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A $150,000 pearl-encrusted dress stolen from the hotel room of Kenyan star Lupita Nyong’o was found Friday, Los Angeles police said.
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Former Oasis star Noel Gallagher is putting his past behind him, releasing a new solo album, ruling out a reunion with his brother Liam and even being nice about one-time arch-rivals Blur.
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Award-winning movie “Timbuktu” exposing the brutal rule of jihadists in northern Mali will be in the lineup at this weekend’s prestigious African film festival Fespaco despite security fears, Burkina Faso’s culture minister said.
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He may be a Swinging Sixties icon, but British photographer David Bailey up close is a wise-cracking crank who shrugs off his immense success as one of the world’s most famous celebrity photographers.
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Soko wakes up every couple of hours each night. Recently it’s because she has friends staying over, and she’s a self-conscious sleeper. But for much longer Soko has been consumed by dark, vivid visions.
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When sculptor Xavier Veilhan persuaded Daft Punk to come to his studio, the artist, in the words of one of the duo’s songs, got lucky. The ever-masked electronic musicians took off their helmets.
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Phiona Mutesi happened upon chess as a famished nine-year-old foraging for food in the sprawling and impoverished slums of the Ugandan capital. Now a chess champion who competes internationally, her tale of triumph over adversity is being turned into a Hollywood epic with Oscar-winning Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o tipped to play her mother.
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President Barack Obama joined Leonard Nimoy’s co-stars from “Star Trek” to bid adieu to the actor who died Friday aged 83 after making his name as “Mr Spock.”
12:16 pm March 1, 2015 | 1 Comment
Bjork has become the latest among the rare number of pop stars to refuse to stream an album, saying it was a matter of “respect” for artists.
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Around this focus, curators Peter Carey, Jim Supangkat and Werner Kraus have endeavored to widen the scope by including contemporary local artists. Unfortunately, most of them show a stunning lack of creative and innovative thought, as they stick to portraying heroism in the style similar to that used in a long past era.
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Hannah Brencher, the creator of “The World Needs More Love Letters,” actually never intended to start a global movement. Writing letters simply was the best way for her to deal with her own troubles.
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Guitarist Dewa Budjana’s chords hung in the air, the mystique of its notes evoking his Balinese heritage. Lilting and ethereal, his guitar gave way to Indonesian jazz legend Indra Lesmana’s piano solo.
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Last week, Maxima Pictures and Nissin Biscuits announced a new collaboration program, “Mendadak Eksis,” or “Suddenly Popular.” The production house and the biscuit brand will search for new talent for the soon-to-be-produced movie “Bulan Terbelah di Langit Amerika” (“The Moon is Split in the American Sky”).
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This recipe is made with bayam or amaranth, types of leafy greens from the same family as spinach. Amaranth has totally different taste and texture to European spinach, as well as a higher fiber content. You may use either green or red bayam.
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Revlon was founded in New York in 1932 and has been around in Indonesia for the past 35 years. Late last year, the cosmetics company embarked on a relaunch with a new tagline, “Love Is On.”
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