10:29 am January 30, 2015 | No Comment
Environmental group Protection of Forest and Fauna, or ProFauna, celebrated Indonesian Primate Day on Thursday with a nationwide campaign advocating for an end to the trade of primates in Indonesia, particularly those that are endangered.
12:38 pm January 29, 2015 | No Comment
President Joko Widodo has disbanded Indonesia's BP REDD+ agency, which was established in 2013 to help the country meet greenhouse gas emission targets from deforestation, and merged it with Ministry of Environment and Forestry.
3:20 pm January 28, 2015 | No Comment
The fact that conservation is not easy is even more reason to look hard at who achieves what in Indonesian conservation and select only the most effective and efficient group to govern the country’s threatened wildlife and habitats. A review of conservation roles and responsibilities is urgently needed.
2:26 am January 28, 2015 | No Comment
Amid rising tensions and an onslaught of criticism triggered by the ongoing skirmish between the National Police and the national antigraft agency, President Joko Widodo has managed to come out on top in the eyes of one group.
9:57 am January 27, 2015 | No Comment
Extreme “La Nina” weather events that cool the Pacific Ocean and can disrupt weather worldwide will paradoxically happen almost twice as often in a warming world, an international team of scientists said on Monday.
9:14 am January 26, 2015 | No Comment
So far this year, Jakarta has been fortunate enough to escape the torrential downpours of 2007 and 2013, but the challenge still remains: How will Jakarta survive its annual flooding in years to come, as population growth remains high, urbanization continues unabated, and climate change continues to deliver intense and unpredictable weather events?
8:54 pm January 22, 2015 | No Comment
Wilmar International Ltd., the world's largest palm oil processor, opened its supply chains to outside scrutiny on Thursday in what environmentalists called an unprecedented step to help safeguard tropical forests.
8:44 pm January 22, 2015 | No Comment
South Africa said on Thursday that it had moved around 100 rhinos to unspecified neighboring states as part of efforts to stem the illicit slaughter of the animals for their horns.
7:44 am January 19, 2015 | No Comment
As natural disasters continue to hit parts of Indonesia, more regional leaders are asking for an increase in disaster relief funding from the central government. Should Indonesia fail to boost its prevention efforts, state spending on rescue operations and the rebuilding process will only continue to expand, experts on the matter have argued.
10:58 am January 16, 2015 | No Comment
A US judge said on Thursday energy giant BP faces a maximum fine of $13.7 billion for the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, a sum reduced by several billion dollars.
8:10 am January 15, 2015 | No Comment
Today, 69 years after proclaiming independence in August 1945, forestry management in Indonesia has yet to regain the green hue of the emerald girdle. Over the decades, the independent government has struggled to find an ideal model of forest management in Indonesia. Designated conservation areas are one of the government’s prescriptions for maintaining forest cover and biodiversity.
1:42 pm January 14, 2015 | No Comment
Some polar bear clusters have slowly moved to islands north of Canada’s mainland that are retaining the Arctic ice for longer, according to a new scientific study that predicts the migration, linked to climate change, would continue.
12:52 pm January 14, 2015 | No Comment
Coastal developments in northeast Asia are threatening the survival of Australian migratory shorebirds, a study has found, with some species experiencing population declines of up to 75 percent over the last two decades.
8:12 am January 14, 2015 | No Comment
Gold mining has gobbled up some 1,680 square kilometers of tropical forest in South America in the 13 years to 2013, a research paper said on Wednesday.
9:06 am January 12, 2015 | 1 Comment
Indonesian indigenous communities launched a project on Friday to encourage foreign tourism in ancestral forests to slow the advance of logging operations and palm oil plantations.
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