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Hotel Aryaduta in Palembang, South Sumatra, has upgraded the amenities and services of its suites in an effort to enhance customer experience at the five-star hotel.
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The Thai tourism resort of Koh Samui doesn’t have that crass commercial feel of similar sites in Bangkok, Phuket or even Bali; there’s none of that nickel-and-diming that so frequently mars the travel experience elsewhere.
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There are things that can be prioritized in the Swiss city of Lucerne if one only has less than a day to visit. Top of the list should include exploring the city’s various landmarks, including that of the mournful lion sculpture carved on the edge of a stone cliff surrounded by a body of water.
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The Jakarta Globe was recently invited to Japan to witness how Tokyo and other cities strive to be ultra-modern and efficient, as well as remain naturally and culturally rich and beautiful.
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Hotel Majapahit in Surabaya may be Indonesia’s most historically relevant, having witnessed the country’s independence from both Dutch colonialism and Japanese occupation.
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Gelato shops became important landmarks during one gourmant's cultural trip. It probably helped that gelato in Rome costs about the same as a can of soda and was available on every street corner.
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As part of the Intiland Development, one of the biggest property development empire in Indonesia, Intiwhiz is all about bringing the most promising hospitality management further on the surface, with affordable prices and total comforts for travelers. By bringing the concept of “Smart” and “Dynamic”, which represent through the unique shapes of its logo, Intiwhiz […]
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Picturesque. That was my first impression of Chamonix as soon as the minibus pulled off the highway and entered the French commune at the foot of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps. Pretty, small buildings bedecked with colorful flowers; a charming turquoise river running through the township; and everywhere you look, the pine-covered […]
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Qatar Airways is offering a special 25 percent discount for return travel on Qatar Airways in Economy and Business Class for travel originating from Qatar.
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