Teens on a Mission to SAVE the Animals

By Bishka Zareen Chand on 03:26 pm May 12, 2013
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Animal rights group Students for Animal Voices and Ethics volunteers with the Jakarta Animal Aid Network to help socialize rescued dogs. (Photo courtesy of SAVE)

Animal rights group Students for Animal Voices and Ethics volunteers with the Jakarta Animal Aid Network to help socialize rescued dogs. (Photo courtesy of SAVE)

Many people think that kids and teens are not able to make a difference to the world. But our group, Students for Animal Voices and Ethics, proves them wrong.

SAVE is a group of middle-school and high-school students who are serious about animal rights. It was started in 2009 and has since continued to grow, gaining momentum and new members each year.

SAVE was the very first service project at Sinarmas World Academy in Tangerang focused on spreading awareness on animal rights issues.

Our goal is to help people understand animal rights and how animals deserve to be treated. We believe that you can make a difference at any age, as long as you have the passion and dedication to do so.

“SAVE was started as a response to the horrors of animal cruelty I’ve witnessed in Indonesia,” says SAVE president and group founder Adellea Greenbury.

“I hated the idea of all of this going on while I couldn’t do anything about it. Abandoned pets, enslaved monkeys, tortured animals. All these pushed down on my conscience until I simply had to do something.

“As I am still young, I decided to start small with an in-school community. My hope is that SAVE can continue to grow and develop, and that one day we will make a real difference in the larger community of Indonesia.”

Each month, SAVE joins the Jakarta Animal Aid Network to help maintain a garden we co-created, while volunteering to take care of the rescued dogs under their care.

We are currently also organizing a cat sterilization drive at Sinarmas World Academy, to help control the number of stray cats strolling around campus.

Starting and maintaining our different projects requires a lot of time and effort, but SAVE is an enjoyable group to be in is because working with the animals at JAAN and organizing events with the other SAVE members is just so much fun!

Our partnership with JAAN is really growing and we continue to be involved with their projects and work collaboratively as much as we can.

At JAAN, the people are very easy to work with and are serious about working together on different projects with us, even though we are just a bunch of teenagers.

“JAAN welcomes volunteers at our new center in Cijantung, East Jakarta, to help with yard work, poop scooping, dog socialization [finding new homes], cage cleaning, fund-raising, event organization, campaigning and promoting awareness,” says JAAN cofounder Natalie Stewart.

“The dogs at our center aren’t confined and they’re allowed to roam around freely to interact with each other and with the staff and volunteers. Volunteers are advised to wear old clothes as the dogs sometimes jump up and can be muddy.”

JAAN headquarters in Kemang, South Jakarta, is also filled with a lot of friendly rescued dogs running around the yard.

If you are serious about getting a new pet, JAAN is definitely the right place to go.

This year, SAVE is planning to create more projects, and make a bigger difference for animal rights in Jakarta.

However, the students cannot do this alone. SAVE welcomes volunteers of all ages in Jakarta who are dedicated and also interested in working with animals.

Together, we can create a network of people who are passionate about animal rights, striving to make a change.

Bishka Zareen Chand, a ninth-grader in Sinarmas World Academy, is the public relations officer for SAVE. She joined SAVE in 2012 and plans to attend Columbia University and major in psychology. This is her first published article.

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