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‘Books for Messah’ aims to give the children of remote Messah Island a chance to enjoy reading.
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A group of mobile application developers in Indonesia is trying to shine a light on the plight of Indonesians who continue to go without access to health care, housing and education and direct funding to them, while helping donors feel more engaged in the process.
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Indorelawan is a foundation established to connect social organizations and volunteers. Through their website, local organizations are free to promote their various activities and efforts so interested volunteers may connect with them and donate their time and skills.
5:29 pm September 16, 2014 | 1 Comment
About four weeks ago, a young girl named Eliyatul Ikhlas, battling a rare and debilitating circulatory disorder, innocently wished to celebrate her eleventh birthday for the very first time. Due to the family’s grave economical difficulties and her confining condition, this seemed to be an unobtainable request.
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ow in its third year, the Hidden Park campaign is focusing on Taman Tanjung in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta. The campaign this year, called “Sharing Happiness,” kicked off on Saturday and will run through four weekends until Sept. 28th.
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On Sunday, Oct. 19, Jakarta’s citizens will carry on the Indonesian tradition of gotong royong, or collective work, by picking up rubbish and cleaning up the capital together in the second annual Clean Up Jakarta Day. The aim of the clean up is to educate people about the detrimental effects of littering, and in turn spark an awareness of the importance of recycling.
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The children giggled when Kancil leaped into sight to prance around the stage with a little girl named Raya. Familiar with the predictable misadventures of the mischievous mouse-deer, the young audience members eagerly watched for more of the character’s high jinks. What proceeded to happen on stage, however, had the children puzzled: Kancil stole a […]
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Typically, a child’s most anticipated and special time of the year is their birthday celebration; a day brimming with gifts, well wishes and an abundance of pampering from their loved ones. But for 10-year-old Eliyatul Ikhlas, the day marks another triumphant year of battling a rare and debilitating circulatory disorder called arteriovenous malformations (AVM). AVM […]
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More than 800 children live on the streets of Yogyakarta, according to recent statistics, earning a precarious living by busking and panhandling. For the city’s motorists and passersby, the typical response to the plight of street children is to spare some change in the hope that it will be used for good. But longer-term needs […]
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