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Jakarta will be star-struck on Friday night. Young and beautiful new talent will be discovered as a lineup of Indian-Indonesian women give their best in performances for the Grand Finale of Miss India Indonesia 2015 at the JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta.
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Comedian Larry David's new play, "Fish in the Dark," is shaping up for a major opening on Broadway next month and has already set a record for advance ticket sales by racking up $13.5 million before a single performance.
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Tom Cruise’s Tajik and Russian are on the way out in Tajikistan where state television has made English — without subtitles — the preferred lingo to boost opportunity in the impoverished former Soviet state.
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When the Spanish city of Malaga wanted to clean up its sleazy portside district, it called in the painters — big international names in the street art movement.
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An academic's memoir of training a hawk while grieving the death of her father won Britain's prestigious Costa Book Award on Tuesday.
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Enchanting tunes of classical Indian music reverberated through the opening ceremony of Sahabat India as former President Megawati Soekarnoputri launched the Festival of India in Indonesia at Jakarta’s Taman Ismail Marzuki concert hall on Monday night.
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The second Association of Southeast Asian Nations Literary Festival, designed to bring together hundreds of poets, fiction writers, dramatists and literary critics from all over the Asia-Pacific region, is expected to attract a much larger crowd of both participants and spectators this year with the involvement of Middle Eastern countries, including Egypt and Algeria.
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Women enjoy more freedom in Egypt than in deeply conservative Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia, but the most populous Sunni Arab country still considers it inappropriate for them to ride bicycles.
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For generations, traders and their colorful herds of mules and yaks were a lifeline for remote communities in the heart of Nepal’s formidable and often dangerous Himalayas.
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Facebook said Monday it is testing a lightweight version of its mobile app for mobile phones with poor-quality Internet connections in emerging markets.
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Davy’s behind-the-scenes look at Ugo is part of “FILM,” the 40-year-old’s third solo exhibition. Held at the Papilion building in Kemang, South Jakarta, the exhibit displays over 90 photographs of 17 eminent Indonesian artists, among them Ugo, sculptors Heri Dono and Dolorosa Sinaga, painter F.X. Harsono, and installation artist Titarubi, as an homage to their contribution to the country’s contemporary arts.
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On Dec. 10 last year, F.X. Harsono, one of the founders of the Indonesia New Art movement in the mid-1970s, was among the 10 awardees of the prestigious Prince Claus Award, handed out annually by the Dutch government.
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Having worked with major fantasy franchises such as the immensely popular and influential “Magic: The Gathering” collectible card game as well as role playing games (RPGs) such as “Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2,” the massively popular mobile RPG “Rise of the Crypthoids” and “Drafted: 100 Days,” Lius is someone many local illustrators aspire to be, both in professionalism and visual grace.
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Best actor Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper and the cast of "The Elephant Man" will be taking the hit Broadway play about a severely deformed man in Victorian England to the London stage this summer.
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Jung Yong-Sung's works, black ink on white paper, feature solitary, anonymous figures, some dramatized as defiant "heroes," living testament to the dexterity of the human condition and the harsh, often absurd predicaments that must be braved.
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