‘Safe Steps’ For a Walkable Jakarta

By Divya Pridhnani on 01:45 pm May 28, 2014

It is about time for Jakarta to start caring for its people, especially pedestrians.

Walking in Jakarta’s sidewalks can be dangerous. It requires bravery to fight against motorcyclists who drive guilt-free as well as street vendors making a living on the street sides, not to mention stretches of it that are unevenly constructed and dotted with potholes.

There is no sense of safety and comfort in walking on Jakarta’s sidewalks, and the city’s foot travelers are in desperate need of more walkable pavements.

With this in mind, BeritaSatu Media Holdings started a new campaign journalism called Safe Steps, an initiative pushing for a safer and healthier life for the city’s pedestrians and aims to make proper walking facilities accessible for everyone.

On Sunday, an event called the Sidewalk Fashion Show was held at the Hotel Indonesia roundabout during the weekly Car-Free Day, with hundreds of eager passersby in attendance.

Photos from the event can be found below.

Follow @SafeStepsID on Twitter and go to safesteps.org to sign the petition.

'Safe Steps' Shines Light on Need for Better Sidewalks. (JG Photo)

‘Safe Steps’ Shines Light on Need for Better Sidewalks. (JG Photo)



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