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Victoria Falls is indeed the main and most sought-after attraction for travelers to Zambia. At 1.7 kilometers wide, the river serves as the natural border between Zambia and Zimbabwe to the south.
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Zoroastrianism is an ancient monotheistic religion founded more than 3,500 years ago by Zoroaster (or Zarathustra), and was the predominant faith during the Sasanian era. I wanted to know more about it, so the next morning I hired a taxi to take me to the Towers of Silence, among the last remnants of that time.
1:05 pm March 16, 2015 | 1 Comment
Chinese tourists are flocking to the remote Palau islands as China’s growing number of rich seek new frontiers abroad, but not everyone in the Micronesian paradise is happy about it.
11:45 am March 10, 2015 | 1 Comment
Hong Kongers love their pork, but halal fare also available around every corner.
5:25 pm March 9, 2015 | 1 Comment
A literary meander through a hub many history-making authors have called home.
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As Dubai attracts droves of tourists with its luxury resorts and grandiose malls, many expats opt instead for the tranquility of the vast sands.
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Whether hitting sun-kissed tarmac, rained-out and flooding roads or poorly maintained backstreets, the bikes held up well in all situations.
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With its street life, temples and canals, Bangkok is best enjoyed up close and personal as an active participant. And hopping on and off buses lets you do that to the max.
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Malaysia is the most preferred global destination in the fast-growing Muslim travel market, despite two catastrophic air disasters that hit the country’s flag-carrier in 2014, a survey showed Wednesday.
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GoArchipelago offers a unique travel experience hosted by individuals or independent tour operators throughout Indonesia and promises to share its revenue with organizations who bring education to the most remote parts of the nation.
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Malacca is a Malaysian state located on the southern part of the Malay Peninsula. The 38.62-hectare core zone of Malacca City, its capital, has been listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco since 2008.
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Spanish five-star hotels are serving up white rice for breakfast as Spain offers quicker visas and seeks more direct flights from China to tap into the surging wave of Chinese tourists.
10:00 am February 24, 2015 | 2 Comments
Home to only 52 villas, guests, most of whom are couples on their honeymoon or those taking a break from their daily grind, are guaranteed premium, uninterrupted tranquility and privacy at Club Med Finolhu. Every villa is assigned its own butler, who would readily cater to room service requests.
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Susan is one of a few thousand tourists who joined the Pacific island's 9,000 residents for Tapati, an exuberant mix of music, dance and traditional sports that takes place for two weeks every February.
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Tigran Sarkies was his name, a precocious 23-year-old, and in 1882 he was working as an auctioneer in Georgetown, Penang. He must have tired of banging the gavel because a couple of years later he opened the Eastern Hotel and two years after he launched the Oriental Hotel with his brother, Martin.
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