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The European Central Bank’s unprecedented inspection of lenders’ books will help end a slump in lending that’s dogged southern Europe for years, said executives at some of the region’s largest banks.
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Seeking to explain changing attitudes in the world’s second-biggest stock market, asset managers in Tokyo have been evoking Ancient Greece.
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Businesses are optimistic that Joko Widodo, inaugurated on Monday as Indonesia’s seventh president, that the former furniture seller will lead the nation — which faces slowing economic growth, triple deficit threats and welfare inequality — through difficult times.
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Indonesia raked in Rp 21.2 trillion ($1.76 billion) from the sale of rupiah-denominated retail bonds or ORI, on Monday to retail investors, marking the country’s largest bond sale of this kind so far.
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Link Net, an Internet service provider unit of cable television operator First Media, booked a 28 percent increase in revenue over the first nine months this year on the back of subscriber growth.
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Batavia Prosperindo Finance, an automotive financing company, has increased the size of its rights offering in December to Rp 350 billion ($29 million) as it seeks to bolster its capital.
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Brussels. The European Union has ended a long-running telecoms row with China, the EU’s trade chief said on Monday, dropping a threat to levy punitive tariffs on Chinese telecoms exports and easing tensions between two of the world’s top trading powers. As Reuters reported exclusively on Oct. 8, the deal struck between Brussels and Beijing […]
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Loath to find out what their record holdings of corporate bonds and leveraged loans were worth as liquidity thinned and markets slid, professional traders turned to stocks and Treasuries to defuse risk.
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Falling oil prices, like the 12 percent drop witnessed in the past three weeks, make investments even more perilous for exploration and production companies such as Encana.
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