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If you have a tradition of serving turkey for Christmas with your family and friends, perhaps you may want to consider replacing it with something else this festive season.
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With the expertise of British burger enthusiast and executive chef Adam Penney, Three Buns — a budding neighborhood burger joint on Jl. Senopati — presents its new “Truff It Out” menu; designed around the recherche taste of truffle for the festive season.
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Rungis, the largest fresh food market in the world, is abuzz the week before Christmas as wholesalers sell everything from oysters and salmon to gruyere, green beans and sides of beef.
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Cafe Gitane can be found on Jl. Benda in Kemang. It has an appealing rustic frontage, like the kind of establishment one might imagine in a quaint village in the south of France.
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Winter is coming, along with the festive season, whereas here in tropical Indonesia it is best celebrated with food. J.W. Marriott’s award-winning restaurant Sailendra knows how to do so the finest, by allowing you to be the ultimate gourmand with a buffet specially organized for celebrating Christmas.
12:45 pm December 13, 2014 | 3 Comments
Most Jakartans are not familiar with Nordic cuisine, but food from the region — especially Denmark — has made its mark internationally with the New Nordic Kitchen, a movement established by top Scandinavian chefs that focuses mainly on utilizing the natural resources of the Nordic larder.
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Nestled at the foot of wooded hills near the ancient Japanese capital of Kyoto, the Yamazaki whisky distillery feels a long way from the northerly glens of Scotch's spiritual home.
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Marc Saint-Martin is one of the last of a dying breed, one of only three remaining traveling distillers left in the Armagnac region of southwestern France.
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Tokyo kept its crown as the Michelin guide's gourmet capital on Tuesday with the most starred restaurants for an eight straight year, in the first guide released since Unesco listed Japanese "washoku" cuisine an "intangible cultural heritage".
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