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For many of us, soursop is all about a glass of juice. In modern cuisine, ripe soursop is also perfect to make sorbet, granite or pudding.
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As well as playing Mozart, lighting is used in a bid to keep the birds tranquil with neon blue lighting turned on when the birds are taken for slaughter.
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Health-conscious Jakartans are starting to see a growing range of organic food options pop up across the city, with catering and delivery, must-haves in the crowded capital, also available.
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Under the tutelege of Chef Gianluca Visciglia, Italian food at the Scusa restaurant in Jakarta's Intercontinental Hotel is prepared in all its authentic glory and served up for guests alongside wine from a well-curated list.
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For most of us, buying fresh green peppercorns is uncommon. We're used to buying black and white pepper or whole peppercorns. While I would usually suggest you buy whole white or black peppercorns (and roast and grind them yourself) this week's recipe uses green peppercorns, which are unripe black peppercorns.
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Jakarta has been awash in a foodie phenomenon lately with a wide range of new restaurants and cafes popping up across the city. Individuals with an entrepreneurial knack have also started their own food businesses, selling everything from cute imported snacks to healthy home-cooked meals through their social media accounts.
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Gran Melia Jakarta recently presented a series of authentic dishes from the Southeast Asian nation in a week-long festival at Cafe Gran Via. The hotel invited two Vietnamese chefs from Melia Hanoi to present the best of their home country’s delicacies.
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Local examples of molecular gastronomy can be found on the streets of Jakarta. Es cincau, for instance, perfectly reflects the popular technique.
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For the launch of the new blend, J.Co brought over Colin Harmon, a four-time Irish barista champion and co-owner of 3fe, a high-profile cafe in Dublin, to showcase his expertise in making coffee.
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Baking is a craft: to be able to create something from scratch with one’s bare hands brings a sense of satisfaction and achievement; some pastry chefs even go as far as to say that the kneading and rolling of the dough can be therapeutic, or at the very least, soothing and comforting.
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Ayam pop has an elegant flavor all its own without the need for chili paste, or sambal, a staple in West Sumatran cuisine. The coconut water imparts a sweet taste.
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While not quite as bad as that, Trio restaurant, which looks rather dilapidated, faces a busy road and has no air-conditioning, is unlikely to entice patrons looking for a lavish dining experience. However, its food had been highly recommended, so my companion and I intrepidly decided to forgo comfort in pursuit of a fine feed.
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This week, I have prepared a recipe for a very simple pasta dish with tomatoes and capers, flower buds of the Capparis shrub grown along the Mediterranean coast. They are usually pickled in vinegar or preserved in brine. One bite lets out a sharp, sour flavor that is perfect for pasta dishes, salads and pizza
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Some people say the eyes are the windows to the soul. And they believe that by looking through someone’s eyes, we can truly know their character. That theory is, of course, debatable. But eyes are certainly one of the most important features to someone’s appearance.  With a single glance, eyes have the power to impress […]
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Most coffee snobs can only dream of sipping on a brew made from Saint Helena beans. Imported from Yemen in the 18th century, the tiny South Atlantic island’s green-tipped Bourbon Arabica coffee plant produces some of the world’s most expensive — and most delectable — beans.
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