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For this week’s recipe Petty Elliott has detailed angel hair pasta with dried porcini and black trumpet — classic Italian pasta dish.
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A Hawaiian native Michael Callahan is one of Asia’s most recognized bar entrepreneurs and bartenders with expertise in independent spirits and American craft cocktails. He is also the founding bartender of Singapore’s world-ranked cocktail bar 28 HongKong Street, established in 2011.
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Ippudo's newly opened restaurant at the Pacific Place mall in South Jakarta has an upscale feel with vast interiors and crystal chandeliers.
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With Indonesia taking center stage at the world’s biggest book fair in Frankfurt next year, Indonesian cuisine will be on display.
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More and more Americans are making the link between fast food and sodas, and life-long health problems like obesity and diabetes, said Sriram Madhusoodanan, an organizer of the anti-fast-food campaign "Value [the] Meal" at Corporate Accountability International.
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Surabaya's 1914 lifestyle hub hosts a plethora of offerings with its one-stop entertainment concept.
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Jambu air is a humble tropical fruit that is little-known outside of Southeast Asia. In addition to Indonesia, it is grown in Malaysia, Thailand and India. There are several types of this fruit with different colors, ranging from pearl white ti light green to the classic beautiful reddish pink.
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When picking a winter squash like a pumpkin to cook, it’s important to choose one of which the flesh is a deep orange for a better taste.
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Hong Kong has boosted its number of starred restaurants due to an influx of foreign chefs, Michelin said Friday as it released its 2015 guide for the southern Chinese city. Michelin awarded a host of chefs from abroad new stars, with judges saying the former British colony’s seven million residents are becoming more adventurous when […]
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