Second Singapore Experience For Rock Bandmate Brothers

By Marcel Thee on 06:58 pm Mar 16, 2013
The Experience Brothers. (Photo courtesy of The Experience Brothers)

The Experience Brothers. (Photo courtesy of The Experience Brothers)

Indonesian duo The Experience Brothers will be making their way to Singapore to hopefully slay the country’s music fans with their brand of no-frills classic rock.

This will be the band’s second trip to the city-state, as part of Singapore’s well-known 10-day Mosaic Music Festival. Guitarist and vocalist Ibrahim Saladdin and drummer Daud Sarassin will play twice on the same day, this Sunday, with the first set starting at 7 p.m. and the second at 9 p.m.

“It’s going to be a special show,” Ibrahim says. “Not only will we [also] be playing specially prepared cover songs from our favorite artists, but we will premiere our new single, ‘Freedom Anthem.’ ”

The festival has previously also featured other Indonesian bands from the independent scene including Space System, Mocca, and The Brandals. It has since become something of a treasured ground for local acts to hone their performance skills outside the homeland.

Ibrahim and Daud, literally siblings, formed The Experience in 2001 with some friends, channeling their love for classic psychedelic rock in the vein of early Pink Floyd and Cream. The band suffered the same ill-fated trajectory as most young bands do however, and soon dissolved, leaving the two brothers to question whether they still had it in them.

They did. Inspired by the barrage of minimalist garage rock bands coming out of America and Europe — such as the Black Keys, the Kills, and the White Stripes — the brothers decided to forge ahead, writing songs as the two-man setup they had become. They added “brothers” to the band name for obvious reasons and to signify their new sound.

Ibrahim wanted to infuse more of his Jimi Hendrix passion into the songs, resulting in plenty of bluesy touches to The Experience Brothers’ material. The “experience” in their name is also an obvious nod toward Hendrix’s band the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Older brother Daud added a heavier touch as a tribute to his teenage drumming hero, John Bonham of Led Zeppelin.

The Experience Brothers’ first full length album, titled “Summer of Love,” came in 2008, and earned them significant attention in the independent music community. Independent webzines such as Deathrockstar and publications such as Rolling Stone Indonesia also praised the band’s throwback blues rock style.

The band’s sophomore record “Eye Contact” was released in 2010 and again received positive feedback.

The band is resoundingly excited about its Singapore gig.

“We’re happy to be playing in Singapore again. Hopefully we’ll be able to do an even better show for the Singaporean audience than we did last time,” Daud says.