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Zhongnan Mountains, China. His unheated hut is half way up a mountain with no electricity and his diet consists mostly of cabbage. But Master Hou says he has found a recipe for joy in the Zhongnan Mountains. “There is no happier way for a person to live on this earth,” he declared, balancing on a […]
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The Nation Builder initiative aims to build homes for 60,000 families across Indonesia by 2018. This important work is funded largely by the support of generous donations from organizations, individuals and NGOs.
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On Nov. 27, Mattel’s Fisher-Price launched its newest cuddly toy to help get babies to sleep, the Soothe and Glow Seahorse, for the Indonesian market. The fact that federal regulators in the United States are investigating the Soothe and Glow Seahorse’s safety after receiving reports that its battery compartment overheats and smolders, releasing toxic plastic […]
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EduCo Global is a company that offers education in major English-speaking countries for students from around the world.
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As demonstrated in the press conference, Bisindo is very visual and easy to understand, even by those with perfect hearing. One sign may represent two or three words in Bahasa Indonesia at once.
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Authorities are building an underground metro near the Hawa Mahal or the “Palace of the Winds” in Jaipur’s old city. But archaeologists as well as tourist guides fear the multi-million dollar project will disturb the foundations of the monuments, built in the 1700s by the all-powerful Maharaja rulers.
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The 2014 European Higher Education Fair, held for the sixth time in Jakarta, featured representatives from 150 universities from 14 countries — the biggest event of its kind held in Indonesia.
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The growing ranks of cellphone addicts are turning cities like Tokyo, London, New York and Hong Kong into increasingly hazardous hot spots, where zombified shoppers appear to be part of vast games of human pinball.
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Journalist Solahudin has built a reputation for his work in chronicling the rise of terrorist groups in Indonesia.
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