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The business community and investors are generally upbeat about the future of Indonesia’s economy, although some are worried that the latest spat between the country’s two main law-enforcement institutions, the National Police and the national antigraft agency, may damage the investment climate.
10:20 pm January 27, 2015 | No Comment
Asia’s wealthy are falling out of love with the Aussie dollar as record-low yields and sustained declines persuade them to look elsewhere, according to UBS.
12:30 pm January 24, 2015 | No Comment
Israeli entrepreneur Avi Brenmiller says he was coaxed by investors into selling Solel, his solar-thermal power firm, to Germany’s Siemens for $418 million in 2009. Today, little is left of it after Siemens pulled out of the business.
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Most scientists agree e-cigs have potential as a stop-smoking aid. But e-cigs also throw up some unusual obstacles. With e-cigarettes, the huge variety of constantly evolving products means it would be prohibitively expensive to test every flavor and vaporizer.
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Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s crusade to win back investor confidence has entrusted policymakers with the tough mission of hiking interest rates while major central banks cut them, raising the prospect of another recession in Latin America’s biggest economy.
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For oil importer India, the 55 percent drop in Brent since June to below $50 a barrel is a gift seen giving Prime Minister Narendra Modi the room needed to step up infrastructure spending as he prepares the 2015 budget.
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For the $830 million Everest Capital Global, his Miami-based firm’s oldest and biggest fund, investments from Switzerland contributed 0.6 percentage points to gains that month. Last week, the wager had a far bigger impact. In less than a day, it wiped out the 24-year-old fund, according to a person familiar with Everest Capital, leaving the firm with about $2.2 billion in seven other funds.
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Success in the paint business has made founder Goh Cheng Liang Singapore’s richest person with an $8.2 billion fortune, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.
1:27 pm January 15, 2015 | No Comment
The price of copper, the metal often regarded as a benchmark of global industrial demand, has taken an 8 percent dive this week to its lowest levels in 5 1/2 years — and in doing so ignited an argument about whether an already punch-drunk world economy is about to suffer another sharp blow.
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Brazil and Russia’s membership of the BRICs may expire by the end of this decade if they fail to revive their flagging economies, according to Jim O’Neill, the former Goldman Sachs Group chief economist who coined the acronym.
1:30 pm January 8, 2015 | 3 Comments
A long-delayed proposal to outfit commercial airliners with ejectable "black box" recorders may have a better chance of being adopted following the Indonesia AirAsia crash in the Java Sea, according to three sources at the UN global aviation body.
8:35 pm January 1, 2015 | 1 Comment
Indonesia's shipyards may see a silver lining to what has been a cloudy past as the government's focus on the maritime sector is reinforced by steps to improve the national logistics system.
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Pressure is building on the Indonesian economy as it enters 2015. Increasingly unable to compete on export markets, the arrival of the Asean Economic Community at the end of this year will further open the domestic market to competition from more efficient regional peers.
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Their international competitors may be cheering tumbling oil prices, but the collapse in the ruble means major financial turbulence for Russian airlines who have expenses in foreign currencies.
12:24 am December 22, 2014 | 1 Comment
Indonesia’s aviation industry is not ready to face the Asean Economic Community’s plans for a single market by the end of 2015 unless the government helps reduce airlines’ costs by simplifying tax codes, curbing airport inefficiencies and reducing the cost of jet fuel, executives from airlines operating in the country said.
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