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While the place of “Star Wars Rebels” in the pantheon of the Star Wars universe is generally accepted, reaction is lukewarm among die-hard fans of new characters.
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Moving to the sound of western instruments, like the violin and electric guitar as well as the exotically soulful tunes of the bamboo flute, the dancer managed to blend tradition with modernity in the performance “The Thousand Padmas.”
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Mufti Priyanka is one of Indonesia’s most promising comic illustrators. Working within the realm of what he dubs “drawing art,” the Bandung-based artist’s work uses deceptively cartoonish visuals to deliver its mix of social insights and humor.
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A satirical board game played by dissidents in communist East Germany, “Burokratopoly”, has been relaunched to teach students about life under the dictatorship that collapsed a quarter century ago.
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Paris. Ancient Iraqi artifacts are appearing on the black market as Islamic State militants use intermediaries to sell priceless treasures to finance their activities after sweeping through the north of the country, Iraqi and Western officials said. The militants gained some experience of dealing in antiquities after taking control of large parts of Syria, but […]
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Philippine authorities moved on Tuesday to seize paintings by Picasso, Gauguin, Miro, Michelangelo and other masters held by Imelda Marcos after getting a court order against the former first lady.
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Penelope Curtis, director of Tate Britain which oversees the annual awards for contemporary art, said the works of the four Turner Prize finalists had “jumped out” in comparison to works by other artists seen by the jury.
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Less often do visitors pause to consider Bandung’s architectural influences, which betray a heritage tracing back to Paris, the birthplace of Art Deco. Bandung ranked among the top 10 World Art Deco cities in a list published by Globetrotter magazine in 2001. It is the one and only Asian city on the list, boasting one of the last and largest collections of Art Deco buildings in the world.
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Kendra Ahimsa is an artist with an eye for the psychedelic past. Though he has experimented with a wide variety of styles, it is his series of concert posters for local independent bands that has garnered him admirers and that much-relished hype.
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