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Beauty queen scandals are often so predictable — purloined tiaras, garden-variety sex tapes, spectacular Q&A fails — as to be boring. But now a new contestant for the crown of Miss Ignominy has taken the stage, with all of Indonesia weighing in on social media to judge: What does it mean when your country’s top beauty queen takes up arms for another country — and gets a new passport?
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Every day, Aditya Kumar cycles around 40 miles with a heavy load of books and his few possessions on the back of his battered old bike to bring education to India’s slum children.
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Join Komunitas Taufan for a fun-filled day, in giving back to the community at Hand-in-Hand Charity Art Festival this Sunday, Feb. 15.
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More than a million Qataris were given a day off work Tuesday to take part in a nationwide day of sport amid growing concern at obesity levels in the super-rich Gulf state.
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A few precautions can help keep Jakarta’s women safe.
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Makan Bakmie (Eat Noodles) is precisely such a collective, dedicated to scavenging for noodle-based meals existing around Jakarta.
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Pope Francis said on Sunday he would make a one-day trip to the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo in June, his latest visit to a country where Islam is the dominant religion amid growing persecution of Christians in the Middle East.
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Lisa Lambert believes she is taking that gender disparity concept one step further with her own organization, Upward.
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Seventy years after the liberation of Auschwitz, ageing survivors and dignitaries gather at the site synonymous with the Holocaust on Tuesday to honour victims and sound the alarm over a fresh wave of anti-Semitism.
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The Indian Embassy in Jakarta plans to serve up a four-month-long bonanza of festivities to celebrate bilateral relations with Indonesia, kicking off on Jan. 26, the 65th anniversary of India’s Republic Day.
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Most maps of Yogyakarta show three rivers running through the city: the Winingo, the Code and the Gajahwong, but these ribbons of brackish water barely get noticed by most visitors more interested in shopping on Malioboro or checking out the Hindu temples that encircle the city.
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The Harley Owners Group are devoted first and foremost to doing good within the local community. They just happen to ride big, expensive motorbikes.
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Zhongnan Mountains, China. His unheated hut is half way up a mountain with no electricity and his diet consists mostly of cabbage. But Master Hou says he has found a recipe for joy in the Zhongnan Mountains. “There is no happier way for a person to live on this earth,” he declared, balancing on a […]
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The Nation Builder initiative aims to build homes for 60,000 families across Indonesia by 2018. This important work is funded largely by the support of generous donations from organizations, individuals and NGOs.
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On Nov. 27, Mattel’s Fisher-Price launched its newest cuddly toy to help get babies to sleep, the Soothe and Glow Seahorse, for the Indonesian market. The fact that federal regulators in the United States are investigating the Soothe and Glow Seahorse’s safety after receiving reports that its battery compartment overheats and smolders, releasing toxic plastic […]
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