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Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established in January 2008 to help protect Indonesian wildlife and to improve the welfare of Jakarta’s domestic animals. JAAN has ongoing need for for volunteers in the following areas: Fund-raising, soliciting and coordinating donations of cat and dog food, media contact, web tech support, organizing […]
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C lusters of families lay on the floor, stairwells, seats and any other empty spaces in the hospital. Security guards shoo them away, only to wander around for food and soon sneak back to the same place to catch a few hours of sleep. It’s a painful and repetitive sight, the poor struggling to treat […]
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RuangGuru, or “Teachers’ Room,” was born last July out of the personal experiences of its two founders, both in their early twenties: Iman Usman and Adaman Belva Devara.
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Join Komunitas Taufan for a fun-filled day, in giving back to the community at Hand-in-Hand Charity Art Festival this Sunday, Feb. 15.
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In tribute to Children’s Cancer Day this February 15, Komunitas Taufan (established for moral and financial support for the undeprivilidged and sick children in Jakarta) is organizing a fundraising charity event: Hand in Hand – Charity Art Festival Sunday, 15 February 2014 – from 8 am to 2 pm at Taman Perdamaian, BSD Sector 1.3 […]
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“A Miracle Believer” A movement to bring smiles back to faces of to less fortunate and unwell. Three Little Angels, founded by Valencia Mieke Rhonda a.k.a Silly  (also founder of Bloof4Life and Rumah Harapan), believes that we play the role of an angel for these children. Our presence has been proven to make a tremendous […]
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A free halfway house for the chronically ill children and underprivileged families is under construction in Tebet Timur, which is located close to 5 major hospitals in Jakarta. The house will accommodate around 36 beds, 9 rooms and 2 floors. Please help complete the construction and furnishing of Rumah Harapan by donating used household items […]
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Jakarta. Under Indonesian law, the minimum age of marriage for girls is a tender 16 years; for boys, the minimum is 19. Because of this age disparity and the dangerously low age requirement for teen girls, young women in Indonesia face health risks that range from complications in pregnancy to gender-based violence, both of which […]
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Qori Yunita established Peduli Kucing, a social organization aiming to take real action out of concern for the cute animal, in January 2010.
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Clean Up Day Jakarta is annual city-wide clean up of Jakarta, which brings together communities and volunteers through the act of gotong royong spiri for a cleaner Jakarta. The aim of Clean Up Jakarta Day is to raise awareness of the problem of rubbish and littering in Jakarta, as well as the need for recycling; […]
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In case you were wondering where you can drop by to donate your blood, you can contact the closest Pm (Indonesian Red Cross) or you can contact @Blood4LifeID. A bag of your blood can mean life for other people. Benefits of Donating Blood : 1) The Joy of Saving another Human’s Life 2) Reduces the […]
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Sahabat Anak, a nonprofit group focused on the welfare of Indonesian street children are in need of volunteers to teach street children English or any other primary subjects. Currently there are no teachers able to teach at the Kota Tua branch. For more information on the program, other branches and available dates, contact: @SahabatAnak or send […]
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Yayasan Masyarat Peduli Austis Indonesia (Mpati) established in 2004 aims to eradicate the myths and stigma that children with autism carries by educating parents and teachers of autistic children and the society. Also, Mpati  hopes to eliminate financial status and a lack of information about the disorder as excuses or barriers to autistic children getting […]
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Komunitas Peduli Skizofrenia Indonesia (the Indonesian Community Care for Schizophrenia, or KPSI), provides a window into a disease that still unfortunately carries hefty social stigma in Indonesia. The foundation is aiming to be a source of information for both citizens and the government, and also as a location for sharing stories among those who have […]
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