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Ramallah dancer Shireen Ziyadeh wants to use pirouettes and plies to change the place where she grew up, training aspiring ballerinas to show that “something beautiful comes from Palestine”.
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A majority of Americans support same-sex marriage, but that doesn’t mean they’re so cool with gays and lesbians displaying affection in public, a study published Thursday suggests.
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Safe now at a home for other child refugees without their families on the outskirts of Budapest, Theophilus, whose native language is Ika, is bussed daily to a school in the centre of the capital with a view of the Danube river. Here, he takes 18 hours of Hungarian lessons per week as part of an “integration year” organised by the government.
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Thousands of wine lovers braved the cold to get the first sip of this year’s Beaujolais Nouveau in its home town as part of a time-honoured tradition to celebrate the arrival of the young French wine.
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The head of the Berlin International Film Festival since 2001, Dieter Kosslick, will stay in the job until at least 2019, event organisers said Wednesday.
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Italian contemporary artist Filippo Sciascia’s relationship with Asia and Indonesia began back in 1998. However, says the artist, he has only truly “come of age as an Italian-Indonesian artist” in 2013 when he successfully fused iconography from the two worlds into a single creation of art.
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Landscape designer Michael White, better known as Made Wijaya, is determined to shed light on the legacies of Majapahit, a quest he recounted in his book “Majapahit Style Volume One.”
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The perplexing tale of Hae Min Lee and Adnan Syed is at the heart of “Serial,” an hour-long weekly podcast that’s become an unlikely global Internet phenomenon.
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Since its inception LagosPhotos has tried to reflect the reality of life on the continent through the eyes of Africans, rather than just photographers from elsewhere in the world. This year organisers have turned to the realm of fantasy and fiction, to encourage artists to go beyond showing just the realities of daily life and worries about basic necessities.
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