8:49 pm June 28, 2015 | No Comment
The suspected Islamist militant held over an attack against a French chemical plant has admitted killing his boss, a source close to the investigation said on Sunday.
8:39 pm June 28, 2015 | No Comment
Foreigners living in Indonesia will be able to secure the “Right to Use” property in the country for as long as they live under a newly planned state policy, according to a government official.
8:38 pm June 28, 2015 | No Comment
Indonesia will sign up as a founding member of the China-backed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, or AIIB, with an investment of $672.1 million paid over five years, the Finance Ministry said in a statement on Sunday.
5:02 pm June 28, 2015 | No Comment
A-five-year-old boy in Pekanbaru, Riau, died after a firecracker he was playing with exploded.
4:37 pm June 28, 2015 | No Comment
The Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle, or PDI-P, kicked off a six-day training program for its regional head candidates ahead of local elections, which are scheduled to be held across the country at the end of the year.
7:26 pm June 26, 2015 | 1 Comment
The families of the political activists who disappeared in connection to the May 1998 riots have asked the Constitutional Court, or MK, for a judicial review on the 2000 Law on the Human Rights Tribunal. A resulting ruling that forces the Attorney General's Office to act on long-ignored reports of human rights abuses in 1998 could have bearing on the resolution of other episodes of gross abuses of human rights in Indonesia.
6:45 pm June 26, 2015 | 14 Comments
The government appears to be seeking a compromise after rejecting the House of Representatives’ proposed pork barrel scheme, by increasing government subsidies to political parties by at least 900 percent.
6:44 pm June 26, 2015 | No Comment
Financing needs for climate change adaptation – efforts to adjust to extreme weather and rising seas – are estimated at tens of billions of dollars per year in developing countries. But in 2013, only $25 billion in public resources went to adaptation around the world.
5:55 pm June 26, 2015 | 1 Comment
The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) named the head of Morotai district in North Maluku a graft suspect on Friday for allegedly bribing former Constitutional Court chief justice Akil Mochtar.
4:56 pm June 26, 2015 | No Comment
The family of Abdul Rauf, a graft suspect that died not long after collapsing in court on Thursday, has voiced anger that Abdul was made to stand trial when he was "unhealthy."
4:19 pm June 26, 2015 | 2 Comments
Police in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara said on Friday that they had arrested a police officer who allegedly raped his underaged daughter and abused his wife.
2:00 pm June 26, 2015 | 11 Comments
“If we look at the quality of education from any indicator, there seems to be no significant progress, even with budget increases,” said Sutarum Wiryono from the Asian Development Bank (ADB). "If we look at the results of the PISA, there’s still no improvement in quality over time."
12:31 pm June 26, 2015 | 29 Comments
Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama said he would have a meeting with representatives from California-based ride-sharing app Uber only if the company promised to set up an office in the country.
12:22 pm June 26, 2015 | 8 Comments
Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama has banned the city's civil servants from using their office cars for personal travel during the Idul Fitri holiday known as mudik.
8:14 pm June 25, 2015 | 8 Comments
East Nusa Tenggara has caught the nation’s attention again following a report of child deaths due to malnutrition, an indication that there has been no improvements whatsoever in the living conditions of kids in the province.
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