), Nainggolan said.

The police chief said the woman needed hospital treatment after the attack but had since been discharged and had returned to Australia with her family on Sunday.

He said the victim had given a description of the alleged attacker, whom police believe is a man suspected of carrying out previous rapes. A hunt for the suspect is ongoing, he said.

The villa was usually watched by one security guard, but he had left his post that night, said Nainggolan

Agence France-Presse

  • blightyboy

    This is just terrible and very frightening.
    My daughter lives around this area and says that it is getting really bad.
    Theft is now commonplace, and people getting set-up on drugs charges is a growing revenue earner for certain people.

  • Indonesia

    I watched this short clip filmed by someone from germany who was having a vacation in Bali.. On the video clip, it described about how they’re being tricked when they tried to change their currency with local money changer in bali.. And it’s not just 1, there’s a lot of them doing the same thing

  • human2

    This is not what Bali needed. Blightyboy is right. Thief is becoming common place and often they are using weapons. Poisonous cocktails, tourists being locked up for very minor drug offenses. Corrupt police officials, street dogs with rabies. The title island of the gods is fading to black….

    • devine

      Correct, but these things have been going on for 20 years… or basically since Bali became a mass tourism destination. However; Kuta is certainly not Bali…

      • Dirk

        Ubud will be just as bad soon. RIP Balinese culture, greed killed you.

        • devine

          yes unfortunately so… time to make some stats… my guess is that 90%+ of theses type of crimes is NOT done by Balinese…

          • JK

            I’d have to agree with you on that. I’ve lived in Indo since the 80s and notice that most of the crimes and undesirables in Bali come from non-Balinese Indonesians. A good friend was robbed at his house there at knife point. The perp was from Lombok.

  • Yosep Yonatan

    that is it … bali island now … so much problem in there and unbalance in development .you can see numerous hotel or resort buildings , gridlocks on the traffic and unqualified public transport , and some local tourists get treated impolitely and some owners of gallery have some complaints with local tour guide , mostly some tour guides have marked up the price so high for their artistry and some tourist buyers have reluctance to buy it even just for haggling.

  • PerlNinja

    Bali, ah… I could almost write a book about that place.

    • devine

      maybe you should… :)

      • PerlNinja

        It wouldn’t work I think. I’ve had some great experiences in Bali in areas where tourism isn’t the norm, but anywhere else it has been a frustrating experience. As a tourist, it’s fine, but living there as a bule is… painful.

        • Dipo

          especially a muslim bule I would think

    • Chris Burns

      Before you do, get someone like myself who lives in Bali to fact check it for you.

      • PerlNinja

        I lived in Bali for 2 years before moving back to Jakarta :)

  • Dirk

    Notoriety of India, here we come!
    Religious hypocrisy is the cause in both cases.
    Rich and/or famous? You can play all you want, and we will love to watch you for it.
    Poor? You can worship celebrities on your tiny TVs, as long as transgressive activities with other adults never occur.

  • GlobalCitizen

    This sort of things has been happening in Bali in the past but the frequency is getting higher. My personal experience of having vationed there is that most perpetrators are not Balinese but those coming from other islands. Nevertheless, it is obvious Bali is not the place as safe as many years ago. Robberies are far too common and many cases are not reported and those reported are not made public in order to protect Bali’s reputation. What would Bali become in the near future is as good as anyone’s guess. Property values are skyrocketing with the influx of investments (both domestically and from abroad) gyrating Bali into a two-class society (the haves and the have nots), which is the recipe for increased criminal activities. Far too often the corrupt officials are involved in robberies and extortion.

    • devine

      It has been like this for the last 30 years in proportion to visitors. Not more not less crime… I probably also could write a book about the place…. :)

    • Yosep Yonatan

      concur with u … and there are some gaps among area in bali , some areas have been developing fast particulary hotel and resort buildings and new destination spots for tourist and other areas just stuck and it made social inequality and economy

  • udangdibalikbatu

    global citizen…

    racism and ethnic discrimination amoungst indonesians is rampant. balinese people tell you javanese are thiefs, go to java and the balinese are thieves. go to lombok and youll hear balinese buy the land and treat the locals like crap. stop fueling the stereotypes and just refer to them as indonesians.

    • devine

      but this incident happened in Bali and I bet it was not a Balinese…

      • udangdibalikbatu

        i find it funny that foreigners that are usually pretty liberal in their spoken views here on JG come to indonesia and think its ok to make remarks like a bigot. ive had enough of these bleeding heart expats who worship balinese culture as if they can do no wrong.

        • devine

          This is fact… not opinion…

          • udangdibalikbatu

            your ignorance and discrimination is amazing. you should join indonesian politics. you’d fit right in.

          • Valkyrie1604

            Will the rapist please raise your hand.

  • Chris Burns

    …and on that same day there were 52 rapes in Australia.

    • Justalot

      and 32,000,000 Indonesian children subject to sexual abuse (based on the recent 50% of Indonesian kids are sexually abused report)
      Most rapes in Indonesian don’t get reported Chris, most crimes don’t get reported fir that matter

    • Bali Expat in Bali

      Possibly more Chris. Unfortunately this does not lessen the trauma for this victim. I am sure everyone who reads this account will send out their empathy, concern and best wishes for her recovery and hope that this bestial criminal is soon caught and punished.

    • Dirk

      Australia, like many feminized Western countries, suffers from a “false rape culture.” A woman can decide a year after a consensual encounter that it was rape and can serious damage a man’s life with the accusation.

      • MadWorld

        Wikipedia Julia Assange kind of rape?

  • MadWorld

    The rapes, robberies are bound to happen sooner then later. how can such poverty, corruption,injustice & inequality endure?
    It is also caused by the dismal failure of the law enforcement & judicial system to address it.
    We are part of a democratic system, only, when everybody is subject to the very same law. (Not the sharia law, where women are not equal to men!)

  • enzo bali

    Turut prihatin, semoga pelaku di tanhkap dan diadili

  • PerlNinja

    Well when I lived there I wasn’t a muslim yet – that happened because of a rather annoying piece of indonesian law that states that you must have the same religion if you want to get married. Since I was (and realistically still am) an agnostic, it seemed the easiest path.

    • rev

      pissweak :( That law is BS. she could’ve converted.. I married a muslim too, but i wouldnt convert, we just did the ceremony on Australian soil

  • blightyboy

    The biggest problem concerning the growing crime rates and general lawlessness in Bali, in-fact across the whole of Indonesia, is that the police are no-longer fit for purpose. The police are, in huge numbers, criminals themselves.

  • Highlander

    Why would any body with half a brain even consider going to Bali – its filthy – its expensive – over crowded and over priced – and that’s with out getting entangled with our Police – who as we all know are on the take at every opportunity.
    Many rapes in Indonesia are as a result of these Contract marriages to under age girls to the visiting Arabs- we have one not too far from our house – Arab 67 years old married to a 14 years old girl – its disgusting

    • Impenitent sword

      Wow, read your comment, what the hell are you saying?
      Many rapes done by people from Arab? Stop finding excuses.

    • Fransisko Lojaya

      You need to explain it further about how does a marriage of an Arab have anything to do with these rape incidents. Your opinion is just invalid.

      • reville Saw

        having sex with a 14 year old girl is rape duh. yes, even in Indonesia. You should definitely report that old pervert, or just run him over