5:16 pm December 14, 2014 | 1 Comment
Central Kalimantan may be better known for depressing reports about the loss of its forests, but every so often good news does manage to come to light. One involves Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM)) a nonprofit organization currently working with local communities in the Bukit Batu district to establish hundreds of home vegetable gardens, providing a year-round supply of tasty and nutritious produce for local families.
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In about three years, the campaign Drive Books, Not Cars has collected over 39,000 English-language novels and Indonesian-language children’s books from across the archipelago and beyond — all in the name of charity. All the English-language novels on sale are ensured to still be in good condition and sold at reasonable prices, ranging from Rp […]
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Last Sunday, a group of organizers redefined the phrase “seeing through someone else’s eyes” by challenging about 240 people to dine in the dark in an effort to raise awareness for cornea transplant and funds for the visually impaired.
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More than 140 members of Teater Abang None livened Jakarta’s Car-Free Day last Sunday with the “Indonesia Menari” or “Indonesia Dances” event in front of the Grand Indonesia mall in Jakarta.
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After a weekend dedicated to the sorting and selling of books, with the help of over 120 DBNC Troops (Drive Books, Not Cars Volunteers), the campaign sold over 1,500 books and collected a whopping Rp 24 million ($1,970) that will be donated equally to both Sahabat Anak, a nonprofit group focused on the welfare of Indonesian street children; and Taman Bacaan Pelangi, a non-profit organization that has established 29 children’s libraries in 14 remote islands across Eastern Indonesia.
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In the past month, have you observed something strange going on in Jakarta?
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Natalia Theodora, public relations officer of Yayasan Kampus Diakonia Modern (KDM) — an organization aimed at empowering street children to become independent — explains that the children are classified into three major categories.
6:49 pm November 17, 2014 | 1 Comment
The most awaited and exciting book drive in Jakarta will be back for its fourth year on Sunday, Nov. 23, during Car Free Day from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. at fX Sudirman Mall VIP parking lot, with a large number of volunteers and about 3,000 English-language novels for sale.
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Lovers of English-language theater in Jakarta have a treat in store from Nov. 7-9, when the Jakarta Players will perform five world-class, highly entertaining short plays about the ups and downs of romantic relationships, in their latest production, “Status: It’s Complicated.”
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