12:39 pm July 2, 2015 | No Comment
As we refrain from eating and drinking for more than 13 hours, our capabilities to think clearly and concentrate usually diminish, especially in the late afternoon. The sense of lethargy and inability to focus are caused mainly by the depletion of blood sugar and protein levels in the body.
12:28 pm July 2, 2015 | No Comment
In an age where graphic designs encountered on various mediums — from comics to websites to packaging — are increasingly rendered by digital tools, it is not strange to see how some people might miss the human touch on the visual elements they are looking at. Perhaps driven by this, a coterie of local illustrators are going back to the roots of why they started drawing at the very first place.
11:19 am July 1, 2015 | No Comment
Gioachino Rossini's opera "Guillaume Tell" (William Tell) about the Swiss patriot who shoots an arrow that splits an apple atop his son's head is famed for its overture with the galloping horse theme used in "The Lone Ranger" television series.
10:48 am July 1, 2015 | No Comment
"I am so honored to be a principal dancer, to be an African American and to be in this position," an emotional Copeland, who started ballet at age 13, told a news conference.
4:31 pm June 30, 2015 | No Comment
With such concerns in mind, Roy Thaniago created the "Community Against Bad TV Programs" on Facebook in 2009, offering Indonesian netizens a platform to discuss TV programs they consider to be inappropriate and what can be done about them.
11:55 am June 30, 2015 | No Comment
Immersive theater productions such as "Sleep No More," an adaptation of "Macbeth" that has been running in New York since 2011, have brought audiences into the performance.
10:57 am June 29, 2015 | No Comment
Italian luxury car maker Maserati is showcasing its hand-crafted Quattroporte S in an unlikely setting: at the Masterpiece London art and antiques fair, which opened on Thursday in a plush tent on the grounds of Chelsea's Royal Hospital.
4:51 pm June 28, 2015 | No Comment
Artist Annie Gobel showcases the influence of fashion in contemporary art — and more — through her first solo exhibition “Re-played,” currently on displacy at Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace in South Jakarta.
4:43 pm June 28, 2015 | No Comment
At a time where life is ever been so fast-paced, where everything demands to be attended at once by the sounds of beep, it’s refreshing at times, to just switch off and go inward to listen to the one that needs attention the most – yourself. Bali Silent Retreat offers the perfect place to do so.
12:48 pm June 28, 2015 | No Comment
Harry Potter, the world’s most famous boy wizard, is set to make his debut on the London stage next year in a new play called the Cursed Child which has been created in collaboration with author J.K. Rowling.
11:21 am June 25, 2015 | No Comment
The OK Video Festival, currently showing at the National Gallery in Central Jakarta, blends Indonesian and international works together almost seamlessly to create a cohesive and stellar event. It’s a great indicator of how new Indonesian art is earning its place on the world stage.
11:09 am June 25, 2015 | No Comment
To celebrate the capital's anniversary, Jakarta-based online retailers are working together to present the third annual Jakarta Great Online Sale (JGOS) to shoppers across Indonesia. The sale, which will last until June 30, will offer discounts of up to 95 percent for various goods and services.
7:15 pm June 24, 2015 | 5 Comments
Comic Con, the iconic convention for entertainment and comic book enthusiasts, will be held for the first time in Indonesia between September 25 and 27 at the Jakarta International Expo in Kemayoran.
1:05 pm June 24, 2015 | No Comment
Magelang art museum unveils exhibition to showcase contemporary art from Indonesia, China and Japan.
12:10 pm June 24, 2015 | No Comment
Meet local graphic designers who are passionate about jotting down notes on real paper instead of fancy mobile apps.
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