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Malacca is a Malaysian state located on the southern part of the Malay Peninsula. The 38.62-hectare core zone of Malacca City, its capital, has been listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco since 2008.
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Spanish five-star hotels are serving up white rice for breakfast as Spain offers quicker visas and seeks more direct flights from China to tap into the surging wave of Chinese tourists.
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Home to only 52 villas, guests, most of whom are couples on their honeymoon or those taking a break from their daily grind, are guaranteed premium, uninterrupted tranquility and privacy at Club Med Finolhu. Every villa is assigned its own butler, who would readily cater to room service requests.
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Susan is one of a few thousand tourists who joined the Pacific island's 9,000 residents for Tapati, an exuberant mix of music, dance and traditional sports that takes place for two weeks every February.
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Tigran Sarkies was his name, a precocious 23-year-old, and in 1882 he was working as an auctioneer in Georgetown, Penang. He must have tired of banging the gavel because a couple of years later he opened the Eastern Hotel and two years after he launched the Oriental Hotel with his brother, Martin.
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Yangon Central Railway Station is situated in the downtown of Myanmar’s former capital, Yangon. The city’s largest railway station wasn’t crowded when I arrived on a recent sunny morning; the parking lot sat empty.
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Arguably the best guide to London published this season was written nearly 50 years ago.
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While in the south, I visited my Tamil friend, Chitradeepa. She invited me to a wedding reception in Chennai for her friend -- to which I obliged with much excitement.
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All the favorite hotels on Samosir Island were jam-packed so we reserved one in Pematang Siantar, two and a half hours from Medan. The flight from Jakarta to Medan was slightly over two hours. We then hired a car and driver to Siantar — with lots of leg space — for Rp 420,000 ($33).
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If early Kuala Lumpur had a heart it was the Old Market Square. Here, on the east bank of the Klang River, early traders set up shacks to cater to the pioneer Chinese miners who had been sent up river prospecting for tin in 1857.
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As the largest archipelago in the world, Indonesia has a lot of nooks and crannies that offer unspoiled natural charms — one of them is the Ujung Genteng area on the southwestern tip of West Java.
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Boasting distinctive attractions such as the candy floss and fish ‘n’ chip-festooned Brighton Pier, the city is an hour’s train ride south of London and enjoys one of the sunniest climates in Britain. As well as the pebbly beach there are bars from bohemian to upper crust and eating-out options aplenty.
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Niseko Village is a mountain resort at the foot of Mount Niseko Annupuri, owned and managed by the Malaysian group YTL Hotels — just one of their many resorts across Asia and Europe.
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If you’ve ever dreamed of starting the next billion-dollar company, look no further for inspiration than San Francisco, home to thousands of technology businesses from Twitter to Pinterest.
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Amid the crumbling shophouses of Hanoi's Old Quarter there are a few surprises I uncovered when I decided to venture forth into the chaotic streets.
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