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Canarium nut, better known as kacang kenari in Indonesia, is found mostly in Maluku and North Sulawesi. Although another name for the nut is “Java almond,” kacang kenari does not grow in Java.
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Jakarta Globe tagged along with a select group of food writers to explore this modest farm and (re)discover more conscious eating. Fittingly located in a part of the country marketed to the world as “a piece of Paradise,” the visit would prove to set out if the concept would indeed match the island’s celestial aura.
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Taking with them their roots and passion for food, Tom and Nam are now the men behind the bustling Pantai Indah Kapuk’s late gastronomic treat in North Jakarta, NamNam Noodle Bar — the restaurant’s first outlet outside of Singapore, where it was first established in 2012 and now enjoys widespread popularity.
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Strategically located within the hipster-hub that is Pasar Santa, the catchy-named Slam Dunk Sandwich Co. offers up a dose of urban-ready bites in the form of burgers and sandwiches.
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It takes a great deal of mutual understanding and cooperation for top chefs to work side-by-side in the same kitchen in real life. But whatever the secret, Malaysian celebrity chefs Johnny Fua and Sherson Lian seemed to have mixed together just the right ingredients as they took charge of the Penthouse Terrace at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Jakarta recently.
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After the restaurant’s initial success in Singapore, Hartono opened another Dancing Crab in Shinjuku, Tokyo, in October last year. This restaurant in the Japanese capital has proved to be a roaring success.
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For this week’s recipe I have tamarillo ice cream and sorbet. Sorbet is basically ice cream without cream, milk or egg yolk. It is a mixture of fruit juice and ice that is softer and more granular than ice cream.
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The waiters’ acerbic attitude toward Gia’s non-Western patrons is emblematic of the bracing sting of most of the main dishes here. The attempted Italian fusion in Ismaya Group’s latest venture, Gia, at Sampoerna Strategic Square, will underwhelm, as will its seemingly inattentive waiters.  
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Wu is part of a young crop of Chinese flocking to the southwestern region, France’s largest wine-growing area, to train for careers in the wine trade — a burgeoning industry in China.
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Javanegra ("black coffee" in Spanish) is much more than a place to dine in style. It began as a boutique coffee roaster in July 2011. The name pays tribute to Java as one of the earliest coffee plantations and nowadays still a major coffee exporter.
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Amber Chocolate and Bar is surprising in many ways, as each floor reveals a new exciting concept as well as diverse culinary treasures. Amber is the latest brainchild of Lal de Silva, president director of the successful and fast growing Mount Scopus Group.
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This recipe is made with bayam or amaranth, types of leafy greens from the same family as spinach. Amaranth has totally different taste and texture to European spinach, as well as a higher fiber content. You may use either green or red bayam.
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In every culture food has a very important role in any celebration. But in the Chinese community, all the food and fresh fruit served during New Year festivities are not only important but also loaded with meaning; every table at a party features these dishes.
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A warning against eating foods high in cholesterol is no longer included in the US government’s draft dietary guidelines for Americans, representing a major shift in policy, officials said on Thursday.
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No more artificial flavors and colors in Butterfinger, Babe Ruth or any Nestle chocolate candies in the United States, because Americans want them gone, the Swiss food giant said on Tuesday.
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