10:28 pm March 2, 2015 | No Comment
Indonesia’s goal of boosting use of biodiesel made from palm oil by more than doubling subsidies is being threatened by the slump in crude prices.
9:57 pm March 2, 2015 | No Comment
The merger of equals between cement giants Holcim and Lafarge is looking increasingly unequal to some Holcim shareholders. It may take sweetened terms or cash to keep them happy.
9:26 pm March 1, 2015 | No Comment
Indonesia says it plans to hand control over the Mahakam gas block to Pertamina once its current operator’s contract, held by Total, expires in 2017, but details of a proposed partnership remain unclear.
12:19 pm February 27, 2015 | No Comment
The world's biggest rice sellers, Thailand and Vietnam, are likely to win government-to-government deals to supply a total 500,000 tonnes of the grain to the Philippines, which is seeking to build its buffer stock ahead of a lean harvest season.
9:50 pm February 24, 2015 | No Comment
The head of the world’s largest mining company BHP Billiton said on Tuesday that the price of its main commodity, iron ore, is likely to fall in the near term under pressure from increasing global supply.
9:24 pm February 24, 2015 | No Comment
Indonesia’s plan to roughly double coal royalties next month is expected to hurt most for smaller and newer firms producing low-quality coal, government and industry officials say, with many struggling as prices have halved since 2011.
5:23 pm February 24, 2015 | No Comment
Thailand’s military government will delay bidding for new oil and gas concessions indefinitely, pending an amendment to a petroleum law, Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said on Tuesday.
2:14 pm February 24, 2015 | No Comment
Asiatic Universal Indonesia, a coal mining services company, would spend Rp 4 trillion ($3 billion) for the construction of coal port and processing plant in Muara Badak and Merangkayu in Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan. The construction would take 2 years to finish.
1:59 pm February 24, 2015 | 5 Comments
The Energy and Mineral Resource Ministry has finished a road trial for B20, a type of biodiesel containing 20 percent fatty acid methyl ether, that could pave the way for the government’s plan to have all diesel-engine vehicles use the fuel next year.
6:01 pm February 23, 2015 | No Comment
The strengthening dollar and record valuations for global equities are diminishing bullion’s appeal as a store of wealth. As the combined market capitalization of stocks thundered through $67 trillion last week and the dollar traded at its highest level in at least a decade, this month’s losses in exchange-traded products backed by gold reached $4 billion.
10:31 am February 23, 2015 | No Comment
Chocolate lovers take heart: a steamy greenhouse near London is helping to ensure that cocoa crops globally remain disease-free and bountiful to cope with the growing appetite for sweet treats.
8:27 am February 23, 2015 | 2 Comments
With geothermal power an increasing commodity in Indonesia, the support New Zealand provides is of ever increasing importance.
9:54 pm February 22, 2015 | No Comment
The United Steelworkers, which represents 30,000 oil workers in the United States, called on four more plants to join the biggest strike since 1980 as talks dragged on with Royal Dutch Shell in negotiating a labor contract for oil companies.
9:45 pm February 22, 2015 | No Comment
Indian police said a dozen people have been arrested as they probe more oil company employees in a case involving the alleged sale of stolen government files.
11:35 am February 20, 2015 | No Comment
The deluge of Canadian oil that’s adding to a global glut and driving prices lower is showing few signs of slowing.
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