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Tunisian shopkeeper Aghmi Bubaker doesn't need to be told that he is experiencing the worst threat yet to his forty-year career in tourism -- the bullet hole in his battered green Mercedes Benz is a daily reminder.
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  *) This article is brought to you by Wego. Some tourists are seeking for a different traveling experience, such as exploring the wildlife, which provide challenge and thrill of its own. Interestingly, Australia still has a profound connection with nature. If you are the type of traveler who is more interested to seek adventure […]
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Chinese communities have long been associated with port cities such as London, Bristol and Liverpool as well as Cardiff and Manchester, a legacy of the days when Britain was a maritime power. But Newcastle? The city famous for its under performing football club and its Geordie accent boasts its own thriving Chinese community and its own Chinatown built under the shadow of what remains of the historic city wall.
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Other than its popularity as a center of Persian arts and crafts, the city of Kashan in Iran also boasts some of the best examples of traditional Persian houses for the desert climate.
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There's something for everyone in the Spanish city of Valencia. Situated on the Mediterranean coast, there are several beaches for locals and those visiting to lay out in the sun, while the city itself is one that is brimming with culture and beautiful architecture and not completely swamped by tourists.
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Universal Studios Hollywood opens a new ride dedicated to the hit "Fast & Furious" franchise on Wednesday, offering fans the chance to get behind the wheel to experience their own street car races at the theme park.
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This article is brought to you by Wego. For most of the residents in Sydney, partying is a weekly routine that has become an essential culture within the urban society. Unlike other cultures in the world that might have certain prejudice regarding partying, in Sydney, every adults are fond enough of this nightlife activity. No […]
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For me, traveling to Luang Prabang was like traveling back in time, imagining places where temples like the Borobudur in Yogyakarta and the Buddhist temples in Sumatra (Muara Jambi) were still frequented by worshipers. Unlike the ancient religious sites of Indonesia that have been abandoned by its followers, Buddhist places of worship in Luang Prabang and throughout Laos are still bustling with activity.
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Never mind the Big Four, any fashionista worth her Céline Trapeze will tell you that for timeless elegance and faultless craftsmanship there's only one true fashion capital: the original, the fabulous, the motherlode of mode, Paris.
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The 14th-century Cypriot tower that is the fictional setting of Shakespeare's play "Othello" reopens next month after undergoing renovation following decades of decay on the internationally isolated Turkish side of the ethnically divided island.
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France, the world's top tourism draw, on Thursday announced a scheme to lure in even more tourists with a fund intended to boost everything from hotels to its wine heritage, and urged the French to be more welcoming.
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In no other country outside of Indonesia can one find Indonesian food, spices and condiments as easily as in the Netherlands. Seven decades after the Dutch left its biggest colony, dishes like rendang and nasi goreng have become part of the country’s national cuisine. At the recent Tong Tong Fair, food originating form Indonesia remains consistently popular and is one of the pulling factors that attract over 100,000 people.
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The recently established Postcard & Tag aims to establish a vibrant and visual travel community.
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Located at less-traversed side of Bali, the Karma Kandara resort is a getaway tailor-made for those looking for a true sanctuary from a hectic urbanite existence. Its hushed ambience resting between serene beaches and a tropical setting, the resort balances the traditional - Bali-style vast villas - and the modern with its premium amenities. Also, there are lots of friendly monkeys roaming about - that's always a fun sight.
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While capital city Dhaka is an assault on the senses, there is a relatively pleasant trip round the outskirts of the city that can offer some of Bangladesh's history as well as its rural life.
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