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In a classroom at Swiss German University (SGU) in Serpong, a satellite town southwest of Jakarta, students are examining a different kind of consumer product: the kind you find in cheap hardware stores all over the world.
10:03 am September 7, 2014 | No Comment
Today, there are two groups present, all of them boys between 7 and 11 years old. A group of five have been coming to class for a year. They are now learning HTML and CSS — the base ingredients for creating websites. Their task is to analyze and recreate the structure of a popular news site.
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If you've ever worked in a medium-to-large business, you know how annoyingly spread out internal conversations can be. You start a conversation on email, you end up moving to Skype and then crossover to some other platform, and later on, when you're trying to look for something that you spoke about with your colleague, you find that it's been lost in a plethora of unsearchable text.
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In Indonesia, a group of friends is taking matters into their own hands to make cultural heritage accessible to a wider public. Disappointed with the poor marketing and dated websites of most Indonesian museums, the photographer Riefa started something he calls "The Museum Project."
4:56 pm August 8, 2014 | No Comment
The Singaporean startup haystakt.com targets the same segment, but zooms in on a particular aspect of the process: pricing.
4:16 pm July 4, 2014 | No Comment
Late last week, Yahoo Screen announced that they have just picked up the hit comedy show “Community” has just been picked up for a sixth season.
2:24 pm June 27, 2014 | No Comment
At last Sunday’s presidential debate about national security and international relations, presidential candidate Joko Widodo left no doubt that he sees vast opportunities in the use of drones for surveillance and border security. Specifically, Joko said his plan includes employing drones in three areas: for defense purposes (though he did not elaborate this), to monitor […]
2:19 pm June 17, 2014 | No Comment
June 2014 marks the two year anniversary of opening of the Indonesian office of global online-petition website Change.org.
6:03 pm June 6, 2014 | 4 Comments
While the recent blocking of video-sharing website Vimeo remains a largely discussed issue among Indonesian internet users, the curious blocking of foreign exchange websites may also raise more eyebrows.
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