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Jakarta-based thedyingsirens may not be a household name, but with a consistent discography and an ever-changing lineup that’s included many respected underground musicians, they’re a rock band that has gained a dedicated following.The band’s latest release is a double-album anthology that will certainly keep that fan-base excited.
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Based on a poem by eminent journalist and playwright Goenawan Mohamad and composed by musician Tony Prabowo the performance focuses on the eponymous character, a frequently overlooked figure in the Hindu epic “The Mahabharata.”
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Chilla Kiana, singer-songwriter Chilla has been singing all her life, writing her first song at age 13, called ‘I Belong 2 Jesus.’
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American hip hop artist J. Cole bumped pop singer Taylor Swift from the top of the U.S. Billboard 200 on Wednesday, pushing her into second place.
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The rock music world is notorious for its bickering but Aerosmith belongs to another category altogether — a band with constant and open tensions that has nonetheless managed to stay together.
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The frontman of Bon Iver, who won critical acclaim for his emotionally resonant indie folk rock, has announced a festival that promises to throw a spotlight on new music.
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Coming off the success of their last record, 2010’s “Ode Buat Kota” (“Ode to the City”), the band’s following has significantly increased, with even their non-album singles gaining a momentum of its own. So it only makes sense that “Iblis Jalanan” inspired a short movie with the same title, directed by aspiring filmmaker, and Bangkutaman fan, Salman Farizi.
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After a wait of nearly 15 years, D’Angelo is making a Second Coming of sorts with “Black Messiah,” a hard-charging attack on racial injustice that challenges listeners both musically and lyrically.
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The Grammys will pay tribute to Stevie Wonder with a special performance after the music industry’s annual award night.
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