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Rights groups Saturday condemned Pakistan's decision to hang two convicted militants in its first executions for six years, as leaders vowed decisive action in the wake of a Taliban school massacre that left 149 people dead.
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Philippine authorities have given privileged inmates in the country's main prison until Christmas Eve to turn over their hidden guns, drugs and other contraband or the notorious facility will face a major shakedown.
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Life is a constant throw of the dice for farmer Nilo Dilao and other residents of the Philippine island of Samar, the ground zero for many of East Asia's deadliest storms.
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Syrian businessmen and trade officials say they are worried the economic lifeline provided by Iran is under strain from plunging oil prices, despite public messages of support from Syria's strongest regional ally.
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US determination that North Korea was behind the hacking of Sony Corp. unit Sony Pictures again exposes the limited leverage that Washington has on one of the world's most isolated and impoverished countries should it decide to respond.
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Friday’s verdict, which saw 63-year-old Thomas Kwok found guilty of corruption but Raymond, 61, cleared of all charges, has left questions over the next step for the family empire. The marathon trial centered around claims the brothers had bribed former chief secretary Rafael Hui to be their “eyes and ears” in the government.
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Pope Francis said on Friday he will not still be in the Vatican in 10 years' time.
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One million people have been wounded during Syria's civil war and diseases are spreading as regular supplies of medicine fail to reach patients, the World Health Organization's Syria representative said.
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A Japanese Internet activist and academic is challenging a new state secrets law by setting up a website aimed at making it easier for government officials to leak sensitive information to the media without getting caught.
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