1:52 pm July 2, 2015 | No Comment
Macy's said on Wednesday it would end its business relationship with Donald Trump, and New York City said it was reviewing its contracts with the billionaire developer and US presidential hopeful because of his comments insulting Mexicans.
1:04 pm July 2, 2015 | No Comment
“With free delivery, free returns and a range of payment options, you no longer need to go to a boutique store in Jakarta or fly to Europe to be stylish,” says Paraplou.com co-founder Susie Sugden.
2:57 pm June 25, 2015 | No Comment
Swedish fashion company Hennes & Mauritz is focusing on its ethical profile to drive long-term sales growth as shoppers become more interested in how clothes are produced as well as their environmental impact, its new sustainability chief said.
12:40 pm June 24, 2015 | No Comment
Biyan presented his Spring/Summer 2016 fashion collection at The Dharmawangsa hotel, South Jakarta, in a gala show themed "Dream" on June 11.
12:25 pm June 21, 2015 | No Comment
Vinora Ng’s love of art started from when she was very young. The fashion designer reminisced about a childhood moment when her painter grandfather taught her to draw a bicycle. “It was really complicated because you have to get all the proportions right,” she said one recent afternoon at her boutique in South Jakarta.
5:52 pm June 18, 2015 | 3 Comments
The fall/winter 2015 collection consisted of 24 hijab looks for women. The collection, as showcased recently in Jakarta, was a departure from the usual Elzatta’s casual looks.
8:02 am June 17, 2015 | No Comment
London wrapped up its menswear fashion week following four days of catwalk shows offering a mix of colorful smart and casual creations for spring and summer 2016 from top designer labels, famed British tailors as well as high street brands.
10:50 am June 16, 2015 | No Comment
Bally, the long-struggling Swiss leather goods maker, is back in growth mode after years of stagnant sales, buoyed by more contemporary designs and solid demand from Japanese and US buyers, its chief executive said.
4:44 pm June 11, 2015 | No Comment
Indonesian traditional textiles were originally made to be worn as sarongs or blankets. But with a touch of creativity and innovation, designer Musa Widyatmojo has successfully incorporated traditional textiles into elegant outfits for men.
10:08 am June 5, 2015 | No Comment
The term "curation," now widely used in fashion boutiques, online stores, teahouses and even garage markets in Jakarta, is becoming a powerful buzzword to attract customers.
9:50 am June 3, 2015 | No Comment
John Galliano, the star designer sacked by Dior for a drunken anti-Semitic rant, has been successfully rebuilding both himself and the Maison Margiela fashion brand since he took over its helm in October, said the man who gave him the job.
1:14 pm June 2, 2015 | No Comment
Followers of fashion who constantly buy and discard clothing need to think twice about who makes those garments and the environmental impact, the director of a new documentary on the fashion industry said last week.
12:54 pm June 2, 2015 | No Comment
Creative director and designer Felix Tjahyadi is the mastermind behind Didi Budiarjo’s retrospective exhibition “Pilgrimage” at the Textile Museum of Jakarta last January. His prolific tendency also encourages Felix to take on a myriad of other projects, primarily those that are related to fashion. His artistic approach has made his work truly stand out, transforming a usually mediocre window display into something akin to an art installation.
12:01 pm June 2, 2015 | No Comment
Sophie Paris is one of the most successful multi-level-marketing (MLM-based) companies in Indonesia. The fashion, beauty and healthy-living company, headquartered in Jakarta, now has millions of members in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Morocco.
11:30 am May 31, 2015 | No Comment
London. When Chris Morton was setting up a fashion e-commerce company five years ago, he spent a lot of time listening to online music service Spotify. He realized the web player was doing something fashion sites were not; it was curating playlists of tracks, from obscure and mainstream labels, tailored to his tastes. This idea […]
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