1:39 pm April 21, 2015 | 1 Comment
The managers of the Old Summer Palace in Beijing, looted by British and French troops in the 19th century, are threatening legal action over a Chinese movie studio’s sprawling $5 billion replica, state media said.
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Still smarting from a jihadist attack that killed 21 foreign tourists last month, Tunisia is hoping to save the summer season with new security measures and an ad campaign touting its safety as a destination, but industry leaders are glum.
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If you think grocery shopping is a chore, spare a moment for those on the tiny island of Saint Helena who never know what will be on the shelves from one day to the next.
4:06 pm April 16, 2015 | No Comment
The tiny South Atlantic island of Saint Helena — where Napoleon died in exile — dreams of becoming a tourist draw when its first airport opens next year despite fears it cannot accommodate an influx of visitors.
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The property includes Napoleon’s house in Longwood and “Geranium Valley” — the peaceful site where the ex-emperor wanted to be buried if his remains weren’t sent back to his beloved homeland.
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Saint Helena’s major claim to fame is as the place where the fallen French emperor Napoleon died in exile, but now the destiny of the tiny island is about to change with the opening of its first airport next year.
3:46 pm April 14, 2015 | No Comment
Recalling a bygone era of stately passenger liners and quaint colonial traditions, the RMS St. Helena is making its last journeys before weekly flights to the far-flung South Atlantic island are introduced.
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Located near Bali’s Petitenget Beach and close to a string of popular eateries and venues like Potato Head and the restaurant Merah Putih, Sandi Agung Villa is close to Seminyak’s main attractions, yet in a quieter and more peaceful setting.
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With a wing span of over two meters, these formidable raptors weigh up to 10 kilograms. Its talons can exert pressure of upwards of 90 kilograms per square inch, allowing it to hold down prey while ripping into it with a razor-sharp hooked beak.
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Indonesia has been the coming thing for businesses big and small due to its large middle-class market, which has been surging over the past two decades. This growth, coupled with increasing Internet coverage and young, technologically-savvy users, enhanced the prospects of sectors like the travel market, a potential that’s all too tangible for online movers like Tiket.com.
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Off the beaten track of Indonesia’s most-loved tourist hot spots lies some of the archipelago’s most beautiful, if not largely unknown, natural attractions. 
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The ethnic quarters of Little India, Bencoolen and Bugis, offer tourists a glimpse into the Singapore’s past, while honoring the various cultures that built the city state. 
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Victoria Falls is indeed the main and most sought-after attraction for travelers to Zambia. At 1.7 kilometers wide, the river serves as the natural border between Zambia and Zimbabwe to the south.
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Zoroastrianism is an ancient monotheistic religion founded more than 3,500 years ago by Zoroaster (or Zarathustra), and was the predominant faith during the Sasanian era. I wanted to know more about it, so the next morning I hired a taxi to take me to the Towers of Silence, among the last remnants of that time.
1:05 pm March 16, 2015 | 1 Comment
Chinese tourists are flocking to the remote Palau islands as China’s growing number of rich seek new frontiers abroad, but not everyone in the Micronesian paradise is happy about it.
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