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Jakarta-based thedyingsirens may not be a household name, but with a consistent discography and an ever-changing lineup that’s included many respected underground musicians, they’re a rock band that has gained a dedicated following.The band’s latest release is a double-album anthology that will certainly keep that fan-base excited.
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Based on a poem by eminent journalist and playwright Goenawan Mohamad and composed by musician Tony Prabowo the performance focuses on the eponymous character, a frequently overlooked figure in the Hindu epic “The Mahabharata.”
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Chilla Kiana, singer-songwriter Chilla has been singing all her life, writing her first song at age 13, called ‘I Belong 2 Jesus.’
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As she lost the weight— 52 kilograms within a year — photographer Jen Davis came to realize just how much the excess pounds had dominated her life.
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Explore the spiritual ceremony of ruwatan at a celebration deeply rooted in ancient Javanese culture
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His new book has not even been released but Michel Houellebecq — one of France’s most provocative and widely translated writers — is already attracting comment with his latest novel “Submission” in which he imagines a France in 2022 under Muslim rule.
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A collection of paintings by Britain’s wartime leader Winston Churchill was auctioned off on Wednesday in the biggest ever sale of artwork by the statesman and accomplished painter.
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Wearing paper wings and tin-foil halos, hundreds of “angels” descended on a Polish mountain village over the weekend for an annual festival meant to rouse the sleepy locale out of its winter lull.
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To penetrate the Indonesian market, South Korea’s Daum Kakao is collaborating with local designer Bisri “Masova” Mustova on a series of application stickers for their mobile app.
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