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Of the 1.8 million people who live in Gaza – a population growing by 50,000 a year – nearly two-thirds are dependent on aid in some form or another. It is the United Nations’ longest-running relief operation, set up in 1949.
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Southeast Asian nations proposed on Thursday setting up a fund to tackle illegal migration, in one of the first coordinated actions after thousands of “boat people” arrived on the region’s shores, but rights groups dismissed the offers as mere tokens.
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A ferry carrying 189 passengers and crew capsized off the central Philippines in heavy waves on Thursday killing at least 36 people, the coast guard and police said, with at least 118 survivors.
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The captain of a TransAsia Airways ATR plane that crashed in Taiwan in February, killing 43 people, had switched off the working engine after the other lost power, the Aviation Safety Council confirmed on Thursday in its latest report.
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The number of Syrian children being forced to work keeps growing as the conflict drags on, with those as young as six reportedly working in Lebanon, two aid agencies warned on Thursday.
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Their inability to detect clandestine atomic programs in Iraq and North Korea shadows Western officials as they seek to curb Iran’s known nuclear activities and keep it from pursuing others in secret.
6:18 am July 2, 2015 | 7 Comments
Tens of thousands of Greeks with Australian ties are now forming the biggest wave of immigration from Greece since the country’s civil war in the 1940s sent more than 150,000 Greeks to Australian shores.
5:26 am July 2, 2015 | 1 Comment
The suicide bombing in a Kuwait mosque has raised concerns about the number of young Saudi men willing to travel to attack Shiites in smaller Gulf Arab states and so make good on a threat by Islamic State to step up violence in the holy fasting month of Ramadan.
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The United States and Cuba formally agreed on Wednesday to restore diplomatic relations on July 20, setting up a trip to Havana by John Kerry, who would become the first US secretary of state to visit the country in 70 years.
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Unlike the tide of migrants crossing the Mediterranean in rickety boats, few people die on the Hungary-Serbia border, so the spot garners less attention. But this year it overtook Italy as the biggest entry point to the EU for illegal migrants.
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Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong took the stand for nearly seven hours on Wednesday, answering questions from a blogger he has successfully sued for defamation as the Supreme Court tried to decide how much he should be paid in damages.
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Fishermen in Thailand have gone on strike over new government regulations that took effect on Wednesday after the country was told by the European Union to clamp down on illegal fishing.
5:48 pm July 1, 2015 | 1 Comment
China’s Foreign Ministry denied restricting religious freedom on Wednesday in a sharp response to Turkey for voicing concern over reports that ethnic Uighur Muslims had been banned from worship and fasting during Ramadan.
2:30 pm July 1, 2015 | 16 Comments
The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sent an official complaint to Malaysia after an aircraft from the neighboring country accidentally landed on the Indonesian part of Sebatik island in North Kalimantan.
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China's military must bring "modern civilization" to the restive southern areas of the Xinjiang region, where Muslim ethnic Uighurs are in majority, and help develop its economy, two senior army officers wrote in an influential journal.
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