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Sponsored by Canon, Little Star Productions has brought British playwright Catherine Johnson’s disco-ridden tale of a young girl in search of her father to Marina Bay Sands’ MasterCard Theater, where it will run through Dec. 14.
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Dyana Savina Hutadjulu, or Vina, and Mira Sumanti agreed that young girls desperately needed an alternative source of inspiration, so they decided to take matters into their own hands upon their return from the Netherlands, where they first met in 2008.
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The theme of shedding light on hitherto unknown ground set the tone for “Lux Lumina,” or “Daylight and Other Lights,” an exhibition of Sciascia’s work from 2005 onward. Held in Jakarta’s Ciptadana building, the event highlights his distinctive take on art.
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Food, as well as locals from where the cuisine originates, made the backdrop for the bestselling Indonesian writer Laksmi Pamuntjak’s latest book, published by Gramedia, entitled “Aruna dan Lidahnya” or “Aruna and His Tongue.”
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Surpassed by other genres of Indonesian art in the marketplace, Balinese traditional art is a small niche market by comparison. But because Indonesian contemporary art is often overvalued, and its international reputation damaged, Balinese traditional art is gaining new ground.
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In South Korea, it could be both and anyone selling an unregistered version could face a $27,000 fine or up to three years in prison, the Science Ministry announced last week.
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With an epic sweep worthy of a J.M.W. Turner masterpiece, a new portrayal of one of Britain’s greatest painters is winning the Romantic artist a new generation of admirers.
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As Christmas nears, British television screens are filled with heart-warming tales of lonely penguins, family reunions and homesick soldiers in an attempt to get customers to part with their cash.
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For youth in the besieged enclave packed with 1.8 million people, graffiti is an important tool for self-expression and fighting back. Since their birth, they have never known anything beyond this tiny strip of land wedged between Egypt and Israel, with the Mediterranean Sea to their backs.
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