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Fearful of comparisons to the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown, Beijing has launched a dual effort to suppress news of swelling pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong while giving a heavy spin to what information it allows to get through, analysts say.
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The first of a series of security powers requested by Australia's government to combat Islamist militants passed through parliament on Wednesday, despite criticism that they could land journalists in jail for reporting on national security.
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Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters chanted and booed outside a ceremony to mark the 65th anniversary of Communist China Wednesday, with crowds expected to reach their biggest yet as the city starts a two-day public holiday.
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Seven more bodies have been found by rescuers combing the peak of a Japanese volcano that erupted at the weekend, officials said on Wednesday, taking the death toll to at least 43.
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Taipei. Taiwan’s leader said on Tuesday that China risked alienating the island’s people and damaging relations if it failed to respond with a “delicate hand” to pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. The comments by President Ma Ying-jeou came as tens of thousands of protesters extended a blockade of Hong Kong streets, stockpiling supplies and erecting […]
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Hong Kong demonstrators on Tuesday rejected demands immediately to end rallies that have paralysed the city’s downtown, their numbers swelling for a third night before a national holiday expected to put their campaign for free elections into overdrive.
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China's refusal to allow free elections in Hong Kong risks an open-ended confrontation that will test how far Beijing will go to stop the city's pro-democracy fever from infecting the mainland.
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Rescue operations on a Japanese volcano were halted for the day Tuesday because of fears there could be a fresh eruption, officials said, with at least 24 bodies still on the mountain.
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A man was arrested in counter-terror raids in Australia on Tuesday, with police alleging he was sending money to a US jihadist fighting with a militant group in Syria.
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