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There is one characteristic that sets REDD+ Indonesia, or Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation, apart from other green initiatives set up to address the issues of deforestation in the archipelago: positive incentives. REDD+ acknowledges that most people only cooperate when their own self-interest is at stake. In other words, REDD+ aims to win […]
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Moving Indonesians from agriculture to the manufacturing and services sector will help alleviate the pressure on expanding farmland, the former US Ambassador to Asean said.
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Global peace is at risk if nothing is done to mitigate the emissions of greenhouse gases, says the head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, at a conference on Tuesday.
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The Philippine government said on Tuesday that it would continue its tree planting efforts this year, bringing the nation's total reforested area to more than 1 million hectares since a 2011 logging ban, in a bid to reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change.
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Indonesia must take action now to prevent its peatlands from burning in what amounts to the largest single contributor to the nation's greenhouse gas emissions, a researcher said on Monday.
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President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said Indonesia should strive for a balance between protecting the environment and the use of forests by local communities, and also called on Southeast Asian nations to develop strategies to promote sustainability.
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The issue of deforestation in Indonesia has grown more serious than ever before. The environmental damage that deforestation has caused and continues to cause in Indonesia has given rise to more frequent floods, permanent land subsidence and the demise of endangered animals. Increased deforestation also contributes to rising temperatures in the archipelago.
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The persistent, high-impact and high-profile haze problem in Riau has been a salutary reminder of how difficult it can be to manage landscapes once some “tipping points” have been passed. The adage about closing the stable door after the horse has bolted comes to mind. But recent issues in Riau are only one example of […]
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We might have our common curiosity of what could contribute by infrastructure, one of the biggest requirements to fast-track Indonesia’s development. Meeting adequate infrastructure is already an enormous task for Indonesia. Adding “green” content into the mix brings more work. However, the global push to be green now reaches almost every aspect of development, including […]
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Each month in Southeast Asia, an area three times the size of Jakarta is stripped of its trees.
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The smoke rising over Sumatra has started early this year, with peatland fires in Riau, Sumatra, creating a haze so thick that in March it grounded flights and closed schools; at least two deaths were attributed to the choking smoke. It was a grim reprise of June 2013, when windblown haze from peatland fires in Riau clouded Malaysia and Singapore, leading to Singapore’s highest air pollution measure on record.
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Since 1950, Indonesia has lost about half its forests. Too often considered as “wasteland” or merely a resource to exploit, forests were cleared to help fuel the country’s rapid expansion in the late 20th century — a scene that is still playing out as agricultural and economic pressures continue to provide incentives to clear Indonesia’s […]
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